Opportunities to attend accessible shows are very much appreciated by many, as clearly indicated by the positive experiences from hundreds of happy customers on this page.

quoteThank you for this subtitling service... I depend on it each week. I have severe hearing loss and would not be able to enjoy the cinema without your information. It is greatly appreciated and I pass the site to others

quoteWe go to subtitled shows because my partner experiences sensory processing issues with sound, especially when multiple people are speaking or there's lots of background noise.

quoteMy sighted sister and I went to see Fifty Shades of Grey , I convulsed so hard with laughter, fell off my seat, American accents having rampant sex — ‘Antastasia! Christian!’ while a rather bored English voice describes the scene with the enthusiasm of someone reading a tax return, ‘Christian pulls down her underwear. He spanks her bottom. He spanks her again. She smiles,’

quoteOur society is ageing. And with ageing, loss of some hearing and sight is inevitable. Access to film - via subtitles/captions and audio description - is something that we may all appreciate, eventually

quotePleased to say I saw Dunkirk with subtitles ... first time been to cinema in 5 years!

quoteFor us as a family subtitles are really important as one of us is deaf. If a film has not got subtitles we either can't watch at all or only some of us. It was a huge treat for my son to watch star wars as it was subtitled at a convenient time. He was very nervous waiting for the film to start and the subtitles appear!!

quoteAccessible cinema shows have transformed the social lives of thousands of film fans with hearing loss. For a few hours, the disabling barrier is removed.

quoteAccessible cinema provides social benefits such as equality, inclusion and community integration.

quoteSubtitled and audio described cinema has made a positive, cultural, long-term impact on society and benefits thousands. Hundreds of thousands of young people have hearing loss. Each year, almost a thousand children are born in the UK with significant hearing loss. More than a hundred people begin to lose their sight every day. 

quote Thank YOU for making this information readily accessible. It’s opened up a whole world!

quoteI suffer from migraine and loud sounds can trigger one, so I put subtitles on for everything that I can. When I go to the cinema, I have to watch with subtitles and earplugs!

quoteI just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU! To all those involved in this website. It is easy to use and  I'm very grateful for your help with accessing the cinema. 

quoteReally like your website especially it helps when I’m traveling or at different places and it’s quick to check.

quoteJust seen The Last Jedi at Cineworld with subtitles! Thank you for this, so happy I got to see it and know what was happening! Completely made my evening.

quoteThanks for the great work you do, it's amazing being able to go to the cinema with captions.

quoteI'd like to say how great your website is. I work for West Scotland Deaf Children's Society and recommend your site to all the families we support. I also have a deaf younger brother and we use the site frequently to plan our cinema visits (we are big movie lovers!). It's great to have all the subtitled cinema times in one place.

quoteThank you so much for letting me know about subtitled cinema. So much to look forward to. 

quoteMy old man insisted that I come to Star Wars 7 with him, said it made such an impact on him when he was 9 (Er, I’m 17). So I did and it was great! He’s a bit deaf now so we’re very thankful that the new one is subtitled. We’re both really looking forward to it.

quoteAt last I can go Lincoln Kinema for first time! It’s very rare opportunity! Hope it keep going in future! Fingers crossed!

quoteNan is 76 now and very deaf but she still loves going to the cinema and I have to take her so it’s very very handy that there’s subtitles on everything now. She used to be like ‘What did he say?” Who’s dead?” What’s her name”? etc etc etc etc etc!

quoteCompanion card plus audio description at the ODEON Cinema made a fantastic experience and I felt I got the same out of the film has my mum

quoteI love and need subtitles. I have come away from many a film because of my hearing loss. I love the cinema and wish all films had subtitles like on television. I would like to thank everyone who put subtitles on some films. It is so considerate of them and I I can follow the film.

quoteAs a grandchild of 2 blind Grandparents who raised a family during WW2 in Liverpool (my Father, 3 Uncles and an Aunt) I know my Grandfather would have loved this world of audio description. So few opportunities for blind people, audio description is a welcome treat.

quoteI lost my sight five years ago, at 55. I love cinema, it’s wonderful to be able to continue to enjoy it. Thank you very much to whoever works to make that possible.

quoteAh, Star Wars returns, I can't wait ... better have subtitles because I've lost a considerable amount of hearing since the last ones! I watched the original in the cinema with my Dad when I was a kid, and watched the later ones with my kid. I could take my grandchild along to the new ones but he's only 2, probably a bit young.

quotebc of sensory issues and adhd it’s hard for me to process what people say instantly and movies and tv shows are awful to watch without subtitles

quoteIt’s great knowing that I don’t have to wait months to see the big films, and I can talk all about them in the pub afterwards with my friends.

quoteJust to see my 7 year old smiling with his friends watching movies at the cinema is worth the extortionate popcorn prices. It’s not too bad, the Sat morning subtitled kids shows are cheap.

quoteBlind movie fans should have the independence of going to a cinema and appreciating everything right along their sighted peers.

quoteYou have a really great website it helped me find out a viewing for Beauty and the Beast with subtitles. It wasn't to far from my house and I just want to say thank you. It is a perfect time for a perfect day and I have a deaf aunty that will be so grateful about this when I tell her. THANK YOU for your help.

quoteI’m totally deaf in one ear and hearing in the other. I’m deaf AND hearing! So I can hear films but chances are I miss quite a bit, so just to be certain I go to subtitled shows. I’d recommend them to everyone!

quoteI tell other visually impaired people about the films I ‘see’ at the cinema and I’ve made many new friends through our love of films. Audio descriptions are AWESOME!

Fabulous website!! I love the cinema but rarely go as ploughing through countless websites used to drive me insane!! Especially now I've moved to the West Midlands and have so many cinemas to choose from, your site makes my life so luck easier. Thank you thank you thank you!

quoteBatman v Superman with subtitles at Wimbledon Odeon was AMAZING! Looked like a full cinema of deaf people and their families!

quoteI was a screenwriter/tv film director in my day - now retired, but cinema has always been my greatest love. I am now losing my hearing and watching films in the cinema has become a struggle. I miss the plot points, and lose track of the story. But not any more! I so enjoyed The Big Short with English subtitles at my nearest cinema, Vue Westfield, on a Sunday afternoon. The screening was packed. I think people who can hear perfectly well must also appreciate subtitles sometimes... Or there are a lot of deaf people around like me. thank you. This is going to change my life.

quotesometimes hard for me to understand words when I hear them (like they may take a second to click in my head if I'm not reading them). I've been used subs for like 12 years now and can never go back

quoteMy daughter is 15 and profoundly deaf; yourlocalcinema.com is on her phone. She’s always excited if she can see a subtitled film – it’s easy for her to follow and laugh at the jokes along with everyone else… Thank you.

quoteYourlocalcinema.com is a great way to cut out the faff of searching for that one elusive screening that you can actually get to on time…

quoteI tell other visually impaired people about the films I ‘see’ at the cinema and I’ve made many friends through our love of movies. Audio descriptions are awesome!

quoteI find this website invaluable – all the subtitle information together on one impartial page – a must-have bookmark if you like going to the cinema! Thank you for providing this brilliant service – I started going back to the cinema once I got word of it – keep up the good work!

quoteGood morning. I just wanted to thank you for the website. It is so helpful and I don’t know what I’d do without it now. Well done.

quoteBeen deaf since I was six, but since I heard of your website I haven’t missed a film I’ve wanted to see! It’s an absolute life-saver to me and my deaf friends…

quoteStorks was so much fun. I could just about make out the pictures and the amazing audio descriptions helped a lot. I’m going to get the DVD as soon as it’s out… It’s so very nice to be included, I feel equal, like I belong in the cinema.

quote Great site and let's me see what I can access at a few different chains for the following week

quoteMy girlfriend needs subtitles. We went to a subtitled show of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and it was really useful to ‘hear’ what Batman was saying in his deep voice… Having subtitles has made a huge difference to the ability to follow a film’s story…

quoteDo you have any idea how much it meant the first time my husband and I went to the cinema and he laughed at the same time as I did at the action on screen? It was a magical gift – and has made a great difference to our ‘date nights’ at the movies… Your fantastic website has reintroduced us to the cinema, I’m a big fan, great big thanks.

quoteCinema subtitles are invaluable for people who aren’t completely fluent in English. I know several people for whom they make a marvellous difference and it improves their English too!

quoteAt a bar I can’t follow what’s going on, at a party the same. Subtitles allow me to share a social occasion with friends without feeling excluded. That’s so precious. Thanks again.

quoteI love @yourlocalcinema so good for finding films at @cineworld Hinck as you can't filter subtitles,so would have to look up every film/time ... It's great!

quote@Gyarachuu @yourlocalcinema I am a long time user of your website :D you are great, thank you!

quoteBecause being an immigrant I'm not a native English speaker and having subtitles helps me a lot understanding the film

quoteI discovered AD and was absolutely “Gob Smacked”.

quoteLooking on different individual cinema websites so so difficult to find the subtitled showings. This makes life so much easier and makes me actually want to go to the cinema. Thankyou.

quoteEvery cinema should also show all the trailers before the actual film starts in subtitles too. I am Deafblind but still have some sight so I am happy that cinemas are showing more and more film in subtitles practically every week and am able to enjoy it before it gets to point when I am not able to go.

quoteWe need more films to come out with subtitles. This is a great service though, thank you for this website it helps me a lot.

quoteIt very important for deaf community to know when subtitled films are on because without it we won't know which cinema provides subtitles. It's easier to use this website to check date and time to suit. I am very grateful for people who work on yourlocalcinema

quote#Shoutout to #Odeon manager, Chris (Switch Island) on a recurrent problem in providing #subtitles. He agreed to restart the film. Merry Xmas

quoteWith my wife being deaf, subtitled films make a real difference to our cinema expierience. Finding where and when can also be a problem but subtitles@yourlocal cinema makes it easy to set dates aside to go

quote@yourlocalcinema you guys are my faves, thank you <3

quoteSubtitles are vital for raising barriers for Deaf people watching films, they can watch the film and have a clear picture of what is happening. So much of a film happens behind the scenes using sound…when someone rings a doorbell, when footsteps are heard creeping across a floor adding tension to the moment! Subtitles add all this information so no-one misses out on the thrills, tensions and frights of a film! Subtitles are a really beautiful thing. Subtitles make Deaf people happy!

quote@cineworld Enjoyed a subtitled screening of 'The Intern' last night. Great film! Please show more subtitled screenings! (Ipswich)

quoteMany thanks for providing your wonderful website for deaf cinemagoers

quoteWent to the cinema saw Spectre full Audio description, bloody great. the fight sceens were super, loved every second of it. I was so delighted the film was audio described I am totally hooked on the cinema again.

quoteI love your site, so helpful!

quoteI am very hard of hearing and can't hear the soundtrack. I hadn't been to the cinema for years, until I discovered subtitled films. I do like to go with the grandchildren to the cinema. Often a film is shown as subtitled, but the subtitles aren't showing.

quoteThank you so much for your help! Mum always misses out on going to the cinema! Thank you!

quoteMovies are a social event that any person should be able to enjoy regardless of hearing level. But only if they are made accessible! Hearing loss and other sensory impairments can easily lead to isolation in society and the loss of old friendships. So it is fantastic to see Your Local Cinema flying the flag, spreading the word and helping us to keep enjoying the simple things in life. Now if you could just tackle the popcorn prices...!

quoteWithout captions, I may as well not go to the cinema. Captions allow me to at least be able to share a social occasion with friends without feeling excluded. At a bar, I'm excluded as I can't follow what's going on, at party the same. At a captioned film, I can be a 'normal' person. That's so precious.

quoteSpectre subtitled made our sons weekend #OdeonBlackpool

quoteThank You, Thank You, Thank You! My first film with sub-titles at my local cinema...BLISS.. What a special treat to make out every word of the dialogue. I wear 2 hearing aids and although they are good, there is always the problem of the music being so much louder that the words. Please give us more! Keep up the good work!

quoteI grew up with a younger brother who was deaf, when we were children we would watch films together and i would have to explain what was happening because so few were subtitled and i could see how little he understood with just seeing moving pictures and even though i tried i could not do a very good job, when closed captions and subtitles started being added to more films it was like another world had opened up to my brother what i had taken for granted he saw as a life changing thing and we could discuss what the films were about without him having to guess.

quotei use subtitles because my audio processing is not great and i tend to miss a lot of stuff. found out this was common for people with ADHD and other neurodivergences.

quoteFrom 'Den of Geek': An easy way to search for a cinema near you that is showing your desired film with added subtitles is the brilliant website YourLocalCinema.com. Here you can select your town and see every captioned screening in your local area, with dates and times, too. Seeing as most cinemas will only show a handful of subtitled screenings on a weekly basis (a situation that may never change, we fear), YourLocalCinema.com is a great way to cut out the faff of scouring the web in search of that one elusive screening that you can actually get to on time.

quoteI’d be lost without the service you provide so thank you for it. More and more films should be subtitled. I’m Happy to help campaign for this in any way. The truth is that according to a shocking new survey the largest growing age group with hearing difficulties is 16-24.

quoteBoth myself and my wife have hear difficulties and subtitles allows us to enjoy a night out at the cinema just the same as when we were young if you know what I mean.

quoteGoing to see Hunger Games Mockingbird subtitled tonight! My boyfriend is hearing and he says that he needs subtitles as President Snow hard to understand what he's saying most of the time

quoteI have often found that turning up the volume is not the answer. More often than not, it's clarity that is needed. I've had a hearing loss my entire life, and subtitles are a massive help in clarity. Turning up the volume doesn't help the situation most of the time; because as I say, it's clarity that is needed. I thus find subtitles to be very useful and much appreciated, in watching films. Also, lip-reading doesn't solve the problem either, and subtitles do solve the problem. Thank you.

quoteMore subtitled films....simple.

quoteAmazing! Thank you so much - keep up the good work - you help improve my sister's life so much

quoteAdd your own quote HERE

quoteMy girlfriend needs subtitles so we went to a Batman Superman subtitled show and it was actually useful to hear what the hell Batman was saying in his deep voice.

quoteI am registered blind and recently went to see Star Wars and used the audio description, it is fantastic and in some places amusing, it is great that the Odeon cinema is acknowledging that people who can't see or hear can go to the cinema and still enjoy the experience of it without actually seeing or hearing it and inclusion is the key word. I took my guide dog Polly along too and rang to reserve seat so that there was enough room for her where i sat and the staff were very helpful. Well done Odeon Cinema!



quote Star Wars :)) booked my tickets weeks ago thanks to your fab fab website. Can't wait 😁

quote @ODEONCinemas ready to experience #StarWarsForceAwakens Bring it on. @yourlocalcinema the film was awesome and captions were spot on.

quoteThank you for making this midnight STAR WARS viewing possible. @ODEONCinemas I hope to see more subtitled screenings for new releases

quote@yourlocalcinema See a cinema screening Star Wars tomorrow afternoon via your site! Keep up the good work!

quoteSubtitles are so important to me to ensure I can understand the story. I can remember watching Empire Strike back as a boy (without subtitle in those day) and when Vader said to Luke 'I'm your father', I thought he said I want you to join me as it was impossible to lipread Vader! - imagine my surprise when several years later I finally realised what Vader actually said. Since then I only go to cinema to watch film if they have subtitle and the local cinema site is a life saver for the deaf communities.

quoteThanks to Local Access subtitled cinema for update us informations and They welcome us to be part of Cinemagoers...finally can follow Star Wars Darth Vader's dialogues!! ... Access subtitled films are fantastic , Great breakdown communication barriers... ... Those access films integrate with all various communities become big ones!!. I attend my Local access cinema in Enniskillen Cinema in Co.Fermanagh ... Its only 10 mins drive to my home!! Fantastic and My great thanks to ... Omniplex, Odeon, IMC cinema companies. I am very lucky to be part but I campaigned tireless years to get Access Subtitled films.It finally paid off!!

quoteI'm deaf and this website is ace.for finding subtitled films. Life saver. Found the first screening of stars wars on here! Boss!. Keep up the good.work. Merry Christmas!!

quoteAudio description with the new Star Wars is really cool!! Thank you Disney!!

quoteDeaf Girly and subtitled Star Wars … One of the best pre-Christmas things I did was go and see the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie with subtitles. However, before I was allowed to go and watch it, FJM insisted that I watch the first three Star Wars movies – he's banned me from watching the Prequels – so that I would understand who everyone was and note all the references. And so we devoted a rainy December day to ploughing through them one by one. I have to admit, I was a bit worried I'd hate them... but actually I loved them. It was great seeing a young Harrison Ford and mercifully, most of Luke Skywalker's moaning was out of my frequency (God, he's annoying in the first movie isn't he?). Sadly one other character who was out of my frequency was R2-D2 – the cute droid. I couldn't hear any of his bleeps and whistles and, although the captions showed when he was making a noise, it obviously couldn't convey the frequency or rhythm of them. And FJM felt that this was important. So he did something amazing. He interpreted R2-D2 for me, in all the movies. He transposed the bleeps and whistles to a frequency I could hear and let me know when he was sad, nervous, happy or angry. And it was brilliant. It brought what would have otherwise been to me a silent character and really made the movie. It was also highly entertaining watching FJM do this *beams. In the new movie, there's BB8 and FJM had promised to do the same, but amazingly BB8 had a much lower 'voice' so I could hear him alright – but hearing him nervously go somewhere, or bleat angrily made me realise how much FJM had helped me in the first movies by giving R2-D2 a voice. There's more – the subtitles in the new Star Wars were also very informative. They told you who was speaking. Helped you identify characters easily and even made one section of it – giving nothing away – much clearer than it would have been without them. I enjoyed it so much, that I am going to see it again at a showing this month. And this time around, now I know the storyline, I will be able to relax a bit more and enjoy the general feel of the film rather than staring transfixed at the subtitles. I'm intrigued to find out if I will notice anything I missed last time. There's just one thing more worth noting about the new Star Wars movie and that's how many cinemas showed it with subtitles and how many showings there were... LOADS!! I honestly had my pick of local cinemas – and it doesn't seem to be too difficult to go and see it again. If only cinemas would do this with more movies. OK, so the demand was obviously much higher for Star Wars as seemingly the whole country went to see it, but if they can do it with Star Wars, then they should do it with other films. Here's to 2016 and hoping they do... DG

quoteI would be like to most a excellent to the Star Wars and I am deaf my wish to movie with subiblte very improve be big a star war! I think to all people will big a million or billion to go to the movie at Star Wars!

quoteWithout subtitles, I would not know what C3PO or Darth Vader were saying or what tone R2D2 was beeping in, or Chewie wailing in!

quoteMy daughter is profoundly deaf , she has 2 cochlear implants which were fitted this year. She relies on subtitles at the cinema otherwise she would not follow the film. We look forward to the subtitled films as we can all go as a family where we no ellie can follow the film. We have recently seen Star Wars on subtitles and loved it. Subtitles are excellent for my daughter Thanks And merry Christmas x

quoteSubtitles are important to me as I'm hard of hearing and miss what people are saying especially if, like in Star Wars, the action is really fast moving, so subtitles are so great for me. Audio description is good for my friend who has really bad eyesight so she doesnt miss what is going on. Its so good that many dvds have both of these features

quoteI am deaf and I love to watch cinema with subtitles because I can feel relax and enjoy myself. I hope every deaf people must have access to watch cinema with subtitle or audio. In the future they will have their good life. I love Star Wars because i am biggest fan of Star Wars. I love Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2 and C3PO. Thank you.

quoteReally feel great to watch Star Wars 7 with my deaf families , enjoy follow a story because subtitle are very useful ! I saw Star Wars in 1977 can't understand what they say until 1982 first show on tv with subtitle , very long time to waited , can't wait go see Star Wars 8 with subtitle !! Thank you 👍😎

quote@yourlocalcinema Star Wars Already booked at Brighton Odeon - found through your very helpful website listings.

quoteVery late to the #StarWars #TheForceAwakens party, been to the @BFI @IMAX for one of their 1st #subtitled showings: AWESOME!! #NoSpoilers

quote@cineworld Went to see Star Wars at your Didsbury cinema with subtitles - well done, that's a big step forward for the deaf community!

quoteStar Wars movie goers: seek out audio description. It’s well worth it, and really necessary.

quoteAudio description is a must for Star Wars fight scenes.

quoteOK, have now caught up on all six previously released Star Wars films. Seeing episode seven tomorrow with audio description. So excited!

quoteAs someone who has had sight and now has not, I can appreciate the massive change that audio description can bring to blind movie fans. Actors are good at painting a picture but with no idea of the physicalaties on the screen, so much can be lost and the experience ruined. I've gone to showings where the A.D. wasn't working and I missed out on so much. Whether it's enjoying a laugh, at the same time, with your children or a moment of suspense with others, audio description is a huge step to inclusivity. If only every screen in every cinema had the facility, think what that would mean for a spontaneous visit?

quoteStar Wars The Force Awakens is on in @TheatrColwyn WITH SUBTITLES!

