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The Shape Of Water subtitled (15) 123 mins
Best film & director Oscar winner! A mute woman and a mysterious, amphibian creature have a strange connection... Directed by Guillermo del Toro. Stars Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon. ★★★★ Guardian

Edinburgh Lothian Road Odeon - Thu 24 May 14:00

Lean On Pete subtitled (15) 122 mins
A powerfully moving and deeply emotional story about a young boy’s search for belonging on the fringes of contemporary American society.

Aldgate Curzon
Mon 21 May 16:00, Tue 22 May 18:40

Bloomsbury Renoir Curzon
Mon 21 May 13:45

Richmond Curzon
Mon 21 May 13:10, Thu 24 May 18:10

Wimbledon Curzon
Tue 22 May 18:30

Chester Storyhouse
Wed 23 May 18:00

Derby Quad
Mon 21 May 18:15

Leeds PicturehouseHydePark
Mon 21 May 18:00

Liverpool Picturehouse
Mon 21 May 18:40

Manchester Home
Wed 23 May 15:25

Ripon Curzon
Wed 23 May 14:50

Sheffield Showroom
Mon 21 May 17:45

Worthing Connaught
Mon 21 May 18:00

Entebbe subtitled (12a) 107 mins
True story thriller. In 1976, four hijackers took over an aeroplane, along with dozens of hostages, to try and free Palestinians jailed in Israel. Operation ‘Entebbe’ was launched to save the hostages. Stars Daniel Bruhl, Rosamund Pike and Eddie Marsan.

Barnet Everyman
Wed 23 May 17:00

Finchley Road O2 Vue
Tue 22 May 17:50

King's Cross Everyman
Tue 22 May 20:30

Victoria Curzon
Wed 23 May 18:45

Bradford Picturehouse
Wed 23 May 13:15

Cardiff Odeon
Wed 23 May 12:15

Leeds Everyman
Wed 23 May 17:45

Liverpool NewBrighton Light
Tue 22 May 14:20

Stratford Upon Avon Everyman
Tue 22 May 15:45

On Chesil Beach subtitled (15) 110 mins
Drama. 1962, Edward and Florence are honeymooning on Chesil Beach. A confession is made that shakes this fledgling marriage to its core. Stars Saoirse Ronan and Billy Howle

Barbican Centre Barbican
Tue 22 May 17:15

Brixton Picturehouse
Mon 21 May 18:00

Crouch End Arthouse
Wed 23 May 13:00

Dulwich Picturehouse
Mon 21 May 14:40

Finchley PhoenixFinchley
Tue 22 May 17:15

Greenwich Picturehouse
Wed 23 May 18:00

Kilburn KilnTricycle
Sun 20 May 19:45

Kingston Odeon
Wed 23 May 11:45

Mayfair Curzon
Thu 24 May 12:45

Swiss Cottage Odeon
Thu 24 May 11:45

Aberdeen FilmhouseAberdeen
Tue 29 May 11:00, Sun 03 June 18:15, Tue 12 June 20:20

Birmingham Mac
Wed 06 June 20:30

Edinburgh FilmhouseEdinburgh
Sun 27 May 15:45, Wed 30 May 11:00, Wed 06 June 20:40

Glasgow GFT
Sat 26 May 15:20, Mon 28 May 17:55, Wed 30 May 20:20

Halifax Square Chapel
Fri 01 June 11:00, Tue 05 June 17:15

Inverness Eden Court
Mon 28 May 17:45, Sun 03 June 13:45, Mon 04 June 20:15

Leicester PhoenixLeicester
Sat 26 May 18:00

Nottingham Broadway
Mon 28 May 20:15

Tewkesbury Roses
Sun 10 June 19:30

Wolverhampton Light House
Sun 03 June 15:10, Sun 03 June 17:40, Sun 03 June 20:15

