Accessibility is perhaps not the most exciting area of film to work in, but it can be very fulfilling. Knowing that a deaf or blind child can follow the latest superhero or animated adventure on the big screen with their friends makes one feel good!

Opportunities to attend accessible subtitled or narrated shows are very much appreciated by many, as clearly indicated by the positive experiences from hundreds of happy customers on this page.

Now showing subtitled:


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quote@WarwickADavis (Star Wars actor) What a brilliant service! Respect to you for taking the time to make cinema accessible to all. (Retweeted to 680,000)

quote*gasp* there is a subtitled session of Captain Marvel on its first week here!

quoteGoing to see captioned #CapitanMarvel tonight!!!! (At 9pm... which is a SUCH a helpful and accessible time for the only captioned performance in the whole city this week 🙄


quoteMy sister got tickets for her & me for a subtitled midnight screening of #CaptainMarvel awesome!

quoteSo I found 15 euro in one of my jacket's pocket, changed for pounds and bought a ticket for the Captain Marvel subtitled session. It'll be the first movie I watch here in the UK! yaaaaaaaaaay

quoteGoing to see #CaptainMarvel later today !! So excited!!! The one I'm going to has subtitles too so I'll be able to fully enjoy it 😃 I promise I won't post spoilers! 😄

quoteWas about to watch 'Captain Marvel'. It was so good film. So glad we went to see it with subtitles at right time, right place and right day. Got popcorn 🍿. 😊👍🏻

quoteJust discovered the DCA are doing a subtitled showing of Captain Marvel!!

quote@ODEONCinemas any chance of subtitled screenings of Captain Marvel that are at normal times? Deaf people go to work and school too...

quoteI went to watch a movie called 'Green Book'. It was so good.  And I could study English because I watched this with subtitles.

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quoteI'm booking Subtitled performance (shown as ST) for Lego movie - when the dialogue is fast and furious, having words (visual input, not auditory) makes it easier to process. For me that is.

quoteSubtitles ... makes such a difference to be able to understand the story

quoteWent to the cinema to see the Fishermen’s Friends film. We were worried that people might complain about us singing along. We choose the showing with subtitles so we had the words to help us 😂 😂

quoteDon’t normally get exciting over film but for first time I’m actually exciting as going to cinema with my wife to watch Stan & Ollie with subtitles 😊 absolutely buzzing as I’m a big fan of Laurel and Hardy 😊

quote10km walk today to a cinema that’s showing the LEGO Movie with subtitles... that’s how important subtitled showings are to me! Plus it’s a super nice day to walk 🍿❤️

quoteThis is the best source of subtitled films . Keep it up 😉

quote@cineworld Eastbourne, another Sunday Subtitled film - thank you for including us this weekend!!

quoteWe went to see a film we’d been looking forward to – I knew that it was a subtitled screening but I think many people didn’t. But did they walk out? Nope – they rapidly got used to it – and I loved seeing it with someone who’s deaf and was so happy and excited at being included. More, please!

quoteAbsolutely couldn’t do without subtitles, have relied on them since this website started! … Subtitled cinema isn’t just about seeing the latest films, it’s about date nights, being included in office chat about new releases, and just having a choice.

quoteIt’s great to be able to see the big new films at the same time as everyone else. Thanks to your fab website, we found a subtitled local screening on Sunday and we’re all going!

quoteNearly 20 years ago, I remember finding out from about subtitled shows of the first Lord of the Rings film at Uxbridge. I travelled all the way across London on the Tube to see it. Now, my best friend and I go the cinema every month, and I publicise your service with every sign-language student I teach – thank you!

quoteBrilliant! Been visiting your website for years and have now downloaded the app, just as easy to roam. Love the subtitled trailers, keep up the good work!

quoteBeen wanting to see “Glass” since the adverts came out. Husband found a cinema that has it with subtitles and bought tickets for tonight. Can’t wait for this date night

quoteAfter almost 3 weeks wait since release date, myself and Dan can FINALLY watch #HowToTrainYourDragons3  🙄 . there is a WIDE VARIETY of films and times to choose from! 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ Not giving up on this fight anytime soon! #deafawareness #subtitles

quoteJust got back from the local cinema after seeing @Stan_And_Ollie (with subtitles for the deaf). It is a wonderfully written film with a dewy eyed ending. My main feeling is how I wish I could travel back in time to meet them and say that we still love them over 60 years on.

