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Cinema audio description (AD) is a fantastic service for people with sight loss. The normal film soundtrack is broadcast to cinema speakers in the usual way, whilst a recorded narrator explains what's happening on screen - in gaps in the dialogue - through personal headphones.

Please contact cinemas in your area and request that they provide accessible, audio described shows of popular films. Request that the cinema does its best to provide an equal service, to enable its customers with sight loss to enjoy the cinema experience with family and friends.

Almost £500,000 was spent on subtitle (ST) and audio description (AD) tracks last year, by 23 UK film distributors. The major distributors aim to ensure that all of their titles are accessible to cinema-goers with hearing or sight loss. The top 50 box office films included ‘access’ tracks on release date. 181 included an ST track, 171 of which also included an AD track.

Every week, around half of the UK's 750 cinemas nationwide - including almost all multiplex cinemas - provide accessible, subtitled and audio described shows, specifically for customers with hearing or sight loss and their friends/families.

Accessible cinema screenings via subtitles & audio description provide social benefits such as equality, inclusion and community integration. Opportunities to attend are very much appreciated by many people, as clearly indicated by the positive experiences from many happy customers here:

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IMPORTANT! Shows can cancel or reschedule - Please double check with the ACTUAL cinema or cinemas website before you plan a visit.

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US and Australian cinemas have recently advanced in the area of cinema access, by widely-adopting personal subtitle glasses or seat-mounted displays. These solutions render the subtitles invisible to the general audience - only the wearer/user sees them. Utilising these solutions, all shows of all films (that have subtitle tracks) can also be subtitled shows. All shows can be inclusive - accessible to customers with or without hearing loss. Personal solutions can also receive AD tracks, via a standard headphone socket, enabling customers with sight loss to use their own, familiar, regular headphones to experience the isolated narration track, rather than the current choice of cinema-supplied, over-the-ear headphones (which can sometimes block out the 'regular' film soundtrack that's delivered via cinema surround speakers).

Smartphones can be used as personal subtitle/description solutions, via a simple app (but as yet, no official infrastructure is in place to synchronise ST or AD tracks of all films to a phone).

The UK cinema industry is currently investigating personal solutions.

The UK cinema industry provides cinema access info on its official association website here:

YourLocalCinema is grateful to the UKCA & cinemas, FDA and distributors, the BFI, and others for the ongoing support which enables the service to continue its audience development work, helping people with disabilities enjoy the cinema experience.

Before 2000, the only way people with severe hearing loss could enjoy cinema was to watch a foreign-language film. And people with sight loss didn't visit cinemas. Nowadays subtitles and audio description enable people with hearing or sight loss to enjoy, rather than endure the cinema experience.

Accessible cinema shows benefit people of all ages with hearing or sight loss. Each year around 800 children are born in the UK with significant hearing loss (NDCS) and every day another 100 people start to lose their sight (RNIB). Our society is ageing. With ageing, loss of some hearing and sight is inevitable. Access to film - via subtitles and audio description - is something that we may all appreciate, eventually.

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