Dublin Irish Film Institute
Fri 25 May 16:00, Tue 29 May 18:15

Beast subtitled (15) 105 mins
Moll meets Pascal, a stranger, free-spirited and wild, who opens up a new world for her. But as it gradually becomes apparent that he's a key suspect in a series of murders going back years... Starring Jessie Buckley and Johnny Flynn ★★★★ Empire

Bloomsbury Renoir Curzon
Tue 22 May 18:45

Shaftesbury Avenue Picturehouse
Thu 24 May 11:45

Derby Quad
Sun 20 May 18:50

Newcastle Tyneside
Tue 22 May 20:25

Ready Player One subtitled (12a) 140 mins
Action adventure directed by Stephen Spielberg. 2045, the world is on the brink of chaos and collapse. But the people have found salvation in the OASIS, an expansive virtual reality universe with a contest that grips the entire world. Wade (Tye Sheridan) decides to join the contest and is hurled into a breakneck, reality-bending treasure hunt through a fantastical universe of mystery, discovery and danger. 3D where indicated. ★★★★ Empire

Gwynedd Magic Lantern
Mon 28 May 19:00

Inverness Eden Court
Mon 21 May 20:15

Rampage subtitled (12a) 107 mins
Davis prefers spending time with animals than people, and his best friend is a gorilla called George. But as George grows bigger, stronger and fiercer, he begins to cause serious damage. Now, not only does Davis have to save the world, he needs to save the fearsome creature that used to be his friend. 3D where indicated.

Bolton Cineworld
Wed 23 May 17:15

Cambridge Vue
Tue 22 May 17:35

Dagenham Vue
Tue 22 May 19:45

Gateshead Vue
Sun 20 May 14:50

Liverpool Showcase
Mon 21 May 19:00

Romford Vue
Tue 22 May 18:50

Teesside Showcase
Mon 21 May 19:15

Thanet Westwood Cross Vue
Wed 23 May 14:00

Peter Rabbit subtitled (PG) 96 mins
Peter's feud with Mr. McGregor escalates as they rival for the affections of the warm-hearted animal lover who lives next door. With the voices of James Corden, Domhnall Gleeson, Rose Byrne, Margot Robbie and Daisy Ridley.

Croydon Purley Way Vue
Sun 20 May 15:25

Finchley North Vue
Tue 22 May 19:45

Milford Haven Torch
Thu 31 May 14:30

Love Simon subtitled (12a) 110 mins
Heartwarming comedy drama. The familiar formula of the high school movie is elevated by warmth, humor and remarkable delicacy surrounding the difficulty of being a gay teenager . ★★★★ Guardian

Hebden Bridge PicturehouseHebdenBridge
Sun 20 May 16:45

Inverness Eden Court
Sat 02 June 13:30

Isle Of Dogs subtitled (PG) 101 mins
A stop-motion animation from acclaimed director Wes Anderson with an all-star voice cast including Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton and Bill Murray. 20 years in the future, an outbreak of dog flu in Japan causes all dogs to be banished to a rubbish dump. Desperate to bring his missing pet back home, Atari hijacks a plane and ventures forth on a perilous mission to the island. ★★★★ Guardian

Canterbury Gulbenkian
Sat 26 May 15:00

Ghost Stories subtitled (15) 98 mins
Critically-acclaimed supernatural chiller that tells a triptych of terrifying tales and stars Martin Freeman and Paul Whitehouse. Philip Goodman, professor of psychology and arch-sceptic, has his rationality seriously tested when he receives a letter, apparently from beyond the grave, tasking him with investigating three ghost stories. ★★★★ Guardian

Aberdeen FilmhouseAberdeen
Sun 20 May 13:20

Wolverhampton Light House
Sun 20 May 20:20, Tue 22 May 14:15, Tue 22 May 20:20

Journeyman subtitled (15) 92 mins
A hard-hitting and hugely moving boxing drama, Paddy Considine writes, directs and stars. Matty suffers a devastating head injury defending his title during his final boxing match. His memory has been severely damaged, he’s almost reverted to childhood again and he has a new, terrifying temper. ★★★★ Empire

Gwynedd Magic Lantern
Mon 21 May 19:00

The Leisure Seeker subtitled (15) 112 mins
John and Ella go on a cross-country voyage in their old motorhome. Away from the suffocating care of doctors and their children, they rediscover their passion for life and love for each other on their journey. Stars Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland.