quoteSaw Stan and Ollie at @vuecinemas today at a subtitled screening which was almost full (yes subtitles doesn't put people off despite the claims of the cinema industry! Why not increase the number of screenings per week as 2 is abismal #subtitledcinema

quoteMary Poppins was amazing! Cor blimey what a fantastic sequel! And with captions it’s practically singalong

quoteManaged to find a screening of Mary Queen of Scots with #subtitles that I could watch with my #hardofhearing #hoh husband - only because I had a day off work. Monday afternoons are not popular with cinema-goers it seems.

quoteLove going to the cinema going next week to Laurel and hardy audio description is great.

quoteJust been to see #MaryPoppins @ODEONCinemas Leicester. So grateful for #subtitledshowing, which enabled me to go with my niece. Thank you to everyone who makes #subtitles happen: you make a difference for the better for #deaf people. @ActionOnHearing @NervetumoursUK

quoteCinema is becoming truly borderless and subtitles in an era of online life are a non issue to a global audience

quoteDid go to the cinema a few times. Saw Spidey twice, Poppins and Holmes and Watson (lol). I don’t mind subtitles at all; can be helpful if it’s a dense plot

quote@Saffronscreen Enjoyed subtitled Mary Poppins Returns. Let's hope for more subtitled screenings at our local cinema.


quoteQueries? Comments? Feedback? Click HERE for a chance to win a 2019 Blu-Ray or DVD of your choice!


quoteOff to see Mary Poppins with subtitles today with all the family. This has literally never happened before. So excited to actually have a trip to the cinema together #subtitledcinema

quoteLooking forward watching  @StanAndOllie with subtitles @yourlocalcinema at @ODEONCinemas in @Bh2Leisure  #bigfan of #LaurelAndHardy

quote@yourlocalcinema Yes!! It’s amazing to live in a place and time this exists :) thank you!

quoteFinally saw Bohemian Rhapsody at the cinema today! We have a massive Queen fan in the house ... the movie with subtitles and basically just us singing! Cried..

quoteTaking mum to a subtitled screening of the new Mary Poppins tomorrow! She hasn't been to the cinema in a few years and doesn't believe she'll need the subtitles however she needs them at home so I figure it's better safe than sorry.

quoteHonestly absolutely giddy with joy that I got to see TWO(!) Captioned(!) films locally(!) today on Christmas Eve and they were both ruddy splendid. Bring on more open captioned films in 2019!

quoteWell done to Odeon Norwich for arranging a subtitled screening of Crimes of Grindelwald on the weekend of release. #access #subtitles. And it was well attended by both deaf and hearing customers.

quote@CoedGlasHIRB On Friday we enjoyed a special subtitled showing of The Grinch in the Odeon cinema. Thank you for setting the film up especially for us The Odeon Cinema! We all had a fantastic day!

quote@cineworld Thanks @cineworld- a subtitled showing of Crimes Of Grindelwald at a sensible time to take my daughter in the first week - for once she’ll be one of the first of her friends to see a film instead of one of the last 👍👍👍

quote@Saffronscreen Our family really enjoyed subtitled screening of Fantastic Beasts. Any chance of @Saffronscreen showing more than one subtitled screening every two months? We'd love to come more often.

quoteAll booked up to see #SpiderVerse on Sunday - can't wait! Thanks to @ODEONCinemas for being #inclusive and having subs on an early preview :) #subtitledcinema #accessibility

quoteFantastic Beasts 2, subtitled? Yes! Week of release?? YES! Thank you @cineworld, the world is a better place!