quoteBefore cinemas showed movies with subtitles, I often had to wait for them to come out on Dvd or on TV, especially if it was a film where the dialogue and characters were important or lots of the scenes might be noisy or in the dark. Now I can go with my family, often when they are released or soon after! It's much nicer. I am thrilled that Star Wars is out subtitled straight away as we have all been looking forward to it so much :)

quoteLoved it Loved it LOVED STAR WARS WITH SUBTITLES ON THE SCREEN! My half deaf 50 year old dad who was there for the original trilogy was happy, my younger hearing brother who is coming to it new loved it, women and black people and aliens were well represented, that was a Star Wars movie. The iconography hit all the right notes. Oscar Isaac doing a lot with a little due to his inherent charisma, Boyega absolutely OWNING it, Rey and Kylo both amiliar takes on what we've had but really good. Star Wars is all about emotion. It's all about heart. Twice I cried, just felt the lip go, lol. The action was great; dynamic, thrilling, accompanied with bombastic filmmaking and sensational sound design, which seemed to be at just the right level for my digital hearing aids to make the most of. The music was fine; nothing stand-out but enough riffs on the old stuff that I still enjoyed it. Everything looked so lived in, so dirty and dusty and real. I just loved it. It felt like Star Wars, and that was enough for me.

quotedelighted to be able to see films with subtitles locally. Thanks!

quoteI loved Spectre with audio description and stayed on the edge of my chair for most of it. The describer did a masterful job of quickly identifying the characters and describing the action and relevant scene changes on the fly. I don’t think the credits mentioned who described the movie, but there ought to be an academy award for audio description and I’d nominate him.

quotenow kid in school! Yay so I can finally watch Star Wars with subtitles & I'm trying to find one near me in school hours 😕😂

quoteEasy for me to understand what they talking as I'm profoundly deaf.....watched Star Wars VII last week with subtitles in 3D film it is massive awesome!

quoteSubtitles and Audio description allow those who might no be able to enjoy films to experience the magic of ciname. As a dramatic art form, some would say it it is unmatched and unparallelled and with Star Wars being very hard to find audio described, it is great to see re-released versions with features that allow more people to access movies and talk about it with their friends, families etc.

quoteI am nearly totally deaf and need subtitles to watch tv or films. Subtitles at the cinema ... without them I could not have the big screen experience. I love the whole cinema thing; popcorn, fizzy drink, comfy VIP seats and the wow of the big screen! Without subtitled cinema, watching big new films like Star Wars would not be the same! It cannot be duplicated by tv. Thank you for the brilliant experience!

quoteSuch a great website to find (the very rare) subtitled showings of movies - thank you!

quoteIn my family, with my son, partner and father in law all being deaf, subtitles enable them to access entertainment that I take for granted, the detail of a conversation, the music setting the mood. We went to watch Star Wars on New Years Eve, not with subtitles as I couldn't find a showing and although my partner enjoyed it, he isn't yet quoting lines from the film like he does with the others as until we can see it with subtitles he doesn't really know what has been said.

quoteSome of us are hard of hearing, Some of us are deaf, Some can't see, One of these is me. Lots of my friends have seen Star Wars over and over, with accessibility maybe I'll become a Star Wars lover.

quoteMy Dad can enjoy and understand the full story of the movie - a luxury he never had with the first Star Wars trilogy!

quoteWatching Star Wars with subtitles is very helpful.👌🏾 You learn how things are spelt - like "Kashyyyk" for example.

quote I need subtitles on cinema this why because I was young no subtitles now my age 52 but I am mad Star Wars yesterday I went watched brilliant subtitles in Portsmouth but I will again and can't wait Star Wars VIII

quoteHa! If mainstream cinema wasn't so poor, I'd never have found: 3D... IMAX... Subtitled... #TheForceAwakens Oh Yes!

quoteSo many things are possible since loosing most of my hearing. Subtitles give me the opportunity to go to the cinema with family and friends. Just wonderful. I can go to the cinema and relax completely knowing I am going to be completely captivated by the film. It took a very long time for my local cinema to start showing subtitled films. They still tend to not offer them weekly but at least it's moving forward with more films being shown with captions. Thank goodness. Ps I'm very excited to be going to new Star Wars on 29tn dec. An 11 am subtitled showing. Still it is the holidays.

quoteBrillant service for deaf people! Keep it up!

quoteSubtitles give everyone the fair chance to share in the magic and excitement of cinema. People always talk about the first time they saw a certain movie on the big screen and I'm not always able to join in. Our local cinema opened every single screen for a midnight showing of Star Wars last week, why couldn't just one of them be a subtitled screening?

quote... Freedom. Accessible for all., there's an Act in place called Equality Act and it matches the need for people like me who is profoundly deaf, it gives/gave me pleasure attending the cinema with equal access and entertainment. I went to see Star Wars last week and I was so excited, and looking forward to watching the films like that. I didn't have that when I was a teenager, I have a lot to catch up on! Thank you!!

quoteThis is a great service which is much appreciated. Thanks

quoteWithout subtitles I wouldn't be able to go to the cinema. That's the same for lots of my deaf friends and thousands of deaf people in the UK. Yesterday my dad took me to see the new Star Wars film in Leicester Square where he saw the first Star Wars film. I went with my cousin and two other hearing friends. Without subtitles that wouldn't have happened.

quoteI love to watch the Star Wars for the English subtitles and the English audio because It is more important for deaf of hard of hearing people. They can't hear the people talking and it helps them a lot my parents are deaf so if you give it to them then it will help then a lot.

quoteFirst time I've been able to go see & understand an English speaking film at the cinema in almost 30 years thanks to the subtitles. Happy.

quote#TheForceAwakens #odeon so enjoyed having subtitles a great way to spend Sunday afternoon at my local cinema & understand the film☺

quoteI watched the Star Wars: The Force Awakens is fricking DOPE!😳#Cinema #Subtitles

quoteStarWars Our boys went last night @ODEONCinemas Blackpool had subtitles. Boys loved it

quoteLooking forward to watching #StarWars subtitled at Bradford @cineworld tonight (!)

quoteSubtitles are not just important-they are essential. Without subtitles I can't go to the cinema or follow films- simples! I love my films,I love the cinema, Subtitles awaken films-Subtitles ARE the force!

quoteStill not seen @StarWarsUK , need to find a cinema that offers it with subtitles at a suitable time so I can watch it. had to trek to @vuecinemas in Croydon to watch who had subtitles running correctly which was good.

quoteBeing a legally blind user since birth captions and also audio descriptions mean the difference in my ability to enjoy the media of today. I am an avid Star Wars fan and would love the opportunity to be able to enjoy this new picture in the format you offer.

quoteSubtitled Star Wars with the boyfriend! #captionedcinema

quote1st time ever that I went to the cinema with #SUBTITLES for the deaf and hard of hearing at the @ODEONCinemas. #StarWarsTheForceAwakens 👍👏😊

quote My severely hearing impaired husband can take our two sons and myself to enjoy Star Wars as a family and he can actually understand the conversations on screen because of subtitles. We can't wait for our local cinema in Harlow to offer this service and save us driving to Chelmsford.

quoteWe had managed to go to different @vuecinemas to watch the subtitled film @starwars - one word- wow!

quoteNot a massive Star Wars fan but really enjoyed the latest movie :-) ... watching the subtitled screening!

quoteThought #StarWars was excellent! No spoilers from me! (Subtitles worked too, which was a relief)

quoteThe medium of cinema has a huge influence on society, just think of all the recent hype about the new Star Wars film. Accessible performances mean that Deaf or visually impaired people are not excluded from that. However, there is simply not enough subtitling for it to be considered fair access. We have yet to see the new Star Wars film simply because the cinema failed to put on the subtitles as advertised when we visited. There needs to be legislation to guarantee a minimum proportion of accessible films within larger cinemas.

quoteStar wars is amazing! but you need subtitles not to miss a single word! thank you

quoteMY LOCAL CINEMA IS RUNNING SUBTITLED SCREENINGS OF STAR WARS 🎉🎉 #accessibilitywin #deafpride #starwars #thankyou @ODEONCinemas

quote@starwars I was 8 in 1977, my dad took me to Star Wars, Thursday I took my 8 year old son, his reactions created a lifetime memory for me.

quote@starwars with my 5 yr old daughter. I was born in 82. I remember my dad reading rotj subtitles to me

quoteStar Wars WITH the script right before my eyes. Priceless.

quoteI remember the days before subtitles; my other half could never understand why I always fell asleep during 'amazing' movies! At the time there were no subtitles and I had to go by what I could see and the 10% or less I could hear or lip-read! ... My viewing has changed dramatically, it's absolutely fantastic. I was only talking about this yesterday with my husband, and he mentioned that he couldn't believe I had never seen the Star Wars films......that was why!

quoteI use your website to find cinema with subtitles. Thanks :D

quoteSubtitled screenings at the cinema are a vital &brilliant thing but never have I seen (groans) (mumbles incoherently) as much as TheRevenant

quotesadly need subtitles because of my reaaaaally crappy ears.

quoteBrilliant website, its the only place I look to see if cinemas are showing subtitled screenings

quoteWe need more films to come out with subtitles. This is a great service though, thank you for this website it helps me a lot.

quoteI am glad you have acknowledged that as we get older our hearing tends to get worse, however, when visiting the local cinema for the over 60s the noise level is so loud that it is painful to listen to the dialogue and too higher noise level can damage your hearing not enhance it.

quotewe are desperate to access cinemas showing subtitled films & wish there were more.

quotesubtitled version for Hateful Eight - tarantino's dialogue needs to be experienced in full!

quoteIt may seem a luxury to "just" watch a film or two, but its much more than that. It means everything social wise. Being able to go to the cinema with your friends or family, being able to join in the gossip and speculation over a plot rather than being excluded. Quite simply, others have the choice to go and see whatever film they wish, wherever and whenever they wish (even at a moments notice) and all we ask for is freedom of choice :)

quoteWe need more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more

quoteReally struggling to find subtitled films on at sensible times. Wife needs subtitles, usually Sunday mornings seem to be subtitled but just checked for deadpool and it is on at huddersfield on a week night. Thanks for the info you have provided us with over the years. Ian

quoteI appreciate your efforts to bring subtitling to films at the cinema. I recently saw Room at Picture House Southampton. When I was a youngster I was always out of step in society as I could not follow the dialogue but now I am able to watch the films as they come out and feel more included in society. I'm looking forward to seeing Revenent soon. People do not realise how much difference this inclusion makes until they loose their hearing. Keep up your good work.

quoteFind them great as sometimes it's hard to know what people are saying I have two deaf sons so am used to watching tv with subtitles at home

quoteExcellent Idea. I wish I had known years ago. It's the only way I can understand a Picture.

quoteBeing blind and not having access to audio description for a film, is just like being sighted and been given a book, but only being allowed to read every other page. You'd have a rough idea of what was going on, but you really would not get the full story. I know this sounds crazy, but that is what a blind and visually impaired person is expected to do when they have to watch a film that does not have audio description. I really do think that more people should be told about audio description, because I think that the more people know the more demand there will be for it, and then the more demanding are is the more people will find out about it. Thanks very much.

quoteAudio descripted films let blind and visually impaired people watch the film and get a real sense of what is happening…What are the characters feeling? How are they moving? What is their body language? What does the scene look like? All these are important facets of a film we take for granted when we can see them.

quoteAs a user of two hearing aids with a particular high frequency loss, I use subtitles on a regular basis at home. In cinema visits I look for subtitles as it enables me to @ hear" fully what is said. Let's make films accessible to all, subtitles and audio description. It is only fair. Let's enable rather than disable. #letsenable

quote@yourlocalcinema So grateful for your site. I check it religiously each week!

quotethe your local cinema website I find invaluable. In fact recently I realised that another cinema nearby has subtitles ocassionally which I had assumed wouldnt as they are are a small community cinema! And I also realised through this website that another cinema just a few miles further than my local one has two and three times more screenings available so again this is invaluable information. The best thing is all the information together on one page so that I do not need to go to each of the separate websites instead. A MUST HAVE bookmark if you like to go to the cinema!

quoteI am a huge film fan and having subtitles allows me to enjoy these with my family and friends. Subtitles and audio description promote inclusiveness for people with disabilities that would othewise be unable to enjoy them.

quote@cineworld Lots of people turned up to the subtitled screening in Ipswich yesterday. Shows that people are ok with it! #moresubtitlefilms!

quoteWatching movies w audio description is so great when I’m having a hard time emotionally.

quoteJust got back from subtitled INTERSTELLAR. I went with my girlfriend who unlike me is NOT deaf, and she said THANK GOD IT WAS SUBTITLED! because a lot of the dialogue was muffled. Maybe the cinema sound was too boomy, or maybe the director is a bit deaf and thinks it sounds good when it's really loud? Amazing film, loved it, would have totally lost without subtitles.

quoteLast night I thoroughly enjoyed a film for the first time in my life. The film was Gravity. I had heard it "looks fantastic", "amazing visuals", 'spectacular", all descriptions that are not very useful to person with severe sight loss. But I'm a space-buff, I just had to catch it on a huge screen. I've seen IMAX space films before I lost my sight, so kind of knew what to expect. For Gravity, all I could see on the cinema screen were black and white blobs and mis-shapes of various sizes. But that's more than I can usually see in a film. The contrast of the white suits of the astronauts floating around the black of space made the film clearer than any I've seen in a long time. But without the audio description explaining what was going on the story, with its many long dialogue-free scenes would have been lost on me. It was absolutely gripping. I was on the edge of my seat! I really felt like I was up there with the characters. It was a wonderful experience.



quoteSubtitled cinema is wonderful and has been a long time coming. I lost my hearing in 1954 when I was 12 and for 55 years have been denied the pleasure of cinema. I cant believe it has been so long!


quoteI prefer watching with subs. Although I can still hear alright most of the time, it's very easy for me to mishear things.

quoteI'm not actually HoH myself, but I guess I just have trouble focusing? Or making out/remembering what people say at 1st? That's why subtitles are super helpful, because I can get clarification and remind myself of what people are saying. ESPECIALLY when it comes to names. A background noise could be so loud for me

quoteA big thank you to Vue for Super Tuesday & subtitled cinema. Am hearing impaired so really grateful. Vue made my year!

quoteThe subtitles have enabled me to enjoy the cinema again. They have probably also saved my marriage by making it unnecessary to whisper 'what did he say?' to my husband at regular intervals. Thank you!

quoteThat b*****ks with Puss in boots and audio description before a film in the cinema does my head in!

quoteCant even begin to describe how happy i am to see the subtitled viewing of #Insurgent on Odeon

quoteI am very used to silence, expecially at night when I remove my hearing aids for a good night's sleep. I saw Interstellar last weekend and although I'm profoundly deaf I thought it was way too loud. My skull was vibrating! When the film cut from loud spacecraft interiors to the silence of space (very Kubrickian 2001), for once I was able to appreciate and enjoy silence. It was quite beautiful.

quoteBeing 95% housebound due to severe M.E.,when I then went deaf,my world shrunk even more.However thanks to subtitled films and your e-newsletter,when I do have the ability to get out,my husband and I can go and see a film,thereby giving me some quality of life,and for him a chance to enjoy doing something as a couple. Thank you for this service.I look forward every week,to see if able,which film(s) I want to go and see.(And keep the pressure up on the film distributors and cinemas alike to expand subtitled films). God bless and compliments of the season.XX

quoteHaving subtitles at the Cinema is important for Deaf people to understand and to really enjoy the film they are watching, Especially if it is narrated, and occasionally a film will end on a narrative ending, which is very frustrating as the ending can be a explanatory conclusion to the film and deaf people can't hear it. I will certainly go to watch more films at the Cinema, if more subtitled films are shown.

quoteVery useful website, use regularly for deaf daughter to visit cinemas with subtitled listings

quoteLast week went to vuecinemas to see #captioned Steve Job. It was full and packed with hearing people.

quoteMaking films with audio description should not be a social responsibility but a social obligation.

quoteMy blind father and I went to see The Imitation Game last month and it was such a pleasure to see him as moved and entertained as he was throughout the movie. He said the audio description was like listening to an audiobook, except with the wonderful talents of Benedict Cumberbatch and his fellow actors. I’m so glad that he can still enjoy seeing films.

quoteThis is a g8 website.

quoteApparently there was a lot of fuss over Judes Laws terrible Scottish accent in Black Sea. Didn't bother me, couldn't hear it, just read the subtitles and got lost in the film...

quoteHello to everyone. This is not a complaint. Thought you might like to know of our experience attending a subtitled film in Salisbury 12th February. Upon arriving, having travelled 21 miles from home, there was a notice on the door stating, “Sorry film Theory of Everything is sold out”. From past experience we thought this could not be so only to find out it was true. Everyone was apologetic and told us that the seating capacity was around 100 for this particular screen. Unfortunately for us 93 Spanish language students had booked in which for the cinema was great, for us not so. We were able to book tickets for the following week which fortunately is not a problem and then decamped to a pub. Not so much of a wasted evening after all. Perhaps you should add Language Students to your listings of disabilities. Kind regards and thanks for all you do.

quoteI went to the cinema last night to see Theory of Everything (brill!) and I had to trek to Rugby to see the film, I passed no less than 3 cinemas to get to it. I was mega tired but couldn't miss the showing as it was the first time in ages it was at a reasonable time factoring back travelling back from said cinema. I'm a big film buff with two young children who also love films, so I do get the frustrations

quoteBrilliant idea to have movies with subtitles for non native English speakers. Recomendado! #latinos #movies @yourlocalcinema @PeruinIreland

quoteIMC are an inclusive company and we try to offer options to include people with hearing loss & special needs in our schedules so they too can enjoy the cinema.

quoteIrish Deaf Society @IrishDeafSoc @yourlocalcinema is a great valuable website for deaf/hard of hearing #accessible

quoteI want more more more of it! I love it when it is available and feel it should be applied to every film released on a least one day and one night showing, more if the film is shown for longer than one week.

quoteLove my local @EastDulwichPH seen more films since opened as it's inclusive has subtitled showings every Fri or Mon thanks @yourlocalcinema

quoteWhen my husband and I took our profoundly deaf six year-old daughter to see Paddington at the cinema, we were absolutely delighted to see her laughing along with the rest of the children in the audience. Subtitles in the cinema will be such a boost to her social life as she grows up. They’ve already allowed her to learn every single word to Frozen’s Let It Go!

quoteI went to see Interstellar, having been such a big fan of Christopher Nolan’s last films. As a deaf boy of 19, the much vaunted sound of his films are completely lost on me; so I’m glad that the subtitles were there to let me enjoy the story at least! It’s such a great experience knowing that I don’t have to wait six months longer than my friends to see the big films, and I can leave the cinema and go to the pub and talk all about it with them.

quoteMr Turner would have been completely lost on my wife and I if it weren’t for subtitles. We’re both deaf, having met at art college over thirty years ago. This film was the culmination of a life spent loving movies and art, and we finally got to share both of our huge passions together in the cinema. Thanks!

quoteReally enjoyed 'The World's End' and loved the Clapham Picturehouse (@ClaphamPH). More subtitled films outside of working hours please.

quoteAmazing audio description. My family are visually impaired and we all absolutely love and very much appreciate audio description. Please keep it coming, it makes a massive difference and we really really appreciate it. I used to fall asleep in films before audio description came along because I would completely lose the plot. Now I love films and love talking about them and TV programmes with friends and colleagues. Thank you for all the effort and work that makes this happen. Catherine.

quoteYou may wish to know that I am totally blind, having lost my sight some twelve years ago at the age of 60. I live in West London and have always enjoyed the cinema, so audio description enables me to continue with that enjoyment ... audio description adds greatly to the understanding of the film and the story being told. Plus the added quality of music and sound effects makes listening to a film far richer in terms of emotional depth and richness than just listening to an audio book. kind regards

quoteI just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU! To all those involved in this website. It is easy to use and I'm very grateful for your help with accessing the cinema.

quoteEnjoyed watching subtitled Hobbit tonight. Looking forward to more!

quoteJust wish there was more cinemas doing subtitled cinema. Nowhere near enough

quoteGuardians of the Galaxy was really good, I loved Rocket the most. Because I am blind I couldn’t see him properly, but everything he said was really easy to imagine because of the narration in the background. I really liked it and can’t wait to get the DVD for Christmas to hear it again.

quoteI went to see the latest Hobbit film at Kingston Odeon with my mum at the weekend. She's 72 now and as deaf as a post but still drags me along to catch a subtitled film most weeks. Apart from the disgusting spiders, which I couldn't watch, the film was amazing. I can't believe what they can do in films nowadays, it seems anything is possible. Anyway without the subtitles my mum wouldn't have had a clue what was going on and to be honest neither would I and I'm not even deaf!

quoteI can’t lip-read Smaug the dragon in The Hobbit films, so well done for adding the subtitles – I’d be lost without them!

quoteOff to see Mistress America at a screening with subtitles because LONDON IS GREAT said this before but I gotta give props to @yourlocalcinema for providing details for subtitled screenings. an excellent service.

quoteMy hearing was severely damaged by unprotected exposure to heavy machinery in my younger years. I haven't been to the cinema in 20 years because I absolutely couldn't understand a word. The speech was so muddled and at times so rapid my brain couldn't make sense of the jumble. I love subtitles!