Brentford Watermans
Tue 29 May 15:45, Wed 30 May 18:15

Buxton Pavilion Buxton
Tue 05 June 16:30

Cardiff Chapter Arts
Thu 24 May 10:30, Mon 28 May 10:30

Lewes Depot
Mon 21 May 13:30, Mon 21 May 18:15

Milford Haven Torch
Thu 07 June 17:45

Shrewsbury Old Market Hall
Tue 19 June 14:30, Tue 19 June 17:30

Sidmouth Scott
Tue 22 May 19:45

Wolverhampton Light House
Sun 20 May 17:40, Sun 20 May 20:15, Tue 22 May 14:00, Tue 22 May 17:40, Tue 22 May 20:15

Truth Or Dare subtitled (15) 100 mins
Horror. A silly game turns into a matter of life or death when these college students realise that evil forces are manipulating their every move...

Cardigan Mwldan
Wed 23 May 20:30

Manchester Trafford Centre Odeon
Mon 21 May 19:00

Funny Cow subtitled (15) 103 mins
Comedy drama starring Maxine Peake. A woman defies every expectation of the men in her world, whether they’re her abusive father, loutish husband, needy boyfriend, or all the blokes in the Northern working men’s clubs she frequents who don’t believe for a second she could ever make ’em laugh. ★★★★ Empire

Dalston Rio
Tue 22 May 16:15

Bristol Watershed
Thu 24 May 20:50

Cardigan Mwldan
Mon 21 May 20:10

Manchester Home
Thu 24 May 18:10

Milford Haven Torch
Mon 21 May 20:10

Sheffield Showroom
Mon 21 May 15:45, Mon 21 May 20:35

Wolverhampton Light House
Sun 20 May 14:15, Sun 20 May 17:55, Tue 22 May 17:55

The Post subtitled (12a) 116 mins
Steven Spielberg-directed drama. When a classified government study is leaked to the press, Washington Post owner Kay Graham (Meryl Streep) and editor Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) are keen to publish exposés. ★★★★ Empire

Fife Adam Smith
Wed 27 June 11:00

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri subtitled (15) 115 mins
Best actress Oscar winner! Frances McDormand is commanding as a woman avenging the murder of her daughter in a modern-day western. Also stars Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell. ★★★★★ Guardian & Empire

Fife Adam Smith
Wed 23 May 11:00

Gateshead Metrocentre Odeon
Thu 24 May 11:00

Wonderstruck subtitled (PG) 116 mins
Ben (Oakes Fegley) and Rose (Millicent Simmonds) are two deaf children from different eras who set out on quests of self-discovery which unfold with mesmerising symmetry.

Derby Quad
Tue 22 May 20:55

Edinburgh FilmhouseEdinburgh
Sun 20 May 14:30, Wed 23 May 11:10

Milford Haven Torch
Thu 24 May 17:45

Relevant article: The Guardian: "The new silent era: How films turned the volume down"

Finding Your Feet subtitled (12a) 111 mins
Comedy drama. Sandra tries to rebuild her life after discovering that her husband of forty years is having an affair. Stars Imelda Staunton, Timothy Spall and Joanna Lumley.

Edinburgh Lothian Road Odeon
Thu 31 May 14:00

The Greatest Showman subtitled (PG) 105 mins
Musical. When P.T. Barnum loses his job, he sets out to finally give his family the life he promised them by putting together a circus, to create a show like nobody’s ever seen before. Stars Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron.

Fife Adam Smith
Mon 21 May 11:00

Lady Bird subtitled (15) 94 mins
Drama. Christine is a young girl who spends almost all her time fighting against her mother. As she grows up, determined to go to university, we observe how their relationship constantly changes and defines them both.  Stars Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf.