quoteThanks to Odeon Wimbledon for putting subtitled show of Crimes of Grindelwald so close to opening night, fabulous thank you #subtitledIt

quote@yourlocalcinema  @jk_rowling @ActionOnHearing Thank you @cineworld Approx 20 people in a 9.30am #FantasticBeasts2 screening that only seats approx 100. So not bad considering it was only put on your website at late notice ! Hope this helps show that #subtitled screenings are cost effective £200+ 🍬🍿☕️🥤#ProtectThe

quote... Fantastic Beasts (with subtitles, accidentally but usefully)

quote@dementiapwick Relaxed (not as dark or loud as a traditional cinema), subtitles, and refreshments throughout. #dementiafriendly and inclusive. All welcome. Kids too :) 

quote@DorkingHalls Following requests from customers, we now show regular subtitled films. 👍 This week, we have subtitled screenings of #NativityRocks and #Fantastic Beasts

quote@cineworld Saw Venom yesterday, such a great film. Eastbourne's subtitled showing was a hit again too! Thank you x

quoteFriends of Prestwick Seafront ... Another full house for our community relaxed cinema ... our afternoons are so much more than just watching a film. It's about #inclusion #community and tea! Just as well we show #subtitles on all films!

quoteOff to the cinema tonight to see #Venom! The screening is a bit late, but oh well! #subtitled #cinema

quote@omniplexcinema in Balbriggan- my three hearing children are watching subtitled film Grinch with me now. It’s rare for me to go to the cinema- very limited choices and times. Today I have a free morning! To the cinema at 12 pm! Hard to drag my kids out of bed #deafaccess

quoteWhen you go to book tickets for #FirstMan @westfieldlondon @vuecinemas with subtitles but discover there are NO TICKETS AVAILABLE because subtitled showings are in the smallest screen so hardly any seats.

quoteas a deaf MF it was so refreshing to watch the hate u give in cinema with it having subtitles

quoteSaw Bohemian Rhapsody. Words cannot describe how epic it was! Audio description made it even better!

Thank you @ODEONCinemas I finally got to watch A Star Is Born. Was worth the wait.#AStarIsBornMovie #subtitles #captioned


quoteQueries? Comments? Feedback? Click HERE for a chance to win a 2019 Blu-Ray or DVD of your choice!


quoteThis site is amazing and so helpful i havent been to the cinema in years untill i came across this site and discovered i could go and see stuff with subtitles !! I cant wait to see more. Thank you for this site as it means a lot to me I am sure it helps a lot of other people out there with the same disability.

quoteWaiting to go into to see First Man. With subtitles can’t wait was here an hour early 🙊

quoteVenom. Excellent film - great to see a #subtitled showing tonight @ODEONCinemas #luxe #Putney

quoteWent to the cinema last night and the showing had #subtitles! This is great! Took nothing from the film and made it way more accessible - more please!

quote@cineworld Put the bloody subtitles on a Friday and Saturday evenings! I don’t want to go to the Deaf Club and play bingo on these nights. I hate bingo! I want to go to the cinema and there is nothing for me to watch. I’m a potential customer man!

quoteFirst visit to @Everymancinema  @GXLocal for about a year, finally they had a #subtitledfilm I wanted to see at a time I could make it #AStarIsBorn. Enjoyed the film but the soundtrack was SOOO LOUD I had to remove my #hearingaids 

quoteLuxe Cinema - Really love how our Subtitled Screenings are opening up the cinema to more and more patrons.

quote@cineworld have just watched the amazing new Mission Impossible:Fallout at Eastbourne, with SUBTITLES again!! Thank you again for weekend inclusion for your deaf customers, I hope you keep it up x

quote@yourlocalcinema @CentralPictureH @picturehouses  thank you Picturehouse for showing subtitled viewings at weekends and weekday evenings, if you do them more frequently then I maybe tempted to a membership. :)

quote I really wish cinemas would do MORE Subtitles. Since I lost my hearing a year ago, it's a very different world to what I've been used to, fortunately, I have just enough hearing that my aid's work, esp when in T-Mode which my local cinema has

quoteAt a subtitled screening of Venom!!! I'm pumped I'll actually be able to tell what's going on for once at a cinema

quoteWent to see The wife at curzon Victoria, I knew it was a subtitles showing, but most people didn't. It was a full house. Did they walk out? Nope...cinemas take note and be braver put more subtitles on films, people will get used to it. #cinemas

quoteThank you  Cineworld The Charity  - Dacorum Talking Newspaper - records the local news each week for the sight impaired folk of Dacorum.   I am very grateful  for the information you have sent me  on  AD. Our Listeners  will be delighted  to receive  this to enhance their cineworld   experience.

quoteRequested a subtitled viewing of Johnny English Strikes Back at a choice of days/times! My daughters and I are unlimited members and would love that my son who is deaf get to see this movie! He hasn't been able to come with us for such a long time and this one we are really looking forward to watching this with him! Thank you in anticipation!! 