quoteI am Blind, have a hearing loss an I'm a huge film fan. Audio Descriptions allow me to follow and enjoy films more fully. I watch AD films regulary at the cinema (sometimes 2 or 3 times a months when there are good films in) on DVD and BBC iPlayer. I have recently been to see Macbeth and Pan with AD at my local cinema with AD and thoroughly enjoyed them and the AD worked well on both instances ... I saw Jurassic Park and Everest earlier this year and although the AD worked well I found the narration missed a lot of information out and had to ask my PA afterward to fill in the gaps that had been missed by the AD narrative ... In some cases I have to travel over 15 miles to see the film I want to or miss it completely. If I miss a film in the cinema it is not always possible to catch it on DVD as they do not always have the AD soundtrack attached. Some films e.g. 3 musketeers' and star wars only have the AD soundtrack if bought on Blue Ray and Blue Ray machines are not as easily accessible. That said on the whole I really enjoy AD films and most cinemas do provide a good service. Thanks

quoteI have heard but never been cinema for so many years so I would like have a go to the cinema and read the subtitled that would be the first time for me.

quoteExcellent idea. Modern digital hearing aids pick up all the noises but not all the subtleties of human speech. Subtitles make the film very enjoyable to the hard of hearing.

quoteImagine you are given a book to read that everyone is talking about, except that all of the text except for the dialogue is blacked out. How much of the story would you grasp and understand? This is what it is like for a person who is blind experiencing a film that is not described.

quoteSubtitled cinema is a life saver. My wife and I are regular filmgoers for 30 years. My wife suffered a brain tumor which affected her hearing so movies were out until I found this site. A big thank you for subtitled films.

quoteBrilliant. Will help me to follow the plot as I miss so much even with hearing aids. I am still trying to understand interstellar a week after!

quoteIt was wonderful to see the Imitation Game with subtitles on the big screen this weekend. I live around where the code breaking was done.

quoteHorrible Bosses was hilarias and I'll catch Horrible Bosses 2 this weekend with captions. Want to see if Jen has stil got it!

quoteBack in 2001, when I was 10, my Dad and I enjoyed the first of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in the cinema. For a few years, our big screen Middle Earth experience and a pizza afterwards made Christmas complete. When it was announced that The Hobbit was to be made into a film, my dad and I looked forward to re-living our old Father-Son bonding day. Since then I've become almost totally deaf (thanks meningitis). I'm lucky to be alive so mustn't grumble but one of my worries was missing The Hobbit at the cinema with my Dad! So I'm writing to say thanks really, to whoever made it so that we can still enjoy the films together. We saw the first Hobbit film with subtitles on the weekend it was released and saw the second one also with subtitles. It was just SO enjoyable a film. We're really looking forward to the final one.

quoteSeems like a great idea for deaf people.

quoteReally enjoyed 'The World's End' and loved the Clapham Picturehouse (@ClaphamPH). More subtitled films outside of working hours please.

quote If you are hoh/deaf, check out @yourlocalcinema - fab website to find subtitled films in your local cinema 👌that site is my life! #sohelpful

quoteBig thanks to @yourlocalcinema for their extreme helpfulness in my search for a subtitled half term film!

quoteHopefully more showings at reasonable times and days! Have to follow equality act! :)

quoteWhy can't we just turn up and they have subtitles on for us?

quote Fantastic but need weekly films with subtitles. Weekend once a month would be a plus for alot of us at a times after 7pm as alot of us have families and would like to go without the kids

quote@cineworld I went to see spectre last night and it had subtitles all the way through the film ?? I dont want subtitles. I found it annoying!

quoteWatching Fury with Brad Pitt as a mad tank officer brought back memories for me. The reason I now go to subtitled showings is because tanks and guns blew my eardrums in Iraq. We had a guy just like him but far uglier. He used to think he was the hardest soldier out there but I saw him sobbing once.

quoteI'm blind, have optic nerve hypoplasia, audio descriptive films help me to experience films. There's no other way.

quoteThank you for providing this service - I have started going back to the cinema since I discovered your website, and I have persuaded my deaf 86 year-old mum to do the same!

quoteLeber's congenital syndrome is a condition that has made me blind. Thanks to the filmmakers that have considered me when making their films, and the cinemas for giving me the chance to watch those films.

quoteWithout subtitles the world of cinema and television simply cannot be accessed, enjoyed or shared.

quoteFilms with subtitles are an absolute god-send for people like myself who have stopped attending cinemas since becoming deaf. I am delighted with this website. Recently my husband and I saw Philomena and Captain Phillips in one week. Marvellous to be able to understand every word.

quoteWhat a marvellous experience. My husband and I are both hard of hearing and hadn't been to the cinema for years. We went last week for the first time and now hope to be regulars at our local cinema.

quoteAfter years of trying to understand in movies and getting most of the information from someone else who was with me or then not going to movies at all unless it was a foreign film with open captioning, I finally felt like part of the audience and not just a spectator watching the action.

quoteMy two boys are aged 6 and 9 and require access to subtitled films. It's a shame there are so few screenings to choose from and they have to wait before seeing the latest releases. Being able to receive an email with all subtitled screenings would be a great help rather than trawling through listings. It's a great idea and will save me a lot of time, thanks.

quoteIn August 2013 I began losing my vision and in November I was registered as legally blind after being diagnosed with a rare genetic eye disease. I am 19 years old and before this, I had wanted to be a film journalist. As you may have guessed, I love films -I went to see one at least once a week and wrote reviews on them. But what I wanted to talk about was that films with audio description are mostly big budget films in mainstream cinema. I used to watch a lot of independent, arthouse and foreign films. However, there seems to be next to no audio description for these kinds of films. I have not yet seen one. There are many foreign films which have English subtitles but no audio description such as The Act of Killing and Blue is the Warmest Colour. Will there ever be support for these kinds of films in the future?

quoteGood turnout with Deaf/HoH people watching The Danish Girl then joined Deaf Conversation About Cinema @wshed

quoteAbsolutly brilliant - we didn't ever go to the cinema as a family because my daughter who is 8 could not enjoy the experience as she is deaf, but now it has opened up a whole new experience for her and us as a family.

quoteIt would be amazing if subtitles are available for 4D! (D-Box)

quoteI lost my hearing 18 years ago as a side-effect of chemotherapy (bone marrow-transplant). Until I got a cochlear implant I rarely went out. I'm glad cinemas have made the effort of providing subtitles for the latest films. It makes a big difference to my social life.

quoteWow that's fabulous! Thank you. Unfortunately The Danish Girl is not a movie my 20yr old son would enjoy and not enough notice to put it in our Pew News (local church) but good non the less!. I know there are alot of older people living in my area who would appreciate/benefit from this accessibility. Thank you for what you are doing.

quoteMy father has congenital nystagmus, a condition that makes his eyes move side to side involuntary. He's resigned himself to the fact that he will never be able to see properly and until audio description films came about he never bothered with cinema, it gave him severe headaches. Now we both go regulalry. He just shuts his eyes and enjoys the film!

quoteMy Grandad was a big film fan (Dad too) and I grew up with lots of books, magazines etc on films, and cinema in general. But being deaf (thanks to meningitis) I could never get the full 'cinema experience'. My Grandad (also very deaf, thanks to his 'advancing years') used to say it was better for people like us a hundred years ago, when silent films were around, as they had caption cards on the screen! I missed out on many films at the cinema, which I have since watched on DVD, with subtitles. I really believe that if my Grandad was still alive today he would be joining my Dad and I on our regular trips to the cinema. Because captioned cinema has returned! I now understand why and how they were entranced by the 'magic' of cinema. As the great Charlie Chaplin said: "Nothing quite like it - the feeling of film"

quoteYou cannot imagine what it's like to not be able do something so many families take for granted on a regular basis, as a unit, know that everyone else is enjoying a film as a cohesive group. I am very happy now that I can watch movies at the cinema and look forward to further technologies to allow an even greater, and more wonderful experience for all. The most efficient solution to cinema subtitles is to continue what we're doing: developing better assistive technology that is largely unnoticeable to people with normal abilities. We install ramps and elevators for people in wheelchairs, put braille on door signs, and create subtitle glasses and screens for deaf people.

quoteI've struggled with musicals for years because without subtitles I just can't lip-read singing lips proficiently enough to know what is being sung. The last filmed musical I truly enjoyed was Grease from 1978, and that was because I didn't have hearing loss then and could actually hear the lyrics. Fast-forward almost 35 years to today and Les Misérables. The subtitles put me in the characters' heads. The storyline would have fallen on my deaf ears without them. I felt Fantine's pain from her song. I fell in love with Hugh Jackman's unwavering words of unconditional love. Subtitles brought this movie to life.

quoteI have both glaucoma and cataracts and wouldn't, couldn't go to the cinema wthout audio description. It's wonderful.


quoteHi, I live with deafness every day. I can't hear a single thing and luckily went to a school which supported this, but deafness always makes me feel left out no matter what others do for me. Before subtitled films friends would tell me about the great films they had seen, how funny the jokes were etc. I have a good sense of humour but unfortunately, when it came to films, only visual jokes could get a laugh out of me. Then subtitles came! Finally I could laugh along with my friends every time, rather than looking on awkwardly as they laughed at things I couldn't hear. Watching all my favourite films with subtitles is a magical experience. Thank you!

quote@yourlocalcinema This website is amazing! I rarely see my blind brother smile, but watching a film in the cinema with him with audio description is one of those times. Props to cinemas for giving smiles to deaf and blind kids and adults alike everywhere!

quotemy son is profoundly deaf and hears with bilateral cochlear implants - it is so much easier and relaxing for him to see a film with subtitles - i wish there were more showings!

quoteLove it. Makes watching films enjoyable rather than struggling to try to hear.

quote‏@ActionOnHearing Looking for subtitled versions of films now out? Check @yourlocalcinema website! (tweeted to 15,000 followers)

quoteThanks for this initiative, I was feeling I would never had the chance to enjoy a movie in the cinema, only DVDs or BRs.

quoteSo glad to find this site. Been in a battle with cinemas to try and get them to improve their sites so subtitled films are easier to find. If you don't know when they show them its really hard work!

quotePraise to have subtitled cinema

quoteWe went to see Interstellar on Monday - fantastic. The Island has suggested if young people from Sign Hi Say Hi! Fylde Wyre and Blackpool Deaf Children's Society want to see a particular subtitled film to email them a few days in advance and they will do their best to show it - no promises but such a positive attitude.

quoteOh the shame of having to sit with a handful of mums and their little girls in the cinema because TINKERBELL is the only subtitled film on at my local this week. I’m a 47 year old man for Christ’s sake.

quoteWho watches films in cinema at 11am ... apparently deaf people do. Don't care because I'm about to watch #CREED & its captioned! So excited

quoteAbout to watch Interstellar at the cinema. Had to take time off work though as no subtitles any other time! Better than being at work tho!

quote@hunkin_24 @yourlocalcinema fab site love it, have sent it to my friend so she can see what's on at the cinema for her mum, thank you 4a fab site 👍☺️

quoteHey, can you please find out whether Jurassic World would have subtitles on 27th November 2014? Also please subtitled the trailer as well, if that's possible? Emilie

quoteMy father is a member of Blind Veterans UK, for soldiers, sailors and airmen who were blinded by gas, shot or shell during Wars. It supports over 3,500 veterans. He tries to catch films with audio description when he can. It’s the only for him to watch films.

quoteVery excited to think I'm going to be able to enjoy Mr Turner at Odeon Maidstone on 16th November.

quoteGet Santa was rubbish, with or without subtitles it would have been rubbish. They ripped off my idea about Santa going to jail. Mine was called 'NICKED'. Much better title!

quoteMore subtitled film please also can you include subtitles in the elderly screening. Quite a few of your elderly customers are deaf or hard of hearing. Thanks

quoteFantastic! ! Means I can follow the plot of a movie instead of only half understanding it. Well done!

quote@ClaphamPH subtitled screening for the hard of hearing today is PADDINGTON.
@iheartsubtitles that's good because a bear is hard to lip-read! (no offence meant Paddington)

quoteI have just found your website and am excited to go to the cinema again as I have profound hearing loss

quoteNice to be able to take my daughter to see a subtitled version of Paddington in Plymouth. It would be better if it was at a weekend or after the children have broken up for Christmas. Many Thanks

quoteToday saw #Whiplash #subtitled @vuecinemas What a film ! Visually stunning Thks @yourlocalcinema.

quoteFor deaf people like myself, I simply cannot watch a film in the cinema if the subtitles don’t work as it is completely inaccessible to me. It is like someone turning the sound off for a hearing person, so it is essential that the subtitles work when they are supposed to. Being subtitled it means it is inclusive and accessible to me. By not providing the service, I simply cannot watch the film and cannot access the cinema.

quoteWent to see Mandela in Eagles Meadow Wrexham last week with subtitles. Fantastic. I love the cinema but struggle to hear cos of my deafness. My husband would like us to visit more often but because I struggle to hear I tend to dread going but this was brilliant as I followed every step of the film and we both had a lovely time.

quote I haven't been able to go to the cinema since losing my hearing aged 27. I haven't been to the cinema in over a year now. Are there any showings for Taken 3 at kettering which are subtitled?

quoteSaw The other Woman last week and it was great! It's the first time in 4 years I have been able to go to the cinema with my friends. I have really missed it. I am looking forward to more outings now! Thank you. Want to see The Love Punch.

quoteI've found the correct place to ask of ALL DAYS AND TIMES to go watch Hunger Games. With Subtitles please as I'm not just Deaf, I'm Totally Deaf.

quotefilms should be available to all. It's no different to not having wheelchair access to a building.

quoteQuick question: If you are hearing (not hearing issues), went to see a movie and the cinema put the subtitles on, would it be an issue?

quote@ad_1980 I hate how my local cinema only does one subtitled showing #moreaccessibilityplease #deaf

quoteI have just seen 12 Years a Slave which I thought was brilliant ... Subtitles make an enormous difference to the complete enjoyment of the film ... thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the all "the hard of hearing" brigade. Going to see Robert Redford's latest film next week which has subtitles, although ironically hardly any dialogue. The main thing is to keep on going to the cinema. With many thanks

quotePlease increase the number of subtitled films - it so wonderful for hard of hearing people to be able to enjoy films too>

quoteAD allows my son to visit the cinema with his friends and watch the latest movies and not feel left out

quoteLook forward to MORE subtitled films! especially kids ones so I can join in with my family!

quoteMy 12 year old son needs this. Let's him be included

quoteIt is very useful, however, I don't think cinemas show subtitles enough. There needs to be more chances to watch subtitles cinema.

quoteI watch TV programmes with subtitles but have never watched a film at the cinema with subtitles. I would love to see the 'The Imitation Game' with subtitles and came across your website whilst searching!

quoteI'm in San Francisco, CA. I think it is so cool that you have this option in the U.K. and Ireland. I don't believe this option is even available in the states. I typically watch my DVDs with the subtitles on and it helps immensely. It must be a God-send to those who are hard of hearing and seeing to be able to have this option for first-run films in the theater. This is a great idea however, it would be nice if you made the times more accessible for a lot more people. Great stuff! Keep it up!

quoteI have been visually impaired since I was born. I was born with Congenital Cataracts, and then developed Glaucoma when I was 4 months old. I can’t enjoy film without audio description.

quotethank you for informing us of subtitled movies each week, I enjoy going to captioned movies.

quoteWonderful... At last someone has been listening. There should be more more and much more of these. I have not been to a cinema for the last seven years since having to wear two aids which I find of no use whatsoever in watching a film or seeing a show. I have miseed out on all the latest films, as as a pensioner can not afford to keep buying DVDs

quoteBrilliant as wife never been to cinema in her life and now she has been twice both kids films with our 5 year old lad but she loved it.

quoteNow that there's subtitles a trip to the movies will never be quite the same for my dad, who is hearing impaired. He's just seen 'Non-Stop'. The subtitles made it possible to follow Liam Neeson's violent exploits. No more guessing what movies are about. It costs more, but we do like the cinema popcorn, instead of microwave popcorn and a pirate copy at home.

quoteIf film distributors exclude deaf people in the UK then we need legislation to force them to subtitle all films. The Equality Act 2010 is insufficient for this purpose as distributors are not direct service providers to the cinema going deaf public. It must be addressed otherwise this problem will not go away. I have seen in the past 10 days Mandela, 12 Years A Slave. The Railway Man and Last Vegas but why should someone decide for me that I cant see American Hustle at the cinema unless I go to USA!?

quoteAs a film student, film is my life. I love everything about cinema, but when I lost my hearing I was unable to watch a majority of films. Subtitled showings allow me to partake in my love...

quoteI have only seen 1 subtitled movie with someone I support in the community, we had such an enjoyable time, I wish Southend would show these films more often !!

quoteToo many showings are during weekdays, which rules out people who work full time. Not all deaf people are older and retired but that seems to be the perception.

quoteThanks for the great service

quoteHaven't been to a subtitled film yet but , as a person with severly impaired hearing, I am very excited at the prospect! Great site thank you.

quoteI recently went blind, it was devastating. I needed to find other ways to do things. I used to go to concerts and the theatre and festivals. I have got used to just listening in the cinema with audio description, you have to go with it or lose out.

quoteCan't wait to see "The Book Thief" @ Majestic Cinema, Bridgnorth with subtitles on the big screen 1st time I'll get all dialogue in decades!



quotethanks. We use you guys to figure out which showings we can go to see.

quotewhat a brilliant idea but why do cinemas assume if you are deaf you do not work and shows are on weekdays during the day?

quotemy daughter has had a stroke and has Aphasia so subtitles are ideal.

quoteMy son would love to see Hunger Games with subtitles.

quoteAs a film buff, I would love to see American Hustle with subtitles anywhere in Central London one day. Please let me know when it is available. Once again many thanks for providing a weekly list of subtitles films which saves me a lot of time from browsing several cinema websites for any subtitles.

quoteWhilst yes it is great that there are some films subtitled out there, there are just not enough of them. Often it is a showing during the day when you are at work or there is just one showing, miss it and you miss out.

quoteThere dont seem to be many sustitled films in Peterborough, I have to drive an hour to Milton Keynes

quoteAdd your own quote HERE

quoteMy friend and I need films to have narration. We were both blinded in Afghanistan. I lost my left eye completely and the sight in the other. We go together usually, help each other.

quoteShould be more available as im partially deaf as well as lot of the people in the world

quoteI went to see Les Mis last Wednesday. Nottingham Cineworld were very welcoming, and the audio description was fabulous. The headphones were very comfortable to wear and very simple to use. Although the songs explain a lot of the film, I would have been very lost without the a.d. as it jumped several years in parts and with all the extra information I was able to follow it well. Thank you for your help, and I look forward to seeing further films in the future.

quoteIt appears that the chances of something being audio described are relative to whether it has a full theatrical release, its mainstream popularity outside of geek culture, and how frequently it pops up on TV. It's a pain but unfortunately that's reality.

quoteThe audio description on the new Mission Impossible was really good. I 'get' what people were saying about the jaw-dropping images and camera work. When Hunt swings out a window to scale the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai I could feel the vertigo! And I could hardly see it! It was a blur on the screen but the narration made it vivid, crystal clear, and immersed me in the action. I told many visually impaired people about my experience and of audio description at the cinema, and your website, and I'll definitely try and get out more to experience the cinema.

quoteTricycle Cinema shows subtitled films at 2.30 on Thursdays. Great! Would like other cinemas in London to show subtitled films as my hearing loss getting worse as I get older and even with hearing aids find dialogue very hard to follow. Limited to foreign films with subtitles or wait for DVDs to become available so I can watch with subtitles.

quoteFantastic and much needed website- i nearly cried with joy at finding all the information i could possibly need in one place- this will save me hours! ... thank you for this site.

quoteFor some films, the AD enhanced the film so much for me that I left the cinema feeling I had appreciated more of the details and characters within the film than my sighted friends, as the AD includes so much more sometimes than what you see in terms of describing things. When it is offered, it makes the cinema visit a truly open and wonderful experience for the blind, especially with today's high end digital surround sound systems.

quoteOften at inconvenient times and never enough showings!

quote78 year old mother keen on subtitled historical drama cinema

quoteNot enough places and why only one or two nights a week.

quoteI am hard of hearing and unless films are sub titled I am unable to go. nobody should be excluded from going to the cinema because of hearing loss. More choice should be available. Than You.

quoteI'm deaf and I'm SO happy I am able to watch films that have subtitles!

quoteWe are so happy have film subtitled which help a lot because we are deaf couple thank you.

quoteHi I'm currently on holiday in the US and, out here, many cinemas have either Caption Viewers or the Sony Digital glasses which show subtitles just for that viewer. I have now seen 4 films and really enjoy being able to do what many people take for granted in going to the cinema. Why does the UK not implement the same thing and well done Sony for pioneering this technology.

quoteLove what your doing for the hearing impaired xx

quoteMore subtitled cinema please!