Edinburgh Lothian Road Odeon
Thu 07 June 14:00

I Tonya subtitled (15) 119 mins
Margot Robbie stars a dark comedy about one of the most sensational scandals in sporting history. Tonya Harding was a champion figure skater whose legacy would forever be defined by an infamous, ill-conceived (and very poorly-executed) attack on a competitor. 

Edinburgh Lothian Road Odeon
Thu 14 June 14:00

Beauty And The Beast subtitled (PG) 129 mins
Live-action remake of the animated Disney classic starring Emma Watson. Belle, a spirited, intelligent and beautiful woman, is taken prisoner by a beast. Trapped and alone, she gradually begins to look past her captor’s monstrous appearance, beginning to fall for the kind-hearted prince he once was.  ★★★★  Empire

Nottingham Wollaton Hall - Mon 27 Aug 2018.
Doors open: 7.00pm, Estimated start time: 8.45pm

Fantastic outdoor show! Wollaton Hall and Deer Park is a spectacular Elizabethan mansion and park set in the heart of Nottingham. Full details HERE

Free tickets for this show! QUAD has kindly donated a pair of tickets for this screening. For a chance to win, please email with 'Beast' in the subject line. Winners will be picked at random and notified by email in August. Good luck! Or book a ticket HERE

Ghostbusters (12A) subtitled
Open Air SHOW at Derby Rugby Club
Saturday 11 August 2018
Derby Rugby Club, Haslams Lane, Darley Abbey, DE22 1EB.
Doors open at 7pm, the film will start once light levels are low enough, approximately half an hour after sunset.
Full details HERE

Free tickets for this show! QUAD has kindly donated a pair of tickets for this screening. For a chance to win, please email with 'Ghostbusters' in the subject line. Winners will be picked at random and notified by email in August. Good luck! Or book a ticket HERE


The Silent Child subtitled. Details HERE
A deaf 4-year-old girl named Libby lives in a world of silence until a caring social worker teaches her to use sign language to communicate. Screening details HERE
Oscar winner!  

And... subtitled kids shows - Cheap tickets!

Extensive research clearly demonstrates that children of all ages, including pre-school, and those with language-based learning disabilities, can benefit from on-screen same-language subtitles/captions. Subtitles can improve foundational reading and literacy skills, such as phonics, word recognition, vocabulary acquisition, listening comprehension, word recognition and fluency. Children's films tend to have less challenging vocabulary and are ideal for providing children with the literacy benefits of reading, while listening and watching. Most children's films include songs, and as children like to sing along to songs and are curious to know the song lyrics, reading skills are practiced subconsciously. Inexpensive, subtitled 'kids shows' at cinemas boost literacy skills in a fun and engaging way. 

A Wrinkle In Time subtitled (PG) 109 mins
Disney adventure. Follow the incredible adventures of Meg, who sets out on a time and space-bending journey through the cosmos to try and rescue her missing father. Stars Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling and Reese Witherspoon.

Clapham Picturehouse
Sat 30 June 11:45

Exeter Picturehouse
Sat 30 June 11:00

Coco subtitled (PG) 105 mins
The latest adventure from Disney/Pixar. 12 year old Miguel aspires to be a musician, but thanks to his grandma, music is banned in the family. Miguel rebels, and on The Day Of The Dead, he finds himself trapped on the other side, an exciting yet dangerous world inhabited by those who have died. He must try to find his way back...

Sheffield Showroom
Mon 28 May 11:00, Mon 28 May 13:10

Duck Duck Goose subtitled (PG) 91 mins
Animation. A goose named Peng get injured in flight, causing him to crash-land next to a pair of recently hatched ducklings. He brings them with him on his journey south, on an incredible adventure. With the voices of Jim Gaffigan, Zendaya and Stephen Fry. 

Cardiff Chapter Arts
Sat 26 May 11:00

Wolverhampton Light House
Tue 29 May 12:15