quoteHave huge love for cinema chains like @ODEONCinemas who have audio description in 90% of their screens. It is brilliant & I go at least once a week with a friend who gets in free for guiding me). Having been into film while sighted it makes all the difference.

quoteWe have 'Pics in the sticks' at our village hall. We have started having subtitles for all films. It's great, many modern films have mumblers! 

quoteAt @ODEONCinemas Brighton to see #CrazyRichAsians with captions! AND it’s at a reasonable hour 🙌

quoteWent to see Incredibles 2 at Vue yesterday. Enjoyed it ... greatly appreciate Vue including Subtitles on their movies now.

quoteI lost me hearing in 2009, I have an entire back catologue of recognisable music from my past. I recognise snippets and beats. I am so looking forward the Bohemian Rhapsody film.

quoteThank you so much for this. Will is profoundly deaf and I have just lost hearing in my right ear! We are so fed up not being able to go to the cinema in the evening. We love it!

quoteFabulous Mamma Mia on cinema at Savoy Theatre, Monmouth it Brilliant & also subtitled and thanks to Savoy! Also been Italian restaurant is fabulous meal! 👍😊🍾🥂

quote@ODEONCinemas Thank you for putting on a subtitled screening of Ant Man at Odeon Norwich. Made one marvel fan very happy tonight to be able to access the cinema and see the film so soon after release. 

quoteODEON were fab during my time at university when I wanted to see both Deadpool and Infinity War with captions. After initially voicing my concern about a lack of subtitled screenings, a member of staff emailed with some more information and was super helpful. Enjoy the movie! 

quoteThank you @cineworld Hemel for arranging a subtitled screening yesterday of @mammamiamovie. My Deaf mum hadn’t been to the cinema in 15 years, & to sit with her watching a film I worked on was magical. I felt the luckiest man in the world. Thank you! Access more often please!❤️ My Mum wanted to watch me on the big screen & didn’t want to wait for the DVD. My parents are Deaf so popping to any showing isn’t possible but after putting in a request with @cineworld, they’ve scheduled a #Captionedscreening on Sunday of @mammamiamovie So grateful! Thank you!

quoteWent to the subtitled version of Mission Impossible: Fallout. It was great!

Subtitled cinema isn't just about seeing the latest films, it's about date nights with @fjm, being included in office chat about new releases and just having a choice.


quoteQueries? Comments? Feedback? Click HERE for a chance to win a 2019 Blu-Ray or DVD of your choice!


quoteUntil watching Mamma Mia! with subtitles was I blissfully ignorant to my flawed knowledge of the lyrics to Dancing Queen

quoteAt #Leicester @ODEONCinemas and once again great assistance by the staff. Outstanding help by Katie. Ready with our hotdog and nachos waiting for #themeg to begin with #audiodescription for the #Blind 👏😀

quoteWow. 77 people, myself included watched a subtitled version of Mamma Mia 2 at @vuecinemas today... not one walked out or complained.

quoteThanks to @cineworld #Brighton having #subtitles for #MammaMia (and @ODEONCinemas not bothering), I've booked tickets. Seeing it with someone who's #deaf and is excited at being included by a thoughtful cinema #Access

quoteWell who needs the official sing -a - long version when you have subtitles !! Mamma Mia Here we go again actually preferred it to the first one ! Who’s up for the official sing-a-long ? @CurzonClevedon

quoteReally enjoyed The Meg at cinema. If it wasn't for subtitles, I probably would have enjoyed it less. Great and funny dialog. Accessibility is important and is inclusive.

quoteAt @ODEONCinemas Brighton to see #CrazyRichAsians with captions! AND it’s at a reasonable hour!

quoteCrazy Rich Asians ... 🙌🏻 It was such a good movie and for once I felt like I could actually follow the entire dialogues thanks to the subtitles 🤓 #SubtitledCinema

quote@ODEONCinemas Thank you so much! My dads hearing has rapidly decreased lately and I always take him to the cinema for Father’s Day. I took a chance and called my local Odeon to ask if they can put a subtitled SOLO showing on on Sunday. They said yes! Thank you! 👨‍👧

quote... subtitles... I've been singing Dancing Queen wrong all this time ...  It’s okay, a sing a long version was fun all the same 😂

quoteThanks @ODEONCinemas for the subtitled showing of MissionImpossibleFallout last night! 👍 #SubtitledCinema

quoteThanks to @yourlocalcinema for your help when I contacted you via chat last week. And thanks to @cineworld for contacting @cinedidsbury and putting on subtitled sessions for Mamma Mia. My 15 year old daughter’s first trip to a cinema for a long time and she had a great time.