quoteMy 13 year old daughter is desperate to go to the cinema, like her friends, but as she is deaf it is a waste of time as she cannot follow what is happening. We live 45 mins from Plymouth and often subtitled films are on too late in the evening.

quoteI think is a really good idea. I'm Spanish and I love to go to the cinema and at the moment, this is the way to can do it!! Thank you very much! :)

quoteA great idea.

quoteWe occasionally go to the cinema for a subtitled film because my husband has become quite deaf. I can manage with hearing aids. We have I am sure people who are hard of hearing would appreciate subtitles because of mumbling actors

quoteI think audio description is great, without it I find it hard to know what's going on. Some people can go without audio description, me? I can't for most of my movies and other things I watch.

quoteI usually rely on audio description for movies I haven't seen yet. If its a movie I've seen several times, for example, the goonies, then I don't need it. Hell, I don't even need it for transformers anymore. But movies like batman the dark knight rises and the like are kinda better with audio description. Another reason why audio description is good is because sometimes the comedic elements aren't portrayed via sound, so you need the audio describer to tell you the comedic element you may have missed. Also, sometimes theres certain points that help with letting you know what happened to reduce confusion. For example. In batman: the dark knight rises, the special agent cocked his gun, and the describer didn't say anything. Now I know, one of Bane's henchmen didn't sneak up behind the agent and pull a gun.

quoteGreat to be informed when's subtitled films is on.

quoteAudio description... until some years ago I allways wanted to know what's happening in the movies, you can't understand everything that's happening. the setting, how the characters look like, and many more things are important in a movie not only just the plot.

quoteVery new to needing subtitles. Rapidly lost my hearing in 6 months and am unbelievably frustrated by the lack of subtiitled performances. This website has been a huge help as they're also not easy to locate on cinema websites.

quoteVery important for deaf people

quoteIt's frustrating that most cinemas still offer audio descriptive films most days of the week but still only offer subtitled films once or twice and often the same film is repeated. Don't even talk to me about Sky who still cannot provide downloaded tv with subtitles!

quoteThe cinema is the most accessible and thrilling social experience, where you can go with friends and family alike to watch the best and biggest new films. So why is it that I didn't go to the cinema for the first 19 years of my life? It was just pointless when I couldn't hear anything the characters said, but thanks to the efforts over the past decade, I've kept up with the cinematic world and socially, culturally and historically my life has become better for it. Having revelled in the beauty of foreign films for years due to subtitles, I can now do the same with brilliant films such as last year's Inception, Toy Story 3 and The Social Network. Thank you for making movies accessible to people like me.

quoteWill be good for me never been to cinema since becoming hard of hearing

quoteWonderful being able to go out to watch a film but up to half an hour of trailers / adverts with no subtitles is very frustrating!!

quoteMy daughter has always been deaf in one ear, but her single working ear has served her perfectly well for all of her 11 years. Three months ago she suddenly lost the hearing in her remaining ear and this has plunged her into a silent world. The pain of not going to the cinema with her friends like she regularly used to has been one of the hardest things for her to bear. Please please please more subtitled cinema! It's not just about films. It's about social life.

quoteI haven't visited a cinema since I lost my hearing in both ears 10 years ago. It's frustrating when people invite you to go the cinema and they don't realise that the hearing aids I have just pick up background noise. I would love for my local indepent village cinema to have subtitled films.

quoteAn absolutely vital service for deaf peoplelike me. Thank you very much! Films are enjoyable again.

quoteMy father suffers from macular degeneration; seeing light and shade and blurry figures. My local cinema in Edinburgh helps blind people enjoy the cinema.

quoteBeing deaf, I find non-subtitled films not enjoyable any more

quoteThanks @yourlocalcinema for finding the AD showing. Without you &@ODEONCinemas fine headphones there'd've been no #AlphaPapa tonight.

quoteSheffieldDCS (SDCS) ‏@SheffieldDCS28 Oct 11 #FF @yourlocalcinema where would we be without this fantastic website? httpss://bit.ly/sheffield_subs #fb

quoteMy wife is deaf, as well as one of my children. We have been to more movies in the last six months than in the previous 33 years! My youngest son and I were able to go watch a movie for the first time ever. As a child I went with my Dad to watch the movies and it was a great experience to finally be able to go with my son.

quoteSubtitles. Opening up a world of cinema I would normally be cut off from.

quoteLike me, my brother is deaf and we always go to the movies together. We're 10! We love movies! But our hearing loss means it's never quite clear enough to enjoy. Most conversations go through one ear and out the other, not stopping at our brain! As you can imagine, it can be confusing. All our other school friends go on and on about movies but until last year we never really got to experience them properly. Now we've moved to Sheffield we have THREE cinemas with subtitles to choose from every week! We saw Puss In Boots in 3D last week and subtitles just made the film so enjoyable for us. With subtitles we have cinema with NO frustration!

quoteIt is Brill and really helps deaf people understand more

quoteI served in the Royal Armoured Corps in Northern Ireland. In Afghanistan I was wounded in by a mortar, losing most of my sight. I have limited vision in one eye and if it was not for audio description I would never bother with films. So thanks.

quoteAdd your own quote HERE

quoteGreat site

quoteThe Paralympics showed that some disabled people have super powers! But most disabled people are not superhuman, nor sub-human. Most are just human. Most like films, on the big screen. Is that too much to expect? I don't think so. I'm grateful that most cinemas now show films with subtitles.

quoteI have always enjoyed going to the cinema. I was blinded when I was 19 and am now 63. In all of those years my dear wife has sat in the cinema describing (as quietly as she could) the movies to me, but often feeling that she had done an inadequate job. This of course detracted from her enjoyment of the film and also from time to time annoyed the people around us. Now, with audio described cinema, I can sit quietly and fully enjoy the cinema experience without troubling my wife or the people around me. Audio description brings me so much joy it is hard to put into words. My heartfelt thanks go to everyone involved including the brilliant folk who do the narrative.

quoteThis fantastic website has reintroduced me to the cinema. Saw first film in 5 years on Sunday. Highly recommended.

quotemy wife and her friend are both profoundly hard of hearing and therefore only visit the cinema when they know the film is sub-titled

quoteAt first I had a hard time concentrating on the film. Then, my imagination stepped in … I started creating the houses, the streets and characters in my head according to the cues I was given. I dreamed of dark, secluded, run-down buildings. The descriptions of the facial expressions were useful. I could also follow the flow of events; the plot. Action scenes, thrilling voice, making scenes which had no lines exciting. I felt both fear and tension at the same time … I was scared to death at the sound of every gun shot. The dialogue never conflicted with the audio description.

quoteI'm not deaf myself but I think that every film should be accessible to everybody. I work for a disability lifestyle guide and have written an article saying as much.

quoteMany of the audience of subtitled films are elderly and deaf, so it should not interfere unduly with the hearing audience. After all there are many performances they can attend without sub-titles.

quoteessential for cinema visiting to be at all possible with hearing loss.

quoteToo few cinema's cater well for people with hearing loss and the loop system is not enough when a film relies heavily on its dialogue. I have only just found your website, used to doing the searches for myself, so thanks for saving me the time and effort ( and frustration!)

quoteI am a Registed Disabled Deaf person : subtitles are essential to full understanding.

quoteI am deaf and love to go to the cinema now beacause they've got subtitles, now it's brilliant!

quoteCinema is one of the few things we like to do, out of the house (most don't listen to music/radio/clubbing)

quoteWhy should we be excluded from watching a film? We should be treated equally as hearing people! It is nice to communicate with both hearing and deaf people about a film you watched. I love watching films and find I watch a lot at home but it's nice to go out with friends and socialise about a film we seen.

quoteI am a lady, 73 years of age and have always loved films and going to the cinema, ever since I was a child, Now I am paying dearly for old age as I am losing my hearing and find it impossible to watch films without the sub-titles.

quoteThere should be more subtitled films. This is a very handy site.

quoteSurely in the 21st century subtitled films should be commonplace, but of course they are not!!

quoteAs my hearing loss is so severe I can only enjoy films with subtitles.The Hard of Hearing Group I attend regularly follow the subtitled presentations at our local Vue cinema. Keep up the good work it is appreciated.

quoteYou know, I love going to the cinema as much as the next person but as I am hard of hearing I find it extremely difficult to pick dialogue without subtitles. The louder it is the more difficult it is. But one day, just one day I'd love to go on a Ssturday night, like normal people, with my friends. I have been subject to discrimination and not been allowed the same level of access as my hearing counterpart. Why?!?!?! One in seven people rely are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing and most of those may rely on subtitles.

quoteI only come to the cinema when a film is subtitled as I am profoundly deaf. It has been amazing to have the films subtitled and I do appreciate it.

quoteI really need subtitles on every film otherwise I am out of the loop. Please can every film be subtitled. Thank you

quoteWithout subtitled cinema my husband and (me being now partially deaf) simply cannot go to the cinema together. After 36 years of marriage and regular cinema goers, losing this service, when a particular film is not available subtitled, is another blow associated with hearing difficulties. No doubt the people making this decision were the way I was until I lost hearing in one ear ie take full hearing for granted! I can tell you that if we cannot both go to a subtitled film, my husband won`t go alone, so a lost ticket sale...it`s not rocket science, go figure the financial loss where a couple both can`t go so I know from personal experience that in this day where the technology is available, coupled with an aging population, this need will only increase. This is disability discrimination!

quote[A film not available subtitled] is yet another example of the casual discrimination and thoughtlessness that make our lives much harder than they need be.

quoteI would love to go to the cinerma more often but I find the headphones are not suitable for me as I am profoundly deaf with only 10% hearing but to read subtitles is okay. It would be great for me if you could supply me with information about what film are on each week with subtitles.

quoteThis is absolutely brilliant for those people who have a hearing loss. Nice atmosphere. want to meet friends for fun to watch cinema.

quoteThis is a great service for the hearing impaired! Thank you so much.

quoteI am deaf love go cinema now beaucse there got sublet es now its brilliant

quoteDirect Access ‏@EqualityAct2010 Your website is a godsend as our #deaf surveyors like to watch cinema films with subtitles when surveying away from home @yourlocalcinema

quoteHello I enjoyed cinema which had subtities on last week at odeon in new street Birmingham. And watched " dawn of the planets of the apes" now I wld like watch another good movie but with subtities as I'm deaf and want to enjoy it with my hearing partner so I love take my 5 and 2 years old grandsons with me to watch " how to train your dragon2 ".

quoteBroadway Cinema ‏@Broadway_Cinema5 Aug 80 lovely people are currently enjoying our first ever screening for the deaf and hard of hearing! I shed a tear. @yourlocalcinema

quoteI avoided the cinema for more than a decade. But subtitles at the cinema have kick-started my social life again. They give me a romantic evening, a break from boredom or sometimes an afternoon outing with my husband.

quoteI have just scanned through all the wonderful comments from people who's lives have been improved by subtitled cinema and I so envy them. Since moving to Pembrokeshire my nearest cinema no longer has this service ... I used to love going to the cinema, it was the only sociable thing that I could do following sudden hearing loss. Now I am isolated and lonely and wish I had not had to leave my former home ( moved due to husbands job ) where there was a choice of cinemas giving this service. Thanks Pembrokeshire great scenery, but one cannot live with only great views.

quoteI know quite a few people who, like me, have become disabled in the prime of their lives. I served in Iraq, came home last year with permanent damage to my hearing. I can still enjoy music, it's just not as clear as it used to be. I find I now read a lot of song lyrics! Never really bothered before. Same with films. I can still enjoy them with a little 'assistance'. In this case, subtitles. I only go to the cinema now if the film is subtitled. Thankfully most are these days.

quoteWithout subtitles, we just watch the movie and have to guess the story. Subtitled films make all the difference to me to be able to understand the story completely. It has been a life changing experience. It is important for deaf cinema-goers to have the same access as hearing people.

quoteFab for us old farts with hearing difficulties and an inability to understand a lot of present day 'mumbling' style of speech.

quote@BFI Helpful website @yourlocalcinema lists subtitled listings for people with hearing loss (tweeted to 200,000 followers)

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quote@thehearinglib Wolf of Wall St: what a film! Big thanks to @vuecinemas Leeds for showing it w subs this wkend; super comfy seats too :-D @yourlocalcinema
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quoteEnglish-language subtitled/captioned cinema! yourlocalcinema.com
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quote@ODEONcinemas visit @yourlocalcinema for subtitled listings for Dark Knight Rises (tweeted to 32,000 followers)

quote@cineworld Cineowlrd cinemas daily out today. Top stories via @yourlocalcinema and others (tweeted to 70,000 followers)

quote@BBCFilms @yourlocalcinema for info on audio described and subtitled cinema listings (tweeted to 74,000 followers)

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quote@RNIB @yourlocalcinemalists audio described cinema listings and dvds (tweeted to 20,000 followers)

quote@showroomcinema Mondays mean subtitles at the Showroom! @yourlocalcinema (tweeted to 5,700 followers)

quote@CineworldBolton Subtitled/Captioned Trailers! Star Wars The Force Awakens, Jurassic World, The Hobbit Battle Of Five Armies & more yourlocalcinema.com (tweeted to 3,300 followers)

quoteI am deaf and this is the 1st time that I and all my deaf friends get to enjoy the cinema. Well done all at odeon.

quoteMore subtitled films please!! I love watching films :) It helps to have subtitled films so we can have the full benefit :)

quoteWe go Sundays and I'm deaf so subtitles are great

quoteWish they would put loop system on as well!

quotePLease please can we have more 3D subtitled cinema viewings in Doncaster, I would really like to see Dawn of the apes in 3D!! Miserable deaf person

quote@ClaphamPH Dec 19 Our #subtitled screening for the hard-of-hearing today is SAVING MR BANKS starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson at 6pm. @yourlocalcinema (tweeted to 6,000 followers)

quote@DimensionsUK Apr 2 Looking for your nearest #autismfriendly screening for #WAAD2014 ? Visit httpss://yourlocalcinema.com/AFS.html (tweeted to 4,000 followers)

quoteI am very deaf. Went to see Philomena at the Odeon last night. What a treat. Have only just discovered your listings of subtitled films. It is going to open up a whole new world to me as I had stopped visiting cinemas altogether because I couldn't understand much of the talk.

quoteDifficult to obtain a list of subtitled movies so your site is great.

quoteThanks for your very useful website.

quoteSubtitles are essential for people with hearing problems, otherwise we simply cant go to the cinema . This web site is so useful, well done.

quoteThank God, I have given up going to the movies. Glad I can return

quoteMore of these, please!

quoteI'm improving my English, and i love going to the cinema but i'm not yet able to follow a film in English. Subtitles would be great for me!!

quoteMy husband and I love captioned movies very much, and PLEASE keep it up!

quoteThank you very much for including me in your emailing list. This will make me go to the cinema much more often and enjoy the occasion.

quoteThank you so much for the service, so much appreciated in deaf years !

quoteI have got together with several 'hard of hearing' friends and am thinking of cinema outings to captioned films. I feel this info will help us organise a few dates. Thanks, May.

quoteMany thanks for this service. Finding subtitled films in this area is near impossible

quoteIt's hard to explain my vision to people. The screen is blurry and I miss things. Audio description is great.

quoteI have been to the cinema hundreds of time and watched thousands of videos and DVDs, but yesterday I realised what watching a film really means. Seeing it on the BIG screen with subtites was an amazing experience.

quoteIt's great!

quoteBoth my parents are deaf, so having a cinema with regular subtitled shows nearby has allowed them to see new releases. Also, it's allowed us to spend more of our time together as a family.

quoteVery important for me & my wife!

quoteUntil now I thought that I could only go to subtitled foreign films. It will be great to have the chance to see British and American films and not on my tiny telly screen. My deafness is profound in one ear and with minimal hearing in other ear, with no recourse to a hearing aid.

quoteNeed the subtitles to be able to use the cinema!

quoteIt's a lifesaver. Use subtitles all the time.

quoteNow films are subtitled and can enjoy the film. As a child my parent had to see the film twice, once to get the story then tell my deaf brother and me the story in brief and then try to lipspeak to the annoyance of other cinema goers, so we have moved on a long way, but there's still a way to go.

quoteThe only way that I can appreciate a film and there are too few cinemas that offer subtitles for English language films, so praise those that do I must.

quoteFor a deaf person like myself the sub titles are an absolute MUST. I can now enjoy a film and understand what is happening after years of avoiding the cinema or walking out halfway through.

quoteGreat idea for also people non uk native! I'm italian, I love cinema, and although I speak good english, I don't want to miss a word! Thank you!

quoteWould open a new world to lots of people if more subtitled films were shown, even my hearing family, say the subtitles are so helpful, as they miss hearing a lot of dialects.

quoteHearing people don't know how lucky they are for being able to attend the cinema anytime they want.

quoteI saw your website and want to help deaf people living in Turkey, too. First of all, you are doing a great job..!

quoteWe often have to wait several weeks after a movie is first released before we can take our son to see it . This often means his friends have already seen the movie and he is unable to join in any conversations they have concerning the movie that they have watched.

quoteMy husband and I love going to the cinema, but I can only enjoy it if there are subtitles. We go once every two months, but would go once a week if their were more choice of film times.

quoteWhen our children were younger it didnt matter so much but now that they are older and we want to take advantage of theatre shows, cinema etc waiting for the DVDs to come out doesnt seem to much fun!!

quote@ActionOnHearing Some great quotes on @yourlocalcinemalists that show how important subtitled cinema is to peoople with hearing loss (tweeted to 15,000 followers)

quote@ShapeArts @yourlocalcinema help people find audio described and subtitled listings (tweeted to 6,000 followers)

quoteAudio description attempts to leave little to the imagination. A carefully selected series of words can evoke lucid mental images. It's the closest many people get to experiencing what the rest of us take for granted.

quoteTo hear a little bit of extra detail as I watch a film is a hugely enriching experience. The audio description is unobtrusive, informative and engaging. It helpfully tells me who people are, which elegantly overcomes my biggest problem with film. Just as in real life, I struggle to recognise people when they appear, or reappear in a new or different context, especially if they have changed their clothes or hairstyle. Without a friendly voice whispering characters names in my ear I would spend the film failing to tell them apart. And the narrator pays a great deal of attention to how people communicate wordlessly, particularly with their eyes: 'Duroy looks at Madeleine with a mixture of sorrow and resentment'; 'Clotilde's eyes flash with hatred and contempt' (Bel Ami). I have never been very good at interpreting facial expressions and usually don't even bother trying. I judge people's mood by the sound of their voice and the way they behave. So I was amazed to discover how much facial expression can tell you about a person. I had no idea that it was so important nor that people could pass messages in that way. I wonder how many silent conversations I've missed by not knowing that they were even going on in the first place. As I left the cinema I felt oddly bereft. I was already missing my invisible friend interpreting the sighted world for me through my headset. How illuminating it would be, I thought, if audio description existed in real life and not just at the movies.

