The Upside subtitled (12a) 126 mins

Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston star in a heartwarming comedy drama about rediscovering the joy of being alive. Dell, recently released from prison, finds himself working as a carer for Phillip, a quadriplegic billionaire. They strike up an unlikely friendship and against all the odds, just might help each other find a new lease on life.


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London & surround:

Kingston Odeon
Wed 16 Jan 12:30

Newham Showcase
Mon 21 Jan 19:00

Stratford Westfield Vue
Sun 20 Jan 12:05

Uxbridge Odeon
Tue 22 Jan 18:20


Aberdeen Queens Links Cineworld
Sun 20 Jan 14:20

Bath Odeon
Wed 16 Jan 12:30

Birmingham Broad Street Cineworld
Thu 17 Jan 18:00

Birmingham Broadway Odeon
Wed 16 Jan 12:00, Mon 21 Jan 15:00

Bolton Cineworld
Thu 24 Jan 16:50

Bournemouth BH2 Odeon
Wed 16 Jan 13:15

Bracknell Odeon
Wed 23 Jan 14:00

Brighton Cineworld
Thu 17 Jan 17:40

Bromley Vue
Tue 22 Jan 19:45

Cardiff Odeon
Tue 22 Jan 18:30

Chatham Odeon
Thu 24 Jan 21:20

Chelmsford Odeon
Mon 21 Jan 18:40

Cramlington Vue
Mon 21 Jan 19:50

Dagenham Vue
Tue 22 Jan 17:15

Derby Odeon
Wed 23 Jan 18:30

Dudley Odeon
Tue 15 Jan 15:20, Mon 21 Jan 18:30

Dundee Odeon
Mon 21 Jan 20:40

Dunfermline Odeon
Sun 20 Jan 20:40

Gateshead Metrocentre Odeon
Wed 23 Jan 18:40

Glasgow Quay Odeon
Wed 16 Jan 12:30

Glasgow Silverburn Cineworld
Thu 17 Jan 16:40

Hamilton Vue
Tue 22 Jan 20:10

Harlow Harvey Cineworld
Thu 17 Jan 16:50

Hereford Odeon
Tue 15 Jan 19:30

Inverness Vue
Tue 22 Jan 20:15

Kettering Odeon
Tue 15 Jan 18:15

Leeds-Bradford Odeon
Tue 15 Jan 13:30, Thu 24 Jan 16:20

Leicester Cinema de Lux Showcase
Sun 20 Jan 10:05

Liverpool ONE Odeon
Wed 16 Jan 16:00, Thu 17 Jan 18:45

Middlesbrough Cineworld
Sun 20 Jan 17:00

Milton Keynes Stadium Odeon
Tue 15 Jan 18:30

Norwich Odeon
Wed 23 Jan 18:30

Oldham Odeon
Sun 20 Jan 20:50

Oxford Vue
Tue 22 Jan 19:45

Peterborough Showcase
Mon 21 Jan 19:40

Preston Odeon
Thu 24 Jan 17:45

Reading Showcase
Mon 21 Jan 19:15

Romford Vue
Sun 20 Jan 13:55

Southampton Odeon
Thu 24 Jan 15:30

Southampton Showcase
Mon 21 Jan 19:15

Tamworth Odeon
Thu 24 Jan 21:15

Teesside Showcase
Mon 21 Jan 19:15

Telford Odeon
Sun 20 Jan 18:30, Mon 21 Jan 21:15

Weston Super Mare Cineworld
Thu 17 Jan 17:40


Blanchardstown Odeon
Thu 17 Jan 18:15

Dublin Point Square Odeon
Wed 16 Jan 17:30

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