quoteWatched @TheIncredibles at @CurzonAldgate with my gal with English subtitles. Awesome cinema. 

quoteThanks to @cineworld Brighton for showing subtitled #MammaMia2 but so disappointing the trailers weren't subtitled. Very frustrating for those who are #deaf or hard of hearing

quoteAt an afternoon Mamma Mia 2 subtitled show one of the cinema staff said to my mum that not many deaf people come to the shows. My mum told them that of the five of us there today, her daughter (me) is the only deaf one. I have long hair covering my hearing aids, and I don’t sign, so you’d never know that I'm deaf. The rest of us are not deaf, but we are all there for the subtitles!

quote@ODEONCinemas thank you for providing subtitled screenings of Avengers Infinity War in the first week of release. Watched it in Norwich last night, huge 👍 from me and my Deaf son. #access

quoteAbout to watch Jurassic World at Eastbourne. Another subtitled success for your deaf customers. Well done @cineworld you are fab!! is a gem, never saw this kind of detail on cinemas' websites. Brilliant work!

quoteThe last two films I’ve seen @cineworld Ely have been English with subtitles (Ready Player One, Rampage) and I would happily see more that way as needed to give everyone the chance to enjoy cinema.

quoteYour website is great use it weekly!

quoteThank you Everyman Cinema for subtitles#deaf#subtitles#bristolhr

quoteWatched A Quiet Place yesterday at Coventry Cinema with subtitles. Have to say it is really good and terrifying too. Credit to Deaf actress Millicent Simmonds. #Deaf #AQuietPlace

quoteWhen you’re mooching around feeling sorry for yourself and you start looking at subtitled films and moaning cos there’s NOTHING on Sunday then you find Black Panther is on in Camden in HALF AN HOUR and well! Greased lightning darlings!

quote@cineworld just been to see SUBTITLED Deadpool @ Eastbourne Cineworld ... thank you!!!

quoteJust home from the Cinema @ifi went to see Isle of Dogs and it was audio described so cool well done IFI for a super bit of kit.

quoteSeeing Avengers Infinity War with subtitles with some of my favourite people!

quoteAbsolutely couldn’t do without subtitles, have relied on them since this website started! Always a relief when they come on, Islington Vue is very reliable.

quotePacific Rim Uprising, subtitled, opening weekend. Thank you @Cineworld, that's my Sunday afternoon sorted!

Brilliant. Been visiting your website for years and finally got round to downloading your app, just as easy to roam. Love the subtitled trailers specially. Keep up the good work!


quoteQueries? Comments? Feedback? Click HERE for a chance to win a 2019 Blu-Ray or DVD of your choice!


quoteYou have done great work to date, for us to gain some access to current cinema. Hoping it continues as planned - the future generation will be luckier. Thank you for the work you do, and listings to let us now where and when films are subtitled.

quoteThis is such a fantastic service! If you’re in the UK and need subtitled cinema you can check their site for showings and times at most local cinemas

quoteAfter seeing Ready Player One and rediscovering retro games and music for years, the cochlear implant helps me to relearn and with better accessibility today, it helps to fill in the missing gaps that I missed as a deaf child. Loving it. Looks like nostalgia waves this weekend.

quoteI finally managed to see Last Jedi on a subtitled showing... on Sunday... Yeeesss enjoyed it... another cinema has ST showing tonight ... bonus.. twice in 1 week...

quoteHi there! I'm a filmmaker based in Liverpool and I wear hearing aids with a high frequency loss. I just want to say that I use your service all the time. I am so so grateful for it. In a sense, you changed my life. Because of you, I'm now able to go to the cinemas with my friends. I have recently made a feature film which is coming out on DVD. The DVD has subtitles, I made sure of that!