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quoteMany thanks for all of your help advising of where I can get audio description and following-up with the various cinemas on my behalf. My mate and I saw Skyfall last night and the film, together with the AD, was fantastic! It's the first time I've been to the cinema in over 22 years, but like Bond, I'll be back! Once again, thank you very much for your help, it's very much appreciated!

quoteGreat for all my family who are hard of hearing

quoteLes Miserables. I didn’t miss anything sung in the movie. Lea Salonga has such a beautiful voice. Also, the captioning was so clear. I’ll recommend Les Miserables to anyone!

quoteI just wanted to say how good it was to see Secret Cinema putting on subtitled Prometheus so it was inclusive of deaf and hard of hearing people [150 people attended]. I just wanted to say a huge thanks for organising the event, thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciate you guys going the extra mile to get interpreters in and to design the signs to herd us into the subtitled cinema. Thanks! Hardly any other service does it so you guys have nailed it.

quoteSo glad this service is still going strong. thank you.

quoteThe audio description was like listening to a Harry Potter audio book, but with all the actors voicing their own parts, as well as the film soundtrack in fabulous surround sound!

quoteMy powerful hearing aids mean that the amplified sound is overwhelming. I usually switch them off. I've tried cinema loops but they are usually too quiet. I only visit the cinema if it's a subtitled showing.

quoteSubtitled cinemas have changed my life... They make going to the cinema more enjoyable! I love going to the cinema and without subtitles, this would not have been made possible! Amazing! Thank you to those who broadcast subtitled films.

quote Thank you for this, I was having real difficulty finding cinema's with subtitles and had to wait for the Dvd's to come out. This is brilliant!

quoteI actually said to someone once, when discussing audiobooks 'Ears are for music, eyes are for books - and films'. That was before I went blind! What a stupid, ignorant thing to say. Nowadays, for me and many other people I know with sight loss, thanks to wonderful technology like audiobooks and audio description, ears are for BOOKS and FILMS.

quoteI'm not the world's biggest movie-goer, I dislike car crashes and emotional story lines but if there's a comedy chances are I'll go and see it. Before subtitles I'd not visited a cinema in many, many years. Now I go a lot. This is absolutely an improvement for me, it really makes a difference.

quoteJust been to see Broken City. First cinema movie I've enjoyed in years since losing my hearing!

quoteI'm deaf and subtitles are SO helpful to me in the cinema. My wife is hearing, she's from Finland. Our kids grew up in Finland and are excellent readers. It's a fact that Finland has the highest reading scores of any children because it imports a lot of English language programmes and they are subtitled. So even if you're not deaf subtitles can be useful!

quoteAfter being partially blinded in Afghanistan, caught in an IED explosion, I thought I’d never enjoy TV or cinema again but I can, and audio description helps.

quoteI now rely on subtitles for my cinema enjoyment. Using Viagra too much has caused me to lose some of my hearing (did you know that was a side effect?) Be careful Grandpa!

quoteThis website is a godsend for me. I found it a chore to be constantly checking the posters outside the cinema or asking the staff (who sometimes had no idea about this issue) so I have nothing but praise for all your hard work on this site. Keep it up!

quotePlease encourage local cinemas to do more subtitled afternoon films for the elderly - they would be swamped !

quoteThis is fantastic! I am emailing on behalf of my 82 year old mum who loves cinema, is mobile and compus mentus but hard of hearing. She has no internet access so therefore cannot find out about subtitled films. Her local paper does not list subtitled films and she finds phones difficult. Thanks again for providing such a valuable resource.

quoteThe audio book version of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series is a bit like movie audio description. It's a full cast recording, a great experience!

quoteVery usefull for my son who is deaf

quoteSubtitles combat both a feeling of isolation and any cognitive overload resulting from straining hard to hear. Watching a film shouldn't be an unpleasantly challenging strain, or a pleasure rendered impossible altogether. Whether solo or shared, it should be an engaging brain treat available to all, no matter the working status of one's ears.

quoteI am 63 years old, have been blind for more than 30 years, and was always hearing from friends about the wonderful narrated movies being made these days that I may actually enjoy. Recently, cinema - and the Your Local Cinema service - have provided me with an outlet in which to enjoy new films, with audio description becoming ever more prevalent in local cinemas. So I tried it out with a sighted friend and have so far enjoyed The King's Speech, True Grit, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and some others. I went with two of my oldest friends who saw me smile, heard me chuckle and, importantly, asked my opinion on the events afterwards. For a change I was included in the conversation about the movie, which was most enjoyable. I have even been dragged along to Avatar with my grandchild, and whilst I couldn't experience the 3D effects like he could, I still enjoyed it a lot. I'm not totally blind, I can still make out giant blue figures on a big bright screen. So I can now appreciate and enjoy films again, revel in the majesty of film, be transported to times I thought long forgotten. Happy times.

quoteWonderful facility for hard of hearing people. Interested to see Gravity with subtitles

quoteIf there are movie subtitles during week days for the latest movies please do let me know as I have a profound hearing loss. I am glad I stumbled upon your site by accident and found it very valuable.

quoteThe only way to enjoy a film is when it has subtitles. Please provide more at my local cinema.

quoteI took my wife to see 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo', our first ever English language subtitled film (I'd already seen the Swedish trilogy), and WOW! I could not believe it. There I was in a dark room, understanding the character of Lisbeth so well and fearing for her life! I've never experienced that watching an English language film before and it's all thanks to the magic of subtitles at the cinema.

quoteMy partner is visually impaired. When we got together I thought cinema would be something I'd have to find alternatives for. Audio description means we can both enjoy the same films together. A good audio describer can even add to the film, and it's not just films on at the cinema. A few weeks ago we went on a wet afternoon to watch the James Bond film.

quoteI really enjoyed Kung Fu Panda 2 last year and I went on my 6th birthday with all my friends who could hear it. I am the only deaf one but I could read all the subtitles and I really enjoyed it and after the movie we went for pizza and we could all talk about our favourite bits (of the movie, not the pizza!)

quoteThanks for the great site!

quote I think its great you have subtitled cinema! I always have to wait for the film to come out on DVD to watch it with subtitles. I miss out on the 'BUZZ' and 'EXCITEMENT' when its new out. Now that I have found out you do it, I would definitely go to the subtitled cinemas!!

quote Recent news reported that in the USA a man intentionally set off the fire alarm in an angry response to the popular "Avengers" movie that was captioned. This movie was one of very few captioned ones offered at selected cinemas at selected times that greatly benefit deaf and hard of hearing people. That man’s action shows his lack of awareness and empathy towards those who can understand movies only with captions on. Unlike deaf and hard of hearing people who have have such limited options to watch captioned movies, many hearing people like that man can choose to go to another cinema or wait until next showtime with a movie that is not captioned.

quoteThis is a fantastic site , I love watching Films , now I can go watch them without waiting till they come out on DVD . Thank you to all concerned.

quoteCannot go to cinema without them so apart from foreign films don't go.

quotePerhaps putting the subtitles on for Kids Club shows could help younger kids with their reading?

quoteSubtitles at cinemas are great for my daughter as she is profoundly deaf

quoteSome say that listening to an audiobook can't compare to reading the printed or e-book. And listening to a described film is not the same as watching a film. Obviously for blind people it's better! Stories originally came from an oral tradition long before they became written stories or films. For a blind person like me, audio description makes sense of the film.

quoteTell us your thoughts on subtitled cinema!: My wife has been rejuvinated since visiting Cinemas with sub titles For some years we have been unable to enjoy seeing films as her hearing was so bad. All has changed. The joy is back The bonus for me is that I am able to go with her as I would not go without. Full marks all round.

quotePlease, please more films with subtitles. They make such a difference to the enjoyment of a film.

quoteFact is that as we age, loss of some hearing or sight is inevitable... Access to film via subtitles & audio description is something that we all may appreciate, eventually

quoteThis a great service, and one I've signed up to for my mum. She's been hard of hearing for a very long time. It's so nice to be able to have an outing where she truely enjoys it, and hasn't got to worry about her hearing aid batteries going or back ground noise interferring with her day. Thanks very much guys! :)

quoteI have lost my sight. You think I can't enjoy the cinema? Imagine the scariest film you know, only SCARIER!



quoteHi there, I am a totally blind person living in Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire. I have tried to research, with no avail, where my closest cinema that provides audio description for the Blind in visually impaired is located. Please could you notify me as to where I can go to watch a movie with audio description. This would be extremely helpful. Also, could you assist me in trying to get my local cinema to provide audio description. This would be excellent!

quoteI managed to take my dad to the Manchester Odeon cinema to see a film. My dad had never been to the pictures because he was deaf and we went for his 70th birthday. Sadly I lost my dad three months after that. We had such a lovely evening, pictures and a meal afterwards. He couldn't believe his eyes when we arrived at the cinema.

quote Before subtitles, ss the only Deaf person in my family, I had to miss out on so many movies with my nephews and niece because the movies weren’t captioned. It was just easier to wait until the movie was on DVD – fortunately, my family is understanding. But there are some specific movies that my nephews and niece really, really, really want to see — and of course, they cannot go alone so their parents or my parents take them. Where did that leave me? At home alone. Now cinemas let me enjoy the movies with my family.

quote[Without subtitles] following fast or softly spoken dialogue, and dialogue set to background music is difficult. Also difficult when an actor's face is not in shot when speaking, so they can't be lipread. Picking out lyrics to songs is also difficult, easier to get the emotional tone than the words, and the chorus is usually clearer than the verses. I find CGI characters harder to lip-read.

quoteWithout subtitles we just watch the pictures, and have to guess the story

quoteMy brother is Deaf and we can only share the cinema experience when films are subtitled. It makes all the difference to us to be able to go together!

quoteThink what it must be like to have to watch every movie in a foreign language, with no subtitles. That's what it's like for deaf people, without subtitles

quoteSubtitles are very useful for the hard of hearing. There are millions of people who are not deaf but cannot hear well enough to enjoy a movie. With 24 hour news is seems that reading at the bottom of the display is the norm. This also helps people to learn to read.

quoteSubTitles is the only way my husband can see a film being profoundly deaf. Means so much to us to still be able to go to cinema.

quoteI require subtitles majority of the time, but if it's an easy to follow film - I would go without subtitles but have induction loop/amplified sound via headphones, however it doesn't mean I always understand the storyline.. but get the gist of it.

quoteWonderful! Opens up a whole new worked for me. More please!

quoteJust saw Mission: Impossible. I LOVED the exotic locales, fancy cars, beautiful (and dangerous) women, car chases, foot chases, fist fights, crazy stunts, gadgets, crazed terrorists, hired assassins and the sexy mysterious analyst. BUT without SUBTITLES I would not have had a CLUE as to what the HELL was going on! It makes ALL the difference. So much better than awaiting the (small screen) DVD. More please! Every film!

quoteI need subtitles for animation and with heavy dialogue films or with singing in it. Looking forward to the day when you can walk into a cinema pick up a pair of goggles and pick any film on demand to watch with subtitles

quoteI watched Sherlock Holmes 2 at the weekend and thought that the audio description worked wonderfully. (But did Conan Doyle ever envision Sherlock in a skin tight jumpsuit, dressed in drag?). The modern style of filming, with high-octane slo-mo action collided beautifully with the 19th century London setting, creating a cinematic dream world for me. I remember before I lost my sight watching The Matrix and always wondered how different old movies would have been if shoot-outs were that exciting! After losing my sight I thought I'd never see any movie ever again. So it's great that audio description is available on all the big films nowadays.

quoteI didn't think I'd enjoy it, because my particular visual impairment means that I can't see 'snowy' scenes very well, can't always make out what's going on, but the fascinating and thrilling sleigh ride scenes in Arthur Christmas made it worthwhile. The narration was great, lots of animation and emotion in the voice, in fitting with the scenes. But it was difficult picturing Hugh Laurie as anything but the way I remember him when I could see perfectly, back in 'Jeeves and Wooster'!

quoteBrilliant idea, I never go to the cinema as I cannot understand a thing, also I never watch a TV program if it is not captioned.

quoteI have always loved film. I lost my sight at the age of 17 and have since missed many, many years of cinema. Audio description at the cinema has been a life-changing experience. It has enabled me to 'see' the crazy action of a Michael Bay film, and to experience the origin of time and infinity with evolving galaxies and beautiful nebulae in a Terence Malick film. It has taken me to places I've only ever dreamed of, where I've locked horns with an evil rival, and gone home with the prettiest girl just in time for dinner. I love the cinema all over again. I go with my friends who are sighted and they no longer need to talk to me throughout the film, explaining what's going on (not fun for anyone!). Thanks. You have really changed my life.

quoteAudio described cinema is wonderful, not just because it allows me to enjoy movies but to discuss them with sighted friends afterwards. Through cinema audio description, I have been able to follow up the recommendation of a friend who gushed about the beauty of the visuals in Volver. Conversely, I have been able to return the favour by plugging the striking images in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. It doesn’t matter that I couldn’t ‘see’ them – the description was so vivid that I can still imagine Brad Pitt shooting into the ice, causing a puff of smoke to rise, or Casey Affleck in a rocking chair. When accompanying sighted friends, I can enjoy the car chase in Casino Royale and the decapitation by helicopter blade in 28 Weeks Later, relying on my memories of being a sighted gorehound.

quoteJust like to say how amazing this service is! For me, a deaf person, it is invaluable. I recently saw Martin Scorsese's 'Hugo' with subtitles and it was a wonderful experience being guided through the film by a master of film-making. The subtitles were clear and readable, and it made me wonder how I ever lived without them, especially in the place I adore the most, the cinema. Thank you very much!

quoteaudio discription is an orsone way for a visually impaired person films and movies. but with out it i would find it virchally impossible to follow the scemes on screen. so i was blown away by the fact that audio discription is now included in most films even horor movies. but with the ad i was able to watch the black swon with out fayleyer and couldn't fail to spot neena ripping out a piece of skin from her fingger. well werth watching again. chris

quoteI don't go to the cinema unless I can get to a subtitled performance. So I rarely go to the cinema, and watch films at home on DVD where there is usually subtitling. I miss seeing films on a big screen.

quoteI'm 80 percent deaf in my left ear and 60 percent deaf my right. The general public sometimes underestimate the challenges the hearing impaired face at the cinema. Too many people have this misconception that all deaf and hard of hearing people read lips, and that's not the case. If somebody is speaking, and the camera's not on them, then you're completely lost without captions.

quoteAdd your own quote HERE

quoteWatched Beasts of the Southern Wild. The captioning allowed my hard-of-hearing self to understand young Hushpuppy’s narrated words. And those words were bittersweet: rough yet poignant, painful and often healing, too.

quoteIt is so very nice to be included, just like any other valued member of society. Somebody, somewhere knew that someone like me was going to go to see a film one day and made it possible for me to enjoy it. They built it for me. I was included along with everybody else. Put a price tag on that.

quoteIt is important for deaf young people and adults to have the same access to films and the arts as hearing people. My daughter is profoundly deaf with a cochlear implant, subtitles enable her to access the film independently. Going to the cinema with her friends is important in her social life as films are part of young people's culture.

quoteI think subtitled cinema is great, When i lost my hearing i thought my social life was over but subtitled cinema has proved me wrong!

quoteI wear a cochlear implant so have some level of hearing but when visiting the cinema, I prefer to watch subtitled movies so that I have a complete understanding of the movie I am watching.

quoteI rely entirely on subtitles as I am too deaf to be able to follow with either an induction loop or headphones. So I can only access subtitled showings of films.

quoteMy local cinema doesn't have subtitled films so I have to travel to Norwich (an hour away) for my nearest subtitled films which is why I don't go very often. I rely on subtitles otherwise I won't understand or enjoy the film.

quoteBefore captions came to cinemas, due to their unconditional love, deaf parents were willing to sit in a cinema not understanding one bit with their hearing children. As long their children were happy, the parents in turn became happy.

quote I am 71 and never thought I would be able to go to movies with captions. I am very happy that technology is working for us, now if we could get voice recognition software to help us in musical theaters!

quoteI can honestly say that subtitled cinema has been a dream come true. It's given me & my mum the chance to share quality time together. She's profoundly deaf since she was aged four, preventing her from enjoying the cinema (whooping cough took her hearing away).

It used to sadden me - the realisation that she regularly missed, and continues to miss out on, so many opportunities that admittedly I, like many, naively take for granted.

But subtitled cinema and your amazing website & updates have totally changed our lives. I'll never forget the expression of her excitement at our first film. The joy of being with others with hearing loss, realising she wasn't alone.

It has been amazing and given my mum the chance to indulge in her joy of films, which she never dreamed could be a dream that would come true. The smile on her face is something I'll never forget. The latest Toy Story film. Never did we realise that a stuffed cowboy & toy potato could bring so much joy!

I can not thank you enough for the amazing opportunities you give us, so many great memories already shared and so, so many more to come. Thank you hugely x

quoteBlind children and adults have the right to know about the images in a movie to completely understand the storyline, characters' actions, and scenery as sighted persons observes every time they watch a movie. Movies are a key element to our culture. Blind and visually impaired people are not able to rely on sight to obtain information, and therefore need to use senses other than vision to acquire information. For the movie experience, only the sense of hearing is available. For blind and visually impaired children who are learning to comprehend the world, they need to have clear explanations provided for learning and understanding, including learning new experiences as we do through movies. Audio description tracks and services are the answer to helping these children grow and learn with their sighted peers, and participate in society when they are older. It is a right, not an option.

quoteThanks very much to the cinemas for finally including my whole family at the movies! I have a deaf daughter who can now go to the cinema with us. The cinema makes money out of us now, as we spend on films and popcorn and drinks. We never used to bother before, we couldn't leave our deaf kid at home while we go and have fun. could we?

quoteThank you for this! I can't believe I have finally found a way that my 87 year old mother and her friend who are both hard of hearing can now see the Kings Speech at our local cinema! Fantastic web site!

quoteHello! I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you. My husband, Joe and I have 7 year old twins. Our son, Josh is totally blind. We have been to the cinema before with him but he has been completely bored and so he really hasn't seen much at the cinema.

That is until we tried audio description. He enjoyed the movie so much and it was truly a joy to see him so happy and having all of us there together. Since that movie we have been back to see Harry Potter and while it was a bit long for him he still enjoyed it. We hope that more movies are made available using audio description. We believe it is wonderful tool for the visually impaired and their families. I know that we would travel miles to see another movie in a heartbeat. Thanks Again!

quoteIt's easier with subtitles, but usually I got to the cinema with someone who repeat something that I don't hear clearly or I cannot lipread.

quoteCinema subtitles are fantastic and accurate, which cannot be said about subtitles on TV. Although I have a cochlear implant the subtitles help immensity to my enjoyment of the films.

quoteI'm Totally Deaf and if more were available I wouldn't hesitate to watch films at the Cinema and also many at my Deaf clubs have said the same.

quoteI went last Monday to see the Kings Speech. I saw it once before where there were no subtitles and missed a great deal of the dialogue and the development of the relationship between the King and the therapist. The cinema was comfortable but virtually empty and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am so grateful to have been informed about where to find the appropriate cinemas, and it will make a lot of difference being able to understand what is going on. My thanks to everyone involved in helping us hard of hearing people get such a lot of pleasure.

quoteI am a totally blind person who believes that films should be created for all to enjoy regardless of one's ability to see the screen. Adding audio discription to all films is an easy way of making sure that all can be entertained by the entertainment industry rather than an entire group being left out.

quoteI can understand and hear the music and the audio at times due to the surround sound system in a particular screening but I must have subtitles for my viewing pleasure to pick up on everything.

quoteJust thought i would let you know how much i enjoyed my first visit... True Grit, with audio description on Saturday, the only way to describe it, it was the d.b.'s, (smiles). Although it was a bit further than my local cinemas, we agreed to go, and oh boy was it worth travelling that little bit further. From the moment we entered the cinema nothing was to much trouble for the staff there, they were friendly, polite and helpful in every way possible, and even down to the point that my cinema card had unfortunatly expired, we were only charged for the one seat.

They suggested the best seats where i would most benefit the reception on the audio description headsets and they are brilliant, no hiss, crackle or pop, the quality is superb and crystal clear,and so easy to use. All in all, a wonderful experience and the film was good too. This is one cinema i will definitely be visiting again, well worth the extra journey, they seem to be a very blind friendly cinema, and have plenty of films audio described. Once again well done, thats the way to do it, (smiles).

quoteAm doing this on behalf of my mother. I saw the promo for this at a cinema this weekend and think it's a great idea. She has stopped going to see English language films as, even with hearing aids, she can't really hear them properly (Also because sound levels fluctuate so much in movies that she has to keep on fiddling with aids). Waiting till something comes out in DVD is really not the same. I have written to her local cinema in Putney to stress the importance of this initiative and am signing up to your newsletter so I can keep an eye out for films in her part of SW London and let her know.

quoteI love subtitled Cinema, I'm deaf myself and rely on it, if it's possible to make the subtitle cinema perfect why not add subtitles to the adverts too? Thank you!

quoteI have tried induction loop and headphones at the cinema but they did not really work for me. Even if they did, it would just make the sound louder and not actually make it clearer. Subtitles is the best for me. I cannot watch anything without subtitles as they are my ears.

quoteSaw True Grit with my husband last week. Can't tell you how much of a difference it made to my husband who has hearing difficulties. We've only gone together to foreign langauge films for years because of this. Now he can watch English films!

quoteI have attended both subtitled films and non-subtitled films however I much prefer a subtitled film so that I understand all the dialogue. I missed out on watching The Hobbit last year because I wanted to see the film in both 3D & 48fps with subtitles but never saw a subtitled one locally.

quoteSubtitled performance of True Grit at Vue Westfield. Wow! Transformed my enjoyment. Why don't cinemas advertise it more - it would sell more seats than all the ice cream and popcorn put together! And costs them I'll bet nothing ...

quoteAudio described cinema is great because it's made me want to go to the cinema again. It lets me spin a web with Charlotte, jump from a crane with Bond and ride the Hogwarts Express with Harry. It's like someone has finally turned the light on.

quoteSubtitles are a bridge bringing together hearing and deaf families & friends into a world of film and new worlds beyond. And it doesn't stop when the films stop. Those who have seen can chat about their experiences. For the first time, deaf people have an equal share in this wonderful world of film, through the wardrobe, inside computers with Tron, Up in a balloon, down a canyon, or even wizarding at Hogwarts!

quoteJust what I was looking for!

quoteHaving audio description in cinemas allows visually impaired and blind people to enjoy the full experience of going to the cinema. I no longer have to turn to a friend or family member and interrupt their viewing of the film to clarify what's going on.

I can now jump out of my skin while watching Paranormal activity 2 and know why I have done so, I can also hunt for the Horcruckses with Harry, Ron and Hermione and feel the terror of nearly falling into a burning furnace with Woody and the gang.

quoteMy daughter is blind, and without Your Local Cinema, I wouldn't have been able to take her and her friends to Despicable Me for her birthday. They all loved it, and the fact that they were able to enjoy it as well as her but by using different methods is wonderful. Keep up the good work!

quoteI need subtitles fully to be able to understand the film. I wear a cochlea implant, so I can hear parts of the film and some dialogue but when it comes to taking it off, subtitles are vital to any television or films to me.

quoteMy son is blind and would benefit greatly from having more described movies. Please consider doing this- it would impact many lives in a positive way!

quoteI first experienced subtitles with TV soaps. It was a wonderful feeling to know what was going on. Then, some time ago, I saw 'Sinatra' captioned at the London Palladium. It was fantastic. My friend and I had wonderful seats and when the singing started I asked her "Why are you crying?" She replied "I now know how wonderful this is for you, 'hearing' the songs". We sang all the way through the whole show. My first subtitled cinema show was 'Mamma Mia' and I loved it. I'm now partially sighted with no hearing at all and never thought I'd be able to have wonderful chances to attend my beloved theatres and films. My congratulations to everyone that helped these wonderful things happen.

quoteHearing loss is not just loss of volume, it is also loss of clarity of sound. Volume in the cinema is adequate, but usually I cannot understand what people are saying without subtitles. Induction loop can produce a clearer sound so that I can understand the dialogue better, but the amplified volume has the effect of muffling the loop sound, so I am back to not being able to hear the spoken words clearly enough.

quoteKeep it up yourlocalcinema! Been deaf since i was 6 and haven't missed a film i've wanted to see since i heard of the website! Absolute lifesaver to me and my deaf friends, things wouldn't be the same without you!

quoteI need the subtitles to enjoy film. It is not worth going without the subtitles as I cannot hear, and therefore cannot really enjoy the film.

quoteMovies all have so much background noise and music these days that even people with perfect hearing have trouble and frequently miss great swathes of dialogue. Normally at the most crucial point. This is a great service for those of us who want to enjoy every minute of the film they have chosen to see. Thank you. Diane

quoteVery useful. I can enjoy watching films at the cinema and don't have to wait for the dvd (with subtitles) to come out. I used to go to the cinema with my children and fall sleep, because I didn't understand what the film was about. Now I want to go to the cinema more with my children.

quoteI can't and refuse to watch a film without subtitles.

quoteGrowing up, I used to imagine the dialogue between the actors in the films in my head throughout the film but when my parents bought me the video caption reader to produce subtitles on videos; I was delighted and thought it was the best present ever! Nowdays, I can watch films with subtitles at the cinema but having said that, I wish they would show them at reasonable times rather than the ungodly early Saturday mornings or Monday evenings after a tiring first day back at work at the start of the week! I know my deaf friends feel the same! Yourlocalcinema.com is fantastic in telling the public what films are being subtitled weekly!

quoteMy boyfriend is deaf and I love for us to go to the cinema together

quoteMy grandmother was blind; she missed so much. I don't want that for a friend's daughter in this day of technology. Until we "see" as they see, we don't understand. More AD please. The blind population deserve as rich an entertainment experience as everyone else.

quoteSaw "East is East" and loved it - when I could just about hear. I'm now profoundly deaf, have to have subtitles - but "West is West" doesn't appear to be available anywhere with them and I badly want to see it.

quoteI love watching subtitled cinema won't go otherwise as I'm deaf.

quoteReally need subtitles else I just fall asleep

quoteI use subtitles but can follow films without. However my partner is profoundly deaf and always requires subtitles. We do not visit cinemas unless subtitles are being provided

quoteGoing to the cinema again after so many years was fantastic. I'm grateful this facility is provided for people like me. Without it going to the cinema to see a new release is just a distant memory.


quoteMy daughter is hearing impaired and has now started to show interest in cinema. Being danish we have subtitles for foreign-language programmes in Denmark. So really appreciate your effort of keeping track of subtitled cinema. A big Thank you.

quoteI have been profoundly deaf since the age of 16 owing to TB Meningitis.I used to go see French and Asian films with English captions and saw some great films. Then when I got married my husband learned to finger spell and would spell almost every word of the films we went to see.

This entailed him spelling into one of my hands. You can imagine that we did not see much of the film, so were thrilled when subtitled cinema was developed. Before my husband died 7 years ago we were able to enjoy several cinema outings. You can't begin to understand how much it meant to me to enjoy the jokes at same time as hearing people. Keep up the good work it is much appreciated

quoteFab idea, my 7yr old loves films and subtitles help him get the most from the cinema experience.

quoteSubtitled Cinema? I find them wonderful and many other deaf people in this area agree.

quoteMore more more!!!!!

quoteParticularly useful for me if actors have accents ! I dont bother to go and struggle to follow as soon as film comes out if I know it will be available later with subtitles.

quoteI love going to the cinema , but until there were subtitled films I had not been for years and although i have had ceefax on my TV for a long time, the excitement of seeing a film on the big screen was missing, So subtitled cinema is the icing on the cake . My son , who also has a hearing loss first told me about this and we sometimes see films together . I hope to see more films in 2011 I saw the kings speech on Sunday and enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work !

quoteI can hear some speaking, but really need the subtitles so that I can follow everything clearly

quoteNeed subtitles. Even with highly visual movies I know that I'm missing out. If I miss the movie at the cinema with subtitles I will wait for home DVD. This is isolating. My brother is hearing and can go whenever he wants with anyone he wants. I can't.

quoteSubtitles and induction loop. Without these I cannot understand hence the lack of attendance at the cinema.

quoteDelighted to have subtitled film showings. I am secretary of a local hard of hearing club and we would like more daytime showings so we could attend as a group, mainly elderly and/or with mobility and transport problems.

quoteFantastic service. Much better than going on each individual cinema site then looking at each film to see if it has audio description, then having to work out times etc.

Its also fantastic to have AD trailers too as a lot films nowadays have trailers with a short dialogue at the beginning then lots of bangin, crashing & shouting then silence..! Which is really frustrating cos i cant ask sighted friends to watch out for it and let me know cos they have no idea what I'm on about!!

quoteSubtitled Cinema gives the freedom for all to enjoy movies as they should be seen - on the big screen. Thank you for all your work on this site! I truly appreciate it. My love for movies is increasing because of what you've done. Thanks again!

quoteMust have subtitles as I have no auditory nerve so cannot be fitted with any type of hearing aid.

quoteLove the subs in 3D, subtitles thrown at you!

quoteAfter I saw Inception (with subtitles, of course which I'm very grateful, cheers) I bumped into a friend who was working there at the time told me there was a hearing woman (who went to the same screening as me) made a complaint that there was subtitles on the screen! This totally annoyed me over the fact she did once not think of how lucky she is, that she can come to a cinema to watch any film at any time of any day whereas the rest of us with hearing difficulties has one or two subtitled film per week, sometimes not if those listed films aren't our cup of tea. (And also why she came to see the subtitled film in the first place anyway, oh deary me!)

quoteAdd your own quote HERE

quoteI cannot follow what the actors/actresses are saying unless I can read the subtitles.

quoteMain reason I goes to Cinema with subtitles is that I can feel the vibration of the sound and the epic film atmosphere, rather than to disturb my neighbour.

quoteA great night at the cinema belonged to other people, now, thanks to the visionary magic of audio description, it belongs to me too. Last Saturday I went to that all night jammy party with Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal) and gasped when Maggie (Anne Hathaway) dropped her vodka and fell to her knees. It's brilliant! Like someone's finally found me a pair of glasses!

quoteMy sons girlfriend is deaf and without this site it was fairly hard to know what films had subtitles but this site make it so easy. The fact that they can go to the cinema together makes all the difference. A great improvement for deaf people

quoteThanks for your email, it was very informative and it helps to understand exactly what the situation is. I am a big fan of yourlocalcinema.com, it is a fantastic resource for Deaf people and you do a great job of raising awareness and improving access to the cinema for Deaf people. Thank you for all your hard work!

quoteHaving all that information is really good. You do a fantastic job and I will definitely be in touch with distributors to let them know that there are people out there who want to watch their films and want/need subtitles ! I can't emphasize enough how wonderful it is to be able to go to the cinema again. I would go every day if I could ! Unfortunately we are in a small town and the nearest cinema is an hour away, however we go as often as possible.

quoteAfter more than 40 years in the infantry and several wars I was eventually diagnosed with Noise Induced Hearing Loss due to the millions of high velocity weapon bangs by my ears and other explosive happenings.

Although hearing aids help considerably I have great difficulty in hearing words and rely on partial lip reading or headphones.
TV is very good with subtitles and I am sure I will find my first subtitled movie a great help.

quoteIt's wonderful that our son can see films when they come out, with his friends, instead of awaiting the DVD release. Youths with hearing loss have enough problems communicating with their peers without being left out of conversations about current films. Seeing a film may not seem like a big deal to those who can do so whenever they want, but films are an important part of teen culture and a vital part of my son's connection to others. Thank you so much for the experience you make possible for my son and others like him.

quoteJust heard about subtitled films in cinemas, from a friend. It would be great. I avoid going to the cinema because of my hearing problem.

quoteI am so delighted that we are able to get subtitles in a cinema not far from home. Will love going to see those films in the comfort of a nice cinema and the sounds are great

quotePlease More!!

quoteEssential for me to follow any film because I am deaf

quoteI have moderate to severe hearing loss and now cannot follow English or American films so need subtitles.

quoteI will only go to subtitled cinema. I use a cochlear implant and a hearing aid but I still lip-read to some degree. Subtitles take the strain out of listening and allow me to know I've heard the whole script.

quoteI was delighted to hear that this was available. I thought my cinema going days had gone. Thank you!

quoteAudio Description in the cinema has given me the opportunity to enjoy films with friends. It means I can watch and enjoy a film as an equal, feel included and understand what is happening. It would be great if more films were Audio Described in the cinema.

quoteIt has been over 5 years since I experienced significant hearing loss, which requires me to wear hearing aids in both ears. Since then, I have been to only a handful of movies, but I was disappointed in the assistive listening devices at most cinemas, because the background noise in most movies makes it difficult to hear the dialogue.

The inability to go to movies has been one of the hardest parts of dealing with my hearing loss and I cannot begin to tell you what a difference subtitling makes in my life.

quoteJust wanted to say "Thanks" . My mum has been hard of hearing all of my life and is now almost completely deaf. She loves films but never really enjoyed or wanted to go to the cinema but hopefully now I can find out which films will have subtitiles and be able to go with my mum and enjoy a film together, Many Thanks.

quoteWhat I think you are doing is FABULOUS and it is (the timing of cinema viewing) is improving slightly :)

quoteI love films .... but I love films with Audio Description even more. That little extra that makes such a difference!

quoteThis is very useful info for my hard of hearing husband. Thanks!

quoteWhen I discovered Audio Description I discovered A Whole New World. It was like the magical murmurings of "Open Sesame" revealed an Aladdin's cave to show riches that I had only ever dreamt of.

quoteMy son is deaf, and until discovering subtitles, he had absolutely no interest in TV or films, and thus was missing a big part of what children talk about when socialising.
Having just been away and watching some telly in German (which I don't know) I think I can begin to understand a little of what he used to experience – seeing the pictures, trying to guess what was going on, and then losing interest after very little time. Now, with subtitled showings, he laughs and becomes completely absorbed in the story and really enjoys going to the cinema with the rest of the family. He won't watch a film without subtitles, as he can't understand it and says it is a waste of time. It would be lovely if our local cinema offered a few more screenings, and not just on weekdays, when he is at school.

quoteIt's really good to have subtitles along with the movie, I can enjoy watching it a lot better than I can with a non subtitled movie.

quoteI need full English subtitles to be able to follow a film because without it I tend to get frustrated. That is the reason why I don't bother going to the cinema if it has no subtitles. My partner is hearing and would like to take me out to the cinema for the first time in 3 years so we are able to watch together with sounds for him and subtitles for me.

quoteI have to listen very hard and lip read too. it is hard work and I miss some of the dialogue. I use subtitles on the television at home and would love to see them at the cinema too. I don't go to the cinema very often as it is difficult. I have never seen subtitled screenings of children's films on at times that are suitable for children. I would love it if they could be on a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon. I am 10 years old.

quoteI enjoyed A Christmas Carol a lot. I would not have a clue what was being said without subtitles. I can hear well with my digital hearing aids, compared to many deaf people I know, but the unfamiliar oldie style Dickens words would have been lost on me without subtitles. I've missed so many 3D films because they're never subtitled so this has been a great experience for me.

quoteOur family has always gone to the cinema as other families do. Over the years we have grown a thicker skin to cope with glances from other people who don't like the hushed explanations needed to explain parts of the storyline to the boys which they hadn't heard accurately, or at all. In subtitled screenings we have an opportunity to be a community, a mix of deaf and hearing people together, with different methods of communication accounted for. A deaf teenager has been able to come with her younger siblings and the whole family enjoy the film as one. Profoundly deaf parents have been able to bring their young hearing son and enjoy cartoon films that could never be lipread, and laugh about it with him later.

quoteI cannot follow the dialogue without subtitles. I find an induction loop useful but not as good as having subtitles

quoteI really loved a christmas carol in 3-D with subtitles on the screen. The 3D popped out at me and it was scary in places. The subtitles meant I could follow what was happening in the loud bits.

quoteMovies are not only for an entertainment, it also motivates the learners to learn language.

quoteI'm profoundly deaf (from meningitis). I can speak clearly but rely on lip-reading or subtitles to understand what people are saying. I'm the only deaf person in my family of film fans and I enjoy 3D films a lot. My family usually wait for the subtitled film to be shown in our town, or nearby, so I can join them for a fun a popcorn munching few hours. But the younger ones couldn't wait to see A Christmas Carol in 3D. So I missed out on the family cinema visit. But I'm still happy that I have seen it now. Usually 3D films are out of bounds for me, so it's great that they are now being subtitled. I'm looking forward to Toy Story 3 and Avatar in 3D and I don't mind paying the extra few pounds for 3D if the film is subtitled. It would be nice if the film was available with subtitles at release date, so I can watch it with my family. They definitely won't wait for me for those two films.

quoteNeed more hours and days! More on weekends!! PLEASE? :) (I'm hearing, but I'm the wife of a deaf man, and our family likes to go to films together)

quoteI am pleased to go to a cinema to see subtitled films as without them I would not go there because films without subtitles bore me because I am not able to understand and to read lips. I usually go there with my Deaf friends. We are happy to see subtitles films whenever we want.

quoteI would like more subtitled film please - this is the only way I can use the cinema

quoteFantastic site and campaign - thank you!

quoteNo cinema makes it easy to search for subtitled cinema on their website. Glad someone has made this site!

quoteForget Subtitles - In Japan you have side titles as they read their words downwards.

quoteNot enough shows at my local. I do hope they haven't stopped them as I am missing my visits to the cinema. Once I discovered subtitling it opened up a bit of the world for me, following suddenly losing my hearing.

quoteThis is awesome. I'm fortunate enough to not need subtitles or audio description, but so, so many companies overlook the needs of people with any needs other than those an archetypal human might have.

quoteAdd your own quote HERE

quoteI'm partially paralysed. When I became disabled (car crash) I painstaking tried to learn a 'suck and puff' mechanism for operating a typewriter. Eventually I could type a letter but it was frustratingly slow. Thanks to technology I've been able to abandon that method. Now I can use a wireless headset & mic to speak to my computer, spell check, edit, almost anything a 'regular' writer can do. I operate my wheelchair with my chin. I have one system in my flat for controlling individual sockets and light switches. There's a button mounted on the skirting which I can tap with my wheelchair to open the door. I have a low level swipe card entry system. A videophone intercom. So accessible.

I love films and can get to the cinema by myself on buses and trams. Thanks to a ramp and automatic doors I can get in the door of the cinema no problem. I can get to the first floor no problem, use the toilet no problem. The staff are very welcoming and getting a ticket is no problem. I have the best seat in the house! Lots of room, great view. But...

I can't go to the cinema when I want. The cinema decides that for me. I can't always watch the film I want. The cinema decides which film to show me every week. Where is this strange, inaccessible cinema? North Korea, Russia? No, London, UK. I'm partially deaf and require subtitles to properly enjoy a film. My local cinemas don't show them a lot so I rarely catch films, which is a shame.

Luckily almost all TV & DVD is subtitled, so I always catch it eventually, but I'd rather catch it with my pals, when it's 'hot', on the BIG screen. If I really can't wait, my good friend Mark can download the latest film and subtitle files from Torrent websites. Put them together and Yes! My own little subtitled version. I could probably stream it from my PC to my 42 inch plasma TV but still, it's not really what I want to do.

I want to see it as it should be seen. On the cinema screen. When my friends want to see it. Please.

quoteHave to have subtitles, no way I would enjoy the cinema without them!

quoteBrilliant site. There are lots of people happy to watch sub-titled films, including those that are over 60. Most of the cinema websites are NOT clear about when subtitled films are on. This means that those of us who want to watch them are unable to track performances down.

quoteAudio described cinema is great because it allows me as a blind person to gain access to films. I don't have to rely on having my wife or friends describe for me anymore, which I am sure improves their watching experience. I remember when I was a young lad watching a movie with my mum. I noticed on a number of occasions my mum went quiet. I later learned that this was because the actors were getting up to naughties! Now of course all scenes of this nature are described (whoopee!). On a more serious note having experienced audio description I now realise on how much I have missed out on watching films. The ability to choose what I watch is liberating.

quoteWithout Subtitles, I CANNOT attend a screening at the cinema.

quoteMy son won't go if there arent sub's so we havent seen a film out for a long time. we have to wait & buy dvds with subtitles.

quoteI have always been deaf in one ear - and now have almost lost all the hearing in my other ear - always loved going to the cinema - hadnt realised there was such a thing as captioned films until the other day........ Looking forward to seeing films again. :)

quoteBeing blind, I always hated going to the cinema. All my friends enjoyed the film and most of the time I had no idea what was going on. They would tell me what was happening on screen but I still couldn't follow the film. I would have to wait until it came on DVD, or on TV, and hope it had audio description there.

I only heard about audio description at the cinema a while ago and on my tenth birthday me and my friends went to see 'Ice Age 2', with audio description, just for me, through headphones.

We did the usual, getting popcorn and drinks, and sat down in the cinema. For the first time watching a movie on the big screen I was able to understand it all. I could see creatures against the white landscapes as a blur, and the description really brought them to life! Sid made me happy, Manny made me sad, and Scrat made me laugh out loud. The person doing the audio description spoke all the words loud and clear, even over the sounds of the movie. It was just great! It really helped me to see what every character, mountain and ice slope looked like.

I've since seen 'Monster House', 'Over the Hedge' and 'Happy Feet' with audio description, but I think 'Ice Age 2' will always be one of my favourites, because it was the film that made me want to go to the cinema again and again.

quoteI turned 15 recently and was really looking forward to seeing a subtitled '15' movie for the first time in the cinema, but things always got in the way. Subtitled shows are sometimes not shown at the best of times. I missed 'Children of Men', which I heard was really good. So imagine my excitement when I was finally able to see my first '15' movie - 'Borat'. I had heard so much about it from my hearing friends and I just couldn't wait to see it. The movie was hilarious. A lot of the dialogue was in a foreign language and subtitled anyway, which was handy, but when Borat spoke in his broken English accent, it was impossible for me to understand. And his ridiculous moustache didn't help my lipreading! The subtitles throughout the film were fantastic and all as clear as on TV or DVD. It adds to the funniness of the film when you see his trademark words subtitled, such as 'Jagshemash!'.

quoteIt's great that so many films are coming to cinemas now with subtitles. Foreign language ones such as 'Pan's Labyrinth; are great, but I like to see a different 'regular' film every month or so with my friends. I'd like to thank everyone who has made it possible for me and other hearing (and visually) impaired people in the UK to enjoy the cinema.

quoteBrilliant for the family to join me - as they are hearing - and enjoy it more with me being included. Keep it up everywhere.

quoteFor years, as a teenager, all my friends would always want to go the cinema, so I'd go along, pretend to know what happened, and laugh when everyone else laughed at something funny.

But now subtitled movies allow me to enjoy watching films with my family and friends. I can talk about what happened in the movie and laugh along with the jokes - not because everyone else laughed! Best invention ever!!

quoteI an late deafened and this is technology that I use. Those of us with these disabilities are very fortunate to live in this day and time when we can be the recipients of this type of amazing technology.

quoteWho's the Daddy? I never knew! Who dunnit? I hadn't a clue! I didn't know who or why or how, But thanks to subtitles I ALWAYS know now!

quoteI am deeply impressed with your efforts to promote awareness for deaf/hard of hearing people..

quoteI now only go to subtitled film showings, although sound is loud enough speech is not constantly clear enough for me to follow a storyline without text.

quoteI will never forget the first time I saw an audio described film in the cinema. I had been an avid film-goer until I lost my sight, the last thing I ever read was Empire magazine and had had quite enough of the hit or miss affair of friends whispering in my ear what was happening on screen, usually after I delivered a sharp blow to their ribs with my elbow. Much better than nothing, but potentially deeply frustrating, especially if you were there with a squeamish pal and there was lots of mayhem going on.

Anyway, the first audio described film I saw was Girl With A Pearl Earring and I had the unusual experience of having to explain to my sighted companion what on earth was going on.