quoteAs a fully hearing person: I LOVE watching movies with subtitles because I miss less of the dialogue. (I also find it easier to learn characters' names this way, but that's a "me" thing.)

quoteI really love how I'm seeing more subtitled film showings at London Wandsworth @cineworld makes life a little easier for me moderate #hearingloss

quoteI'm off to see Red Sparrow tomorrow at 11am so I can see the subtitled showing. I'm prexdicting lots of accents so i'll be needing them captions!

quoteWent to the cinema today. Intended to watch black panther but the audio description in that screen was not working. Props to Odeon who gave us a refund and allowed us to go see any film we wanted for free. Saw red sparrow instead. Was bloody brilliant.

quote 👍👍 This is what we want-thanks!!

quoteThanks to your reply I got to see Black Panther with subtitles and loved it. So grateful you responded!

quote@yourlocalcinema just tweeting to say how much of f****** legends you are.

quote@MediaMuseumPH @shapeofwater Audio description has allowed me to reengage and really immerse myself in the action of such great movies like Star Wars and black panther this is what accessibility is all about

quote... try Lipreading a Stormtrooper or Captain Phasma... Even with a Hearing Aid the film is not that accessible to people with hearing issues without subtitles...

quoteSo all cinemas take note @ODEONCinemas @vuecinemas @cineworld its perfectly possible to have full screenings even with subtitles! Just home from Greatest Showman with no protests from hearing people and every seat sold

quote1 hour until #BlackPanther! Been looking forward to this all week. Thank you to @cineworld for having an accessible (subtitled) showing on opening weekend - it's great to be able to see the big new films at same time as everyone else.

quoteThanks to your fab website we’ve found a subtitled screening on Sun and we’re going.

quote@VueHelp Thanks so much for putting in a subtitled viewing on Sunday. We'll be there with many other deaf friends! The Plymouth Deaf Children's Society and the families involved thank you. 😊

quoteWent to my first ever cinema experiance with subtitles. It’s like been at home other even bigger screen 😂

quotePlease can we have more subtitled films. It is so important for the deaf to feel part of this world. The local cinema in Kingston and Richmond do not cater well enough. I did not realise this until my husband became profoundly deaf a few months ago.

quoteAlmost all screens @BroadwayCinema transmit audio description and it has made going to the pictures a joy

quoteI'm going to the cinema today to re-watch Molly's Game with subtitles!!!!! I'm so excited that I'm going to be able to understand the entire film. Thank you british cinema for providing me with this 1 showing at a suitable time Thank you ... really helpful

quoteI love your website – been with you for well over 15 years – I remember finding out the first Lord of the Rings film at Uxbridge and travelling all the way across London on the tube to go and see it! Me and my best friend go to the cinema once a month! I publicise it with every sign language student I teach, Levels 1 to 3! You have given me hundreds of hours of enjoyment. I have been lucky in Southend, no hassles at all. The one time subtitles did not show, The Book Thief, my best friend got up and went to the manager and made them start the film again with subtitles! She is normally not assertive but said when it comes to deaf rights it is a different matter! Many thanks

We went to see “The Darkest Hour” at cinema last Friday - I had audio description headphones, excellent film which was greatly enhanced by the audio facility, I would absolutely recommend it.


quoteQueries? Comments? Feedback? Click HERE for a chance to win a 2019 Blu-Ray or DVD of your choice!


quoteFantastically useful website - thank you!

quotei think it's funny how some are overtly against cinemas showing movies with subtitles, which would help deaf ppl and non native speakers, because they think "it's hard to read and watch the movie" while non-english speakers were watching subtitled movies since we were 5.

quoteAt last I can access local subtitles films as I have very bad hearing - keep this up and extend coverage as there are so many of us who have been disadvantaged for so long - also unite with all local private companies as they have not 'got' this large potential , on the whole older group in need of entertainment thanks again

quoteThank you @yourlocalcinema I love your app and weekly emails. Thank you so much for the work you do. It would be great if the cinemas caught up and improved access. Thank you �


quotequote Many more HEREquotequote


quoteQueries? Comments? Feedback? Click HERE for a chance to win a 2019 Blu-Ray or DVD of your choice!


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Accessible shows provide social benefits such as equality, inclusion and community integration. For a few hours, the disabling barrier is removed. There were more than a million admissions to accessible shows last year!