It's sometimes quite amusing to get the description of what is about to happen and laugh out loud, while waiting for the sighted audience to catch up. There are sometimes also wee added bonuses only available to people listening to the AD track. I'll never forget the festive suicide for Santa, as Billy Bob Thornton attempts to gas himself in a car in Bad Santa. Happy memories.

quoteI would like to see more films with captions. At my local cinema I can only see 1 or 2 a week, out of about 15 available to everyone else. I still have to wait for the DVD to come out in many cases. The captions are a great help to me - without them I cannot enjoy the film. Thank you.

quoteMy sister and I go to the cinema frequently and used to have to leave our other sister behind as she is deaf. We always use subtitles whilst watching TV, so we're quite used to it. A lot of people watching films at the cinema may be hard of hearing and would be delighted to have access to subtitles.

quoteI use subtitles on the TV all the time, so it will be excellent to have subtitled films at the cinema.

quoteExcellent Thank you, we really enjoy going to see all the best new movies. The staff are really friendly when we're getting the popcorn and settling down to watch the film. Great information given via email, very informative!

quoteSubtitled cinema two words "simply wonderful!".

quoteUtterly fabulous !!! only wish my local provided this service !! :-(

quoteMy world has opened up since I have been able to enjoy going to the cinema for the first time in years - all thanks to subtitles!!



quoteI now have bilateral cochlear implants but cannot enjoy cinema without subtitles so can only go if there is a captioned showing of a film I'd like to see on a date I am free!!

quoteI'm hard of hearing. Subtitles are a godsend when visiting the Cinema, or watching a DVD at home. As a person of a certain age I only wish we had them back in the forties and fifties, when Brando and other Method actors were mumbling their way through various movies!

quotePlot, drama, suspense, emotion, humour - that's what I missed out on as a kid growing up with non-subtitled films! Now I never go to the cinema unless the film has those vital subtitles. Subtitles make the cinema going experience what it should be: an engaging, pleasurable experience! :o)

quoteI need subtitles - induction loops/amplified sound do not work for me

quoteBrilliant but would like them on at proper times not assuming that Deaf people do not work. Just love it.

quoteMy pupils love it! keep it up!

quoteI think it was last Friday that I went to the cinema with a friend who is totally blind to catch a show with AD. She has come all the way from India and had never experienced AD in her life before. She was quite excited about watching a film with AD in a cinema for the first time and got even more excited when she found out that Social Network was playing with audio description.

Our experience was just fabulous from the word go - the staff knew exactly what I was talking about when I asked for the AD headsets. Everyone was so keen to help and we even got one ticket for free! I made it quite clear that we did not have a CEA card but I guess it's part of the policy now- one carer goes free with a blind person, which is just excellent. The staff member who gave us the headset very patiently showed us how it worked - I did not want to disappoint him by telling him that I knew how it worked so played along!

And the best of all, it was so easy to find out which films were playing with AD. Congratulations on this fabulous achievement.

quoteLast week my friend and I went to see a film subtitled at a cinema. It was the first time that I didn't have to sign translations for a movie as it was happening. Thank you for pioneering and encouraging this technology!

quoteMy 12 year old daughter, who is deaf, and I have enjoyed being able to go to the cinema rather than having to wait for DVD. Thanks to all who have made this possible! Now that this wonderful service has been offered, I would hate to have to have to go back to my daughter being excluded from the fun afforded the hearing community in going to the movies with friends to enjoy a fun film. Please keep it up!

quoteMy husband and I had the pleasure of taking our children to the cinema last weekend. It was just wonderful going with my hearing children and watching a film with them. I didn't have to say to them "Oh, I wouldn't understand anything, please find a friend to go with". I want to do more of these outings with my children so please include me on your email list . Thank you!

quoteI want to share an experience my daughter had. She watched a film at the cinema. This is not a front page story except for her. She told me that she cried and when I questioned why, she said "Because this was the first time in my life I could watch a film in the cinema like everyone who isn't deaf"

quoteThere is not enough of it. If it's easy to include surely every major release should be shown at least once locally. I realise that other people who don't want subtitles complain if they go to a screening that has them but for people like my husband who has impaired hearing it's really difficult for him to watch them without subtitles. Moan over!

quoteDelighted with subtitles as i am very deaf and would have no hope of following any film. thank you

quoteI've always had to wait months before I could see a subtitled version of a movie on DVD. But today, being up front with everybody else, I'm finally no different! It's a wonderful feeling.

quoteAwsome! more more more!

quoteAdd your own quote HERE

quoteSplendid experience - Finally I can enjoy a film at the cinema. This is a big step for equal access.

quoteHi, I just wanted to let you know that our family has enjoyed going to the cinema together. (First time since my older son became deaf 5 yrs ago.) We all saw the movie Harry Potter, the first weekend it opened. We had to drive an hour to get there, but it was worth it. I would hope that we'll have a more convenient location soon. Thank you for giving us the chance to enjoy the cinema as a family.

quoteFantastic innovation. Did not know it was possible.Enjoyed "Kings speech" at the Vue. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

quoteHave not visited the cinema for years, but will if there are subtitles.

quoteI love subtitles in the cinema. I'm usually quite lost during a movie, unless it is a dvd at home where I can use subtitles.

quoteSubtitled cinema!: love these please keep them coming

quoteSubtitled cinema listings will help my fellow members of the Exeter and South Devon Deaf Childrens Society (ESDDCS) to make more of this type of entertainment. Please keep me updated on the lastest listing. Thank you.

quoteI would like to thank you for your generosity in putting the audio description in the cinemas. This enables the blind community to come out and enjoy themselves. This is all because of someone like you who thought of how we are just normal people, with just a little more accommodation needs. Thank you again you have made a difference.

quoteAccess is so important. Everyone sees, hears and feels differently. Very few of us have 20/20 vision, perfect hearing, and 100-percent use of every single part of our bodies. In fact 1 in 4 has a vision difficulty, 1 in 4 has a dexterity difficulty, and 1 in 5 has a hearing difficulty. But even if you don't have any issues regarding vision, dexterity, or hearing, chances are you may know, work with, or love someone who does.

quoteI got so much out of the film by listening to the description. Thank you so much. It was a wonderful experience.

quoteThis is one of the greatest things we have had since computer speech. We can now go to see a film and know what's going on. We don't have to turn to our sighted friends and keep asking them "What's happening?"

quoteA brilliant service!

quoteI cannot follow any English language films if they don't have subtitles

quoteI can't say how much it means to me and to my friends that this now exists in our lives!! Thank you so very much.

quoteI'm absolutely thrilled to enjoy the wonderful audio description of the Harry Potter movies and will forever be grateful. Please convey my happy congratulations to everybody concerned with making this happen. The writers, editors, voicer, engineers, everybody concerned with bringing the films to life, the cinema companies, Warner Brothers, Wow!

quoteI saw my first ever subtitled film at Bluewater, The King's Speech which was fantastic. The subtitles were clear and kept up with the spoken word. Brilliant. A great experience. I hope to be able to enjoy many more films in this way.

quoteI thought I would try this as I find it difficult to locate subtitled viewings its so frustrating!!

quoteWonderful to see the subtitled cinema!

quotethankyou it's great to know i dont have to wait until the dvd comes out to watch it. Thankyou very much Dawn

quoteIt's gonna be the first time my life to see subtitled cinema... I was born deaf.

quoteGreat to have the option to go to the movies

quoteJust like to say thanks to whoever provides the subtitles, as they are a godsend.

quotePlease make this more widely available!!

quoteI'm writing to let you know how much my son, Andrew 10 years old severely visual impaired, enjoys audio described movies. I enjoy seeing all the facial expression on my son's face, knowing that they would be not be there without the audio description.

quoteI am a blind person and love going to movies. How wonderful it is to sit and listen to a audio described version while not bothering anyone around me with a friend whispering to me what is happening on the screen. Thank you for the continued efforts to keep the pressure on to have more cinemas offer this service.

quoteI just want you to know that I appreciate your emails on movies with audio descriptions. I am owner of an email list for hundreds of visually impaired people and I always pass this information along to them. Your service is greatly appreciated :)

quoteI just wanted to give a GREAT BIG THANKS to whoever thought of starting audio description! Since we found out about it at the cinemas I have enjoyed going SO MUCH with my husband! Before, I would need to talk during a film, disturb other theatre patrons, and still feel frustrated that he wasn't getting as much as he could out of my inadequate description. My husband could never enjoy any action or mystery film, he now LOVES them! He never understood before how exciting the action could be.

quoteRequire subtitles for easy understanding. Sometimes with background noise within the film or the general audience can make it difficult to understand the movie.

quoteThis is a brilliant service – please do keep up the good work!

quoteThe youngest of my two daughters has been blind since birth and I am pleased to tell you that audio desciption has greatly enhanced the cinema going experience for my daughter and our whole family. I don't have to lean over and describe the visual events on the screen. She sits happily eating her popcorn and taking in the details of the story she might have otherwise missed. We are very grateful for the efforts producers make to see that their films are available to the blind and deaf communities.

quoteHaving audio description at the cinema has been a huge breakthrough for me. I am able to experience the film in its full depth. Now my wife and I can go together, and she won’t feel the burden of having to explain what’s happening – she can have her own experience. It’s marvellous and very impressive – the descriptions flow beautifully and there’s no overlap with the dialogue. This means independence for me.

quoteI never thought I'd live to see the day where I could pay money to see the same film everyone else is seeing.

quoteThe audio description was absolutely amazing! Intricate and vivid, kept me on the edge of my seat. Thank you so much.

quoteIt's very impressive. The descriptions flow beautifully and there's no overlap with the dialogue. It's blended so well.

quoteI thought that the writers did a very nice job at picking specific words and descriptions for the action and setting of the movie. It seemed as though the writers were actually there when it was all taking place! The description was absolutely perfect. You could practically feel yourself right there.

quoteI got everything and had the same rich experience as anyone else. This means independence for me.

quoteNot only does audio description add immeasurably to my enjoyment and understanding of the story, it allows my companion to relax and enjoy the movie without having to describe the visual parts of it to me. Also, people nearby in the cinema, who might be annoyed by our talk, however quiet, are spared the irritation.

quoteAdd your own quote HERE

quoteI managed to visit a new cinema for the first time yesterday to watch the new Harry Potter film. I was impressed from the outset at how helpful the staff were and pleased to see how knowledgeable the manager appeared to be around audio description. The headsets worked extremely well but they offered to show us how they worked which is great.

quoteMy wife is deaf and finds the high sound levels are useless to her, as is the loop system. I have only praise for the companies involved in producing subtitled facilities - they make the world of difference.

quoteI am signing up for the weekly email so I can inform my friend, who is deaf. There aren't very many subtitled movies shown in Northern Ireland. I personally have no problem with subtitled cinema, whilst I know that many others do not feel the same way. I'm used to watching a lot of world cinema in different languages, so I barely notice the subtitles are there.

quoteHard of hearing folks without a hearing aid rely heavily on subtitling. Being able to go to the cinema and see a subtitled film really reduces the isolation they live with.

quoteSubtitles in the movies are the best!

quoteI remember seeing Miss Potter without subtitles and completely missing the death of her boyfriend! I watched the rest of the film trying to work it out, and afterwards had to contact a friend who had seen it to find out. Subtitles are wonderful - can't do without them now!

quoteDeaf people can now be part of the story. I used to always lose the plot and wrongly second guess what was happening.

quoteHaving lost my hearing suddenly my world changed for ever. Nothing was any fun any more and I could no longer enjoy going out. Then I discovered subtitled cinema and some enjoyment came back into my life. Thank you.

quoteWithout captions, motion pictures are just moving lips.

quoteTry also being short. When I find a subtitled film, somebody tall sits in front of me.

quoteWhen I was growing up we lived in Holland where everything at the cinema is subtitled (in Dutch). I went to see Four Weddings and a Funeral with my mum, who's hard of hearing (and unfortunately can't speak Dutch very well). In the scene where Hugh Grant realises he's missed his alarm and runs about swearing, my mum turned to me and said "what's he want a bucket for?".

quoteI have a friend whom English is her second language so reading the words as they're said helps teach her the language.

quoteA film without sound? pointless! It's the same as a film without subtitles for us deaf folks.

quoteSubtitled Cinemas, for some reason, seems to be something that we should be so grateful for. Why is this the case? We still can't enjoy films because the cinemas select when they can be shown.

My daughter is 5 years old and we have only enjoyed TWO films at the cinema during the last 5 years. There is nothing I can find this weekend. Yet again, my daughter is saying - no subtitles? Its heart wrenching.

When it works it's a fantastic experience for us. I am able to share in the film, the laughs, and of course the popcorn and sweets!

quoteWe have attended subtitled cinema since its inception and have been fascinated by the stories the big screen tell us - from Shrek to Harry Potter, from Narnia to Ice Age - keep them coming in!

quoteI have a nerve deafness which means even if the loop system is in place it does not make the words clearer. I cannot follow films with voiceovers, or off screen dialogue, also telephone conversations, some actors also have very poor diction.

quoteI love the theatre - and captioned performances have kept me 'alive' since my hearing went irreparably. But it took a while to find equivalent access to the cinema. Having now done so, it's brilliant. Actually far better than the very dodgy subtitles on TV!

My only 'complaint' is that with quite a few films - the sub-blockbuster kind - the run is often just one week and even if there's a subtitled showing it limits opportunities. I'm lucky and live in London so can get around to other cinemas but it must be awful to be somewhere that gives just one and only one chance to see a sought-after film. Couldn't there be more showings?

quoteWithout subtitles we would be lost. Many thanks for allowing us to enjoy the film

quoteSubtitled cinema is wonderful for my disabled niece who has been deaf from birth. She can now enjoy Disney films with her mates!

quoteThank you so much for this great site. I stumbled across it when desperately trying to find subtitled films for my mum who is deaf and has sadly always missed out on the joy of the cinema. Until I found your site that was. It's completely turned her life around. Thanks so much, a true true blessing.

quoteI can now laugh with my family and actually know why they are laughing thanks to the subtitles.

quoteHaving subtitles available on a much more regular, but still very limited basis, has opened up a new world for my whole family. I am now able to take my children (aged 4, 6, & 13) more frequently to watch the latest films covering anything from animated to action. Subtitles have given us a previously unavailable way to enjoy a day out as a family which we can all have fun doing.

quoteA Christmas Carol in 3D was superb. Being deaf and loving the cinema I want to be able to view the best things possible just as someone that had their hearing would and be able to enjoy it. Why should I miss out on the dialogue despite the 3D? Thankfully, the subtitles were great. I'm looking forward to Avatar now.

quoteChristmas Carol 3D was the kind of thing cinema was made for! A spectacle for the eyes and thankfully the ears. The subtitles were fantastic and being able to read the film as you would Dickens' novel was brilliant.

quotePRAISE!! Lots and lots of praise!

My daughters and I arrived for a subtitled show that was listed on your website at a particular time. Got there but a mix up at the cinema meant that it was showing at a different time which was hours later! The children had been looking forward to the film. They were disappointed and didn't want to come back as it would end quite late. I had already paid for parking for a few hours. After some discussion with his staff, he decided to put the film on. We only had to wait for them to set it up. We had the entire room to ourselves!

I was stunned by this thoughtfulness, especially as there were only 3 of us present. Odeon Swiss Cottage became the first on my list for subtitled viewings.

quoteBeing able to watch the latest blockbuster films has been a lifeline for me. I have been deaf since birth and constantly face barriers in life but subtitles hep to remove those barriers. I will never forget watching the Star Wars films with subtitles.

quoteWithout you wonderful people where would we be? Without the subtitles our lives would be boring. There are 9 million people in the UK with hearing loss. So all credit must go to you for bringing films to our lives . Many thanks, many thanks, many thanks for giving us our "ears"

quoteMy 68yr old profoundly deaf mother had not been to the cinema since she was in her 20's. She went with my father who was also deaf! She didn't enjoy the experience at all and totally misread the film.

My father used to ask me to interpret films for him which was so difficult as we missed most of the film as I was busy explaining who the characters were. He used to get so irate. I would too!!

Now, unfortunately my dad isn't around to enjoy the big screen experience but I took my mum at christmas and she was like a child seeing something for the first time. I'm so pleased at the amount of films available.

quoteHave you ever been left wondering whether Kate Winslet was asking Leonardo for a 'big kiss' or was it a 'biscuit?

quoteI require subtitles. Which really restricts my cinema enjoyment as there are very few showings that have subtitles. Sometimes I go to the cinema anyway even though I cannot hear the film because I like the cinema atmosphere. But I get frustrated when I am there because I cannot understand what is happening in the film.

quoteTry lipreading Harry Potter without thinking you're going mad! If it wasn't for subtitles I would be questioning my sanity right about now.

quoteBrilliant site. My daughter was diagnosed with deafness at the age of 18 months. She is now 18 years old and I've finally found a single website that confirms the availability of subtitled films. We went to see Tron, which she loved.

quoteI LOVE subtitles at the cinema and never go to a film that is not subtitled now!

quoteThis is a fabulous website and hugely useful for anyone with a hearing loss. Thank you for all your hard work. It is hugely appreciated.

quoteI am very interested in receiving your weekly bulletins of cinemas showing subtitled films! I used to go to the cinema and spend up to £10 a ticket, yet as I cannot hear the films properly, in the past I have actually left feeling like I've wasted my money. Thank you for all the work you do.

quoteVery enjoyable when available unfortunatly not a lot of shows so my 9yr old son does miss out while his siblings are spoilt for choice of times , venues , and days in holiday seasons partially hard of hearing adults and young are not taken into consideration. We are thankful that because of the service you provide he can sometimes join the family in watching and having as much joy as everybody else.

quoteSubtitled movies...ah! A door into a new world, fantasy, make-believe, love, heartbreak, joy, cartoons, laughter; as the wardrobe opened Narnia to four children, subtitled films open a new world to not just four children but all those who have the unhappy membership into this world of the deaf.

quoteMy sister (mid 40's) who is profoundly deaf is coming to stay with me in November. She has never experienced being at the movies with subtitles before and I think this would be a lovely treat and surprise for her. I honestly don't think that it would be an issue if subtitles where shown on all movies.

quoteI am fostering a young deaf girl. I would like to take her to the newly released subtitled films but it seems to be a case of waiting until something comes around. I feel its an experience that my family enjoy, that she is missing out on.

quoteI take my daughter, who is profoundly deaf, to the cinema. We all go as a family (all the others hearing) and it gives us satisfaction knowing our daughter is understanding the plot and not tapping me all of the time, so I get to watch the film too. Also we see a lot of other deaf peers there, which is fantastic for her.

quoteMy husband is hard of hearing, we used to only go to see Hindi films as they are subtitled. We love to see English films when they are subtitled.

quoteAs the only deaf member of a family of six, I grew up feeling very isolated when it came to a family outing to the cinema. I put up with until I was fourteen years old and then decided that there was no point in me being there. I just couldn't follow what was going on. It was more frustrating than enjoyable.

A few years went by and I resigned myself to the fact that my movie watching would be limited to rentals, on DVD (all popular DVD films are subtitled). Then last year a few cinemas in nearby towns installed subtitle equipment. I can't explain what a difference this has made to me. I now HAVE a social life! Almost every week there is something I fancy - with subtitles.

I'm a bit too old to participate in a 'family outing' to the cinema now, but I have some good friends who are happy to catch a film a week or two after release date. They wait for the subtitled show to appear, so I can join them. I am very grateful to the cinemas that have enabled me to enjoy their films - thanks a bunch!

quoteAfter losing most of my sight four years ago I gave up on cinema - only to discover audio description some months later. I've since watched many more films. Watching 'Avatar' I felt just like one of the crowd, reacting with amazement just like the other people in the cinema. I actually felt like I had my vision back.

quoteGreat website. No cinema subtitles make me feel like a second class citizen.

quoteSubtitles are the best option (for TV essential) but I am 30 miles from the nearest cinema. I still love film so I am prepared to travel.

quoteWe had not visited the cinema for years, because it is difficult to catch what's being said, especially fast American dialogue. So we used to wait until the DVD came out, with subtitles.

Then we saw a film at the cinema with captions. Fantastic! We would like to start visiting the cinema again.

quoteBrilliant - we won't go if there are no subtitles. Still need more choice as not all times are convenient but don't want to rock the boat.

quoteI love watching films at the cinema and I cannot do this without subtitles because i am hard-of-hearing. I have even driven from Brighton to Bournemouth to watch a subtitled version of Avatar! But, my main gripe is that usually only one/two showings a week are subtitled. It would be great to have more freedom to see a subtitled film as and when I would like to, like every other hearing person in this country.

quoteI love subtitled cinema! Without it I haven't a hope of enjoying the 'big screen' experience. I am profoundly deafened and use a cochlear implant. Have you ever tried lip-reading animated characters? Or listening to speech in a thunderstorm? Chances are, there will be comments you'll miss.

For someone like me, however, without subtitles, I might just as well not bother. All the witticisms? Forget it. Didn't 'catch' them. Let alone the dialogue that carries the narrative along...

I will never forget my first subtitled screenings: Shrek and Harry Potter. Wow! At last, I was able to watch the latest movies at the same time as everyone else, not ages down the line when they'd all moved on to something else! So, please, please, please keep the subtitled films coming. Deaf people enjoy the same films as everyone else – if they have the opportunity.

quoteMy daughter is 15 and profoundly deaf. I have another daughter who is hearing and we used to go to regular, non subtitled films when they were growing up. As she got older she didn't enjoy going. She said "Accents ware hard" or "They talk so fast, I misunderstand" or "Even when I can hear, the background noise is quite loud". So she preferred to wait until the DVD came out.

This of course was far from convenient with two children. Sometimes she had to go. Sometimes her sister went with others. Sometimes I had to see a film twice, one subtitled, one regular. DVDs were definitely a cheaper option! Now she is always excited if she can see a subtitled film (the yourlocalcinema.com website is on their phones). It's easy for her to follow and laugh at the jokes - not just laugh because the actions or their facial expressions are funny.

However, she still can't go to the cinema on her own and of course most of her friends do not live locally. So arranging to see a film requires a lot of planning, selecting a time and a cinema that is suitable for most, as subtitled films are not usually shown at convenient times or venues. There have been times when we had to treat the subtitled cinema as a day out. Driving for miles!

My daughter would prefer films to be shown on popular days, like Saturdays, so her deaf friends and their hearing siblings and friends can all enjoy the same film at the same time. My other daughter is more than happy to go to a subtitled film but doesn't like the fact that her friends will most likely have seen the film weeks before her (if she has to wait to go with her sister).

quoteFrustrated for my mother at lack of suitable subtitled films for older people - glad I found this website so hope they put something suitable on. Shame my folks aren't sliver surfers as they can't access this info but well done you!

quoteAdd your own quote HERE

quoteI found it very useful and enjoyable. I don't feel left out, or miss out on anything. It's amazing, the technology.

quoteMy girlfriend is profoundly deaf and just loves the cinema. However the times are frequently unsuitable as she works full-time.



quoteI enjoy subtitled films; even when I was younger I was perfectly fine with foreign subtitled films on TV. Not everyone at subtitled cinema shows is deaf. Some hearing people whose first language is not English find following a film without subtitles difficult.

Maybe cinemas should capitalize on this aspect to increase attendance figures at subtitled showings. This would benefit deaf people as there would be more subtitled performances at regular times, for mixed audiences.

quoteHaving subtitled trailers is FANTASTIC. I am a hearing-impaired screenwriter and this is the first time I've been able to understand the trailers. Please pass along my thanks to you and all your sponsors. Thank you!

quoteSubtitled cinema has lead to me being able to see films with friends and family in the cinema. This is a wonderful service that offers a new freedom and closes an old exclusion.

quoteI love subtitled cinema! Without it I haven't a hope of enjoying the big-screen experience. Have you ever tried lip-reading animated characters?

quoteMy profoundly deaf mother had given up trying to lip-read movie stars years ago. At a subtitled show her eyes flickered into life... Two glorious hours, and finally my mother and I have rekindled our cinema habit. She is now in her seventies; I'm approaching my forties. It may have been some time coming, but damn was it worth it.

quoteI can't explain what a difference this has made to me. I have a better social life! Almost every week there is something I fancy - with subtitles.

quoteSubtitles at the cinema mean I can enjoy, not endure, the movie. With subtitles I can get lost in the movie, rather than the movie being lost on me. Going to the cinema without subtitles for me would be like a short-sighted person going to watch a movie without their glasses!

quoteAudio described cinema is wonderful because it allows me to enjoy movies and discuss them with sighted friends afterwards.

quoteI had taken my 9 year old daughter, who is blind, to see a film without audio description and described it to her myself. This, as you can imagine, is very draining and not exactly a perfect alternative. She was keen to see the film again with audio description so she went to see it a second time. She thoroughly enjoyed it and it was far more relaxing for me. Life is difficult enough for a blind child and their family, they have to make a big effort just to get out of the house and interact with other people.

quoteI love subtitled cinema because we can visit the cinema as a social event with the whole family instead of having to wait for the film to be released on dvd. It is a real treat and we also see lots of deaf people who we wouldn't see but for the cinema.

quoteFor the first time in my life I actually enjoyed my time at the movies with my boyfriend.We used to go to regular movies but as I can't hear anymore, it was tough for me. I'm so happy now, this is what I have been waiting for all along.

quoteSubtitles have enabled me for the first time in many years to enjoy something and feel totally included. As a deaf person it's very easy to feel excluded and isolated.

quoteThanks as great for deaf people. wonderful for deaf people

quoteAudio description is changing the world for the visually impaired in a fantastic way. It allows that extra bit of independence and quality of life to be reintroduced so you no longer have to feel left out and shy away from film discussions with friends/colleagues.

quoteMovies are 1,000% better when I can follow the dialogue.

quoteI'm deaf and need to rely on on-screen subtitles when it comes to watching a film in the cinema. I don't have to worry about missing anything!

quoteSubtitled cinema is fabulous because without it I would have missed Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom! I have often shunned the wonderfully social past-time of cinema-going in recent years because of my hearing loss. But now it's wonderful to be able to relax and follow the film without straining to hear what the characters are saying.

quoteI will never forget my first subtitled screenings: Shrek and Harry Potter. Wow! At last, I was able to watch the latest movies at the same time as everyone else, not ages down the line when they'd all moved on to something else!

quoteMy 5 year old daughter lost her sight last year due to a brain tumor. My son is always eager to see the latest films, so it's great that cinemas now have audio description, we can go to the cinema as a family.

quoteBeing blind, I always hated going to the cinema. All my friends enjoyed the film and most of the time I had no idea what was going on. They would tell me what was happening on screen but I still couldn't follow the film. Now it's great! It has really helped me to see what every character looks like. It makes me want to go to the cinema again and again.

quoteIt's great that so many films are coming to cinemas now with subtitles. I like to see a different film every month or so with my friends. I'd like to thank everyone who has made it possible for me and other hearing (and visually) impaired people in the UK to enjoy the cinema.

quoteEver tried lip-reading a fish, a bee or an ogre? Sitting in the cinema with a face like a split welly when everyone else is laughing? Subtitles at the cinema mean I can ENJOY - not endure the movie! With subtitles I can get lost in the movie rather than the movie being lost on me!

Going to the cinema without subtitles for me would be like a short sighted person going to watch a movie without their glasses! Is it a fish? Is it an Ogre? No, it's Johnny Depp...

quoteJust to say a big thank you for subtitled films. My first was a Christmas film - Polar Express. I sat in rapture watching it - and I'm 64! Cant tell you how much it is appreciated. Thanks again.

quoteMy best audio description experience was my first. The whole experience came alive as the commentary reintegrated my partial view of the screen with what was going on. For once I totally understood the film, taking in all those significant non-dialogue moments that are so important to understanding the film. Audio description has rekindled my passion for the cinema.

quoteI gave up attending films because I was so, so frustrated not being able to understand what the stories were about. Now I can now enjoy films on a par with hearing people. I am able to share my passionate conversation with my work colleagues and I even recommend films they should go and see.

quoteSubtitled cinema is great but we need much more of it please. It really makes all the difference in the world to people like myself with a severe hearing loss and opens up the world of the big screen again.

quoteMy daughter and I are both deaf, subtitled cinema has been fantastic for us both and we are now able to enjoy going to the cinema, before we always waited for the film to come out on DVD. we both really look forward to going to the cinema. We find subtitled cinema a fantastic opportunity which we both really enjoy and we are now able to experience going to the cinema with other family members as well which is something that we have never done before.

quoteI love subtitled cinema because I can share stories about recent films with my hearing friends. Makes a change from being isolated.

quoteFor years I found going to the cinema a less enjoyable experience than my hearing peers. I always lost the plot because not every one looks at the camera or ensures that they keep their faces visible. But now the cinema experience is at my disposal and I have somewhere to go out to in the evenings.

quoteSubtitled cinema is wonderful because it brings a whole new meaning and enjoyment to watching our favourite films.

quoteSubtitled cinema is fantastic because I can watch, cry and laugh with my friends when watching a film. There's no 'What was that?' 'What did she say?' It's fabulous. I know what's being talked about when discussing the film afterwards.

quoteMy first experience of a subtitled film in a cinema was an experience I will never forget. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

quoteSubtitled cinema is the best thing since sliced bread! (for deaf people). Does anyone realise what it is like to have to wait for the DVD to come out? Before subtitled shows we could not go to the cinema. But now we are at most subtitled films.

quoteNothing can beat watching a subtitled family movie with my son. Watching films like Bee Movie, Stardust and Ratatouille has become part of our lives and not just a bonus.

quoteSubtitled films are brilliant because I get to see the films as they are released. I saw the Simpsons last summer, d'oh! Being able to
access the big screen and to see the Simpson family in it's technicolour glory was amazingly funny!

quoteMy partner is hard of hearing and has not been to the pictures for 30 years. It's nice to hear that some cinemas now do films for people with hard of hearing

quoteI work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, and I am married to a non English speaking person. A night at the movies is very enjoyable and in this climate it can be the only night out that people can afford.

quoteMy sister is deaf and she needs subtitling. To have a cinema which can offer the 'movie' experience to us both is brilliant. We take it in turns to pick which films to see. Fabulous.

quoteSounds a good idea to me. My husband needs subtitles on tv.

quoteI think this is an excellent idea. My hearing has got worse over the years and I rely on subtitles to understand. Now I can add Cinemas to my list of "Things To Do"

quoteLove it, last one went to see was Damned United. Being a football fan enjoyed it but not without the help of subtitles. Enjoyable evening out. Can't wait see more films.

quoteI'm Italian. Just arrived in London to live. Subtitled films help me to a lot! (hope not forever)

quoteMy mother is deaf and I was able to take her to the cinema for the first time in 30 years this year - she was thrilled!

quoteFirst time l have been able to enjoy a film since suddenly losing hearing It's brought a bit of normality into my otherwise quiet world.

quoteWonderful! It was my first time last week! I'm profoundly deaf all my life so It was amazing to find this out now! I'm a big fan of cinema.

quoteToday, I saw a subtitled cinema film for the first time. Being Profoundly Deaf I was amazed how easy it was to follow the story and how helpful the subtitles were. My grateful thanks for installing the equipment ... Thank you for this boost to my self esteem and confidence.

quoteBrilliant, my wife has no hearing at at all and has not been able to enjoy the cinema for 11 years.

quoteHaving subtitles makes my life worthwhile having a night out going to a cinema!!

quoteBrilliant, can be part of the audience to enjoy the film and absorb my thoughts to experience the thrill, emotions or fear.

quoteIt is wonderful that they have subtile movies. It makes it more enjoyable, to understand whats happening. Thanks for providing this opportunity for those who need subtitles, I am deaf and love it. Keep it going.

quoteI work at an independent living project for young deaf adults with additional disabilities. Our staff (some deaf) and residents make frequent trips to the cinema, and get so much more from their visit when the film is subtitled.

quoteSubtitled films are great for my wife (who is hard of hearing) and myself. Our visits to the cinema are much more frequent and, for my wife particularly, much more enjoyable. Thanks!

quoteDeaf Scout Group which had 59 youth Deaf members since it was founded. Many of our members are excited and eagerly awaiting the new Harry Potter film - subtitled. Thank you!

quoteI've been to see loads of films with my hearing son who is 9 years old (I am deaf). It's BRILLIANT to watch the films with subtitles.

quoteMy deaf son is 10 yrs old and in mainstream school. It has made a huge difference to him to see a subtitled film at the cinema and actually be able to follow the plot!

quoteFor years I found going to the cinema a less enjoyable experience than my hearing peers, I always lost the plot with movies because not every one looks at the camera or ensures that they keep their faces visible. Now the cinema experience is at my disposal.

quoteI didn't go to the cinema for years and years. From around the eighties I started reading all about upcoming films and got excited about them, but then my Mum told me I couldn't because of my blindness. Years later, Audio Description came along! And there was nothing quite like my first film. It made me so happy!

quoteI just want to thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! I
seriously can't believe I've been given it!

quoteFor the first time in 66 years I was able to follow the dialogue and enjoy it!

quoteI find the subtitles at cinemas VERY helpful. I'm a big film fan, been a member of the National Film Theatre since it opened. For me, going to the cinema without subtitles is a waste of time.

quoteNow you get much fuller access. I can actually talk about films with my friends, and it's great that my hearing daughter and I can watch films together and talk about the film afterwards!

quoteI remember when I was growing up I didn't have the option. When my hearing friends were going to the cinema I felt really left out, isolated and excluded. Now I can go along with my hearing friends, enjoy the action on the big screen the same as everyone else.

quoteIt's great! It's really helped me access cinema and film in general

quote1 in 7 people in the UK have hearing loss, 50% of people over 60 have hearing loss, I enjoy films very much, going to the cinema without subtitles is hopeless.

quoteIt's very important. I only went blind six years ago. Before that I had a passion for films. All of a sudden it was taken away from me. Now I can take the grandchildren to see the latest Harry Potter film.

quoteI speak to hundreds of blind people on websites and we're talking about films to each other. We're not out of the loop now, we're back in the circle. We can enjoy films, we can talk about them, what more could we want?

quoteIt's fantastic, a lot of deaf people in the community really value this resource. It's made a huge difference to deaf peoples lives.

quoteI'm deaf and hoping to be a film director. I have just been accepted to the Royal Scottish Academy of Drama and Music to study digital film. Without subtitled films I would not have got interested in film and the media itself.

quoteMy husband and I are extremely grateful for subtitles. He is partially deaf and even with hearing aids has difficulty understanding dialogue. I am not deaf, but even I have trouble understanding some English and Australian accents, poor audio and actors that either must whisper or pronounce their words poorly. If you live long enough eventually you will want subtitles.

quoteAudio description not only gives you the words but it gives you the sound effects, the type of music playing, or someone coughing or crying softly. Those are elements that help me to understand things fully.

quoteI'm 77 and I never thought that this would happen. It's great that somebody has done this, has thought about this. It's a great thing for people who can't see. I mean I can see actual actions that are happening. I can hear the commentary coming out at the same time, exactly what's happening.

quoteThere's a very well known book in India called Mahabharata. The story is that the King is blind. One of his assistants is sitting beside him and describes to the King exactly what is happening in the war. He's telling him everything about who's doing what, and I never imagined that the movies could be like that! A blind man like me can have this experience. This is a great thing, that's what I'm saying.

quoteSubtitling helps us have the same experience that any other person would have. We used to have to try to lipread, or try to catch what the actors said. Now we get all the information we need to understand what's going on.

quoteAudio description is very good. The tone was measured, clear, useful and seemed to describe relelvant things efficiently. My eyesight's not bad enough that I need most scenes described to me so I didn't need it all the time, but placenames, foreign subtitles and when film characters read things in books, newspapers and scrolls are where AD becomes useful to me.

quoteYears ago action tended to be a tad stilted and characters' lines were delivered with Rada-like clarity, often in Received Pronunciation. Then along came a new trend. Cameras rolled, jumped and jostled to intensify the on-screen drama and microphones struggled to keep up. Key plot developments might turn on a muffled comment, or a piece of dialect indecipherable to outsiders. But no matter, in the eyes of the director - the more authentic the better. Not so in the ears of people with less than perfect hearing, however, which is why subtitles are so important.

quoteTucking into a bag of popcorn while watching the movie? Subtitles ensure not a word is missed as the sound gets drowned out by the head-echo of crunching!

quoteSubtitles tend to enhance one's viewing experience. Who knows - for all of us one day as advancing years take their toll, they will doubtless become even more indispensable.

quoteUp until a few years ago, I couldn't watch any film that was even slightly scary - but then I went deaf and discovered subtitles! In the cinema, a typed threat of "suspenseful music" followed by a "piercing scream" and "muffled footsteps" became watchable. Long live subtitles, I say!

quoteI am partially deaf and it is difficult for me to pick out what is being said at the cinema especially when someone speaks fast or when there are several conversations going on in the background. Before subtitles I tended to lipread on what was being said and therefore had to stay very focused in case I missed a word. For me, subtitles are a blessing and really help me understand the plot of movies, laugh at comedy shows, enjoy animated movies with my kids and so much more. I would like subtitles available on every movie so I can enjoy them with my family when we watch together.

quoteMy wife is Belgian, and when she first moved over to the UK subtitles helped her to understand what people were saying. I've since picked up the habit, and we rarely catch at film at the cinema without them.

quoteSubtitling has made a trip to the cinema a far less stressful experience for me. Film makers seem to think that my viewing pleasure will be increased by having blasting explosions or techno music playing over the top of muffled dialogue! Now I just give up on trying to hear more than 1 word in 3 (I have 25% hearing loss) and rely on subtitles to fill in the gaps.

quoteNot one of our family is deaf, but I've had some hearing problems in the past, and my daughter has speech and language problems. Any help with understanding is always useful. Quite frankly we have given up on cinema without subtitles. we only go if it's subtitled.

quoteBeing 'hard of hearing' I depend on subtitles completely - they're marvellous.

quoteI have been profoundly deaf since 1953 and a very keen campaigner for increased subtitling on all media. I have carried banners to Parliament, spoken to MPs many times, campaigned with the RNID, and for my involvement I have been awarded the British Empire Medal. We NEED Subtitles to enjoy films.

quoteI have problems hearing and am reliant upon a hearing aid directing all sound into one ear to catch several pieces of information clearly. Sometimes it's as if there is massive amounts of background noise in places where a voice should be. I find that I am very dependant on subtitles for cinema films, it makes my life a lot easier.

quoteI haven't got a hearing impairment but feel that subtitles enhance the viewing, and I don't see it as a hinderance.

quoteI watched subtitles on children's movies at the cinema when my daughter was learning to read. She loved being able to read along with her favourite characters!

quoteIn France, I was a member of the select group who will always go to see a film with subtitles, in its original tongue (be it English, Italian, Japanese...) I moved to the UK nearly 11 years ago. My English was fine, however, I struggled with dialogue thanks to loud, booming films at the cinema. Over time, my understanding of English has improved, but subtitles are still so useful when there is noise around, they also sometimes help concentrating on the film I am watching. I really miss them when they are absent.

quoteSubtitles are of great use for foreigners living in England and who find it easier to read English than listen to it spoken very quickly.

quoteI love subtitling! For me, it gives me a better understanding of the film. One of the many reasons why I do not buy pirate DVD's is the lack of subtitles. If a DVD has no subtitling - I think twice about the purchase. For most American films subtitling is a must - especially where the leading actors' have a southern drawl!

quoteThe overloud background music, ambient noise levels on the set and actors indulging to the full in "the method" makes subtitles necessary for me. I am sure the film producers will rebut this by saying it adds to the realism of the programme, but frankly I would rather hear and understand!

quoteMy wife and I tend to watch subtitles where possible, although neither of us has a hearing problem. The quality of diction is often so bad that it is difficult to interpret the mumblings. And it appears to be compulsory for all spoken word to be accompanied by such raucous "music" that it is often impossible to make out what is being said!

quoteI use the subtitles for two reasons: 1) I find some accents very difficult to decipher 2) My girlfriend will usually want a "conversation" while I'm trying to watch a film at the cinema…

quoteAs one of those who use subtitles because of a hearing problem, I appeal to cinemas to reduce the volume of the surround sound mix. Often important dialog is drowned out by the music and background audio.

quoteWithout subtitles I would not have been able to understand half of the dialogue in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. especially Golum's lines! (precious!)

quoteI think there ought to be more films with subtitles available at the cinema. I thought they would be off-putting but the only time I really noticed the subtitles is when the deaf guy sat in front of me laughed - he was a fast reader and had got to the punchline before the actor did!

quoteWe often try to catch movies with subtitles, as the dialogue is often pacy and sometimes the Americanisms difficult to decipher. I've also found it useful for continuing to understand the film when the person sitting next to me is on the phone!

quoteI only attend cinema when the film has subtitles, much to my wife's annoyance, I may not have to if actors learned to speak clearly.

quoteI suffer slight hearing loss through mild tinnitus, and find subtitles invaluable to pick up the nuances of dialog. I just wish there was more.

quoteI am one of the millions of UK people with good hearing that uses subtitles. I am by no means an addict, and don't require them to be present to enjoy ALL films, but for certain movies (ala Quentin Tarantino's films with fast paced conversations) it has revealed long-hidden dialogue between the actors, and a film can be enjoyed with "fresh ears" one more time.

quoteI know some people that make use of subtitles in cinemas nowadays so they can actually tell what's going on over the clamour of noisy teenagers!I find them helpful, as I miss some words due to the "accent" issue (yes, yes, I know I'm the one with the accent!)

quoteSubtitles in the cinema actually help my family to learn English and increase vocabulary. Seeing and hearing things are the best way to learn. So the taboo " subtitle for deaf" should be thrown out and should be used to develop oneself more.

quoteI find subtitles useful when the background (so called) music in some movies is too loud tending to obscure the words, especially where the voice is quite soft. The background noise is often quite annoying.

quoteAnother reason to use subtitles is to learn a foreign language. Kids these days watch films to death, and know every line. By watching with subtitles kids can learn a foreign language, and catch the nuances of the language at the same time.

quoteMy partner Anja (who's German) finds the subtitles helpful to decipher the broad dialects (!) of the English language, just as I find watching German subtitles when in Germany assists my understanding of